Doc Innocent: “His Breast Groping Was Treatment”


A Tokyo court has accepted a doctor’s defence that his breast groping constituted “medical treatment” and handed down a rare verdict of innocence.

The 60-year-old Tokyo doctor was accused of indecently assaulting 3 female patients in their twenties at his mental health clinic after they complained of him groping their breasts. Prosecutors sought a 4 year sentence.

The presiding judge accepted his arguments that “he was checking for side effects from the medication he prescribed the women, despite there being no nurse present and him not having kept complete records.”

In the case of one women who he had strip off in order to touch her genitals, he was “diagnosing a women who worked in the sex trade.”

Regarding the repeated complaints levelled against him, “whilst it cannot be said his choice of medical procedure was necessarily without issue, his explanation is not unreasonable and his motives not obscene.” The judge did however urge him to stop upsetting his patients.

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