“Fasting Herbivores”: Increase in 30+ Virgins “Very Worrying”


Concern is growing about a new class of “herbivorous” men whose disinterest in sex has reached new lows, with these ageing virgins being dubbed “fasting herbivores.”

The Japanese media has successfully crafted a minor industry out of the “herbivorous males” and “carnivorous females” which are supposedly overtaking Japan (not that government statistics tend to dispute this) – and now have a new one, in the form of “fasting herbivores.”

According to surveys of men aged 25 to 34 conducted by one marriage research agency, only 14% now consider themselves “determinedly carnivorous.”

The rest is reportedly made up of various gradations of herbivore who express “problems with women,” “an inability to become assertive” or similar, with another 14% describing themselves as “having no interest in romance at all and being content to live a life without women.”

Half of these hardcore herbivores report having no sexual experience at all, and such totally unassertive and apparently disinterested men have been dubbed “fasting herbivores” – they are not only not eating “meat,” but are in fact not eating at all.

All this has incited the usual concerns about shrinking populations, and how terrible it is that there will not be enough young people around to pay for all the extravagant pensions the older generations voted themselves.

Whilst experts are still unable to offer much in the way of useful explanation for this chronic lack of interest in courting, fortunately there is always a ready population of lonely virgins on hand to be tapped for their insights, such as they are:

“Virgins at 30 – creepy!”

“Women really enjoy coming up with stories based on this ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore’ rubbish, don’t they?”

“When it comes to these surveys, would anyone admit to questioners they are a virgin in their thirties? I have to say I have my doubts about the survey.”

“The survey may be rubbish but I think it is true all the same…”

“With a browser and some ero-manga who needs women.”

“I got married and had a kid – very cute!”

“Thanks, for the sake of my pension.”

“Why does stuff like this get so much attention?” [The thread had attracted 14,000 comments at this point]

“Because of all the virgins on here…”

“Seeing how much interest this gets kind of shows just how little you virgins actually do ignore women.”

“Are you guys really all virgins? Some of the stuff you people say really tends to suggest that.”

“Look at all the virgins fighting amongst each other…”

“These articles are all framed for old hags: herbivores = ones who won’t do them.”

“Saying they are ‘fasting’ implies they will starve to death, but I don’t think celibacy works like that.”

“You can be satisfied as an onanist!”

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  • I find it amusing to see people with these social issues squirming in their seats trying to respond, “problem? what problem?”…yeah, clueless people with issues just don’t see it. That is why they are called clueless. If you want to talk yourself into beliveing something kooky, then go for it…nobody else is buying it & see through right through you.

  • I’m 33, a virgin, employed, have my own place, do what I want. It’s nice. I’m honest with my anime and computer hobbies. I don’t go after women, but if I meet any who are interested in me they usually go away after they find out what my hobbies are. (This has happened 3 times in the past 6 years)

    I’ve been living in Japan for a long time. It’s just too easy to be single here. Nobody EVER bothers me. Ever. In France and even when I was in London, women actually try and talk to you. It was so weird to me. But in London it was nothing but fatties who go after asian guys.

    All of my co-workers are men or married older women and have been since I moved here. If you don’t go out of your way to meet somebody it’s never going to happen in Japan, especially if you have eccentric hobbies.

    As long as you’re happy, I say FUCK the population problem. Relationships are old world. We’ll all be living in computers soon anyway.

  • I’m confused as to why virgin is being used as an insult and being seen as “creepy”? Its stupidity. If anything the sluts who keep their legs open 24/7 and have no standards are the creepy ones.

  • “These articles are all framed for old hags: herbivores = ones who won’t do them.”

    LMAO! Fuck those old spent hags.

    Wizards can conjure their own demon girls to serve at their pleasure. That’s why don’t need women anymore if you can become one.

  • Maybe because Japan is like in anime.
    One handsome boy – 05-20 girls
    1. Tsundere 2. Yandere
    3. Yangire
    3. Cooldere
    4. Kuudere o Cooldere
    5. Dandere

    plus, Childhood friend, younger sister, older sister, teacher ecc…

    • 29 male virgin. I can’t stand people at all either. But can’t say I wouldn’t mind having a collared cock slave subject to my whims. Fuck romance, or that equal partner bullshit though.

    • Don’t tell her! Just don’t! Thats an immidient turnoff. You know what I did? At my first time I was 19. My one-night-stand girl wanted a quck fuck at her place when her parents were out. I read some sexual healthbooks earlier and used what I read there and asked her how she wants it, cause I want her to feel good. She immidietly told me what to do. I made her cum once with my hands during forplay and the rest from there was a peace of cake. And she didn’t even noticed I was a virgin.
      It’s that easy! 1.Be natural. 2.Never say your a virgin. 3. Don’t let her drive you around your nose(like by makeing you buy more drinks for her and her G.F.’s). 4. Be straight.(tell her what you want, if she sayd no, just move on to the next one. Dont mind the first anymore) And 5. Look for the right girl at the right place(depending on what kind of girl you are looking for. You know! If you’re looking for a long time gf dont look for her in a pub or nightclub. If you want sex dont look for it at caffes parks and restaurants)
      Good Luck!

  • Most herbivores know they need no woman who always tell them what to do, expect them to be treated like a princess, help raise the kids( this one I understand) help around the house, and still treat them equally by lettig them stay home while he works like a ox-powered plow, and still spend time with wife and kids (if there are any), spend money on her, and be mre emotional and sensitive, etc.

    They decided to be rather free than beein chained up, and for busness oriented at couples this is the worst thing that can happen. I bet the most of these ˝virgins˝ are actually capable of getting pussy, or are constantly getting it, they just dont want commitment(wich is the worst nightmare for every golddigger).

  • i’m a virgin because it’s my choice,what’s wrong with that?I can’t believe people’s perception that Jersey Shore/Kardashians are considered to be heroes/heroines ages alike.bleh….

  • Modern society puts so many demands and expectations on men in regards to sex. It also trivializes it. The media I was raised on taught me that if I act dominant in a sexual situation I’m and abuser, or a rapist. It also taught me that women do not want non-dominant males. It also taught me that if I want sex at all I’m an evil person who deserves to be tortured by magical beings for all eternity.

    It’s simpler to just not have sex than try to navigate the maze of bullshit erected by feminists and christians.

  • I’m 35 and a virgin. In fact, I’m the ultimate virgin: I’ve NEVER dated. Nope. Not one date.

    Not due to a lack of interest per se…either the woman I’m asking out claims to be already in a relationship, I’m not interested in them when they come on to me, they’re a co-worker (NEVER date a co-worker: I’ve see far too many of my contemporaries try this, get into an argument with the woman they’re dating outside work, and suddenly she makes shit-up at work and he gets hauled into the bosses office while she shit at her desk with a fart-grin plastered on her face), I’m the “designated BFF” there to keep OTHER guys from hitting on them when in public (after the second time some female friends pulled that shit on me I told them I didn’t mind going out and having fun like always but I was NOT going to cock-block for them anymore (not exact words…I was kinder than that) – they never spoke with me again…I was the God-Father to one of their kids for God-Sakes, too), they’re just pulling pranks on me knowing I’m the “dateless-wonder”, they wind-up being overtly shy and any attempt to make conversation falls flat, and/or (among MANY other things I’ve run out of room to write) I just cannot read body language and the only time I can tell when someone might be interested in me is after they’ve given-up trying to gain my attention.

    Oh, and every attempt with online dating is/was a massive fail (Pro Tip: ALL women doing online dating are either massively damaged mentally/emotionally…or are just plain freaks–my most memorable mis-adventure was chatting-up with a school-teacher via some online dating site, learning in the first 10 minutes that she suffers from some condition that makes sex painful & that she has a **first** (note emphasis) date with another guy before she can make a date with me…then a day later she tells me that the first date with this guy was so awesome and they clicked so well that they’ve already started planning their _wedding_…and the sex turned out to be awesome).

    Is it any wonder I’ve never dated?

  • I’d imagine it’s difficult for guys to willingly allow themselves to be enslaved by wedlock.

    All the guys I know that have been in relationships with women have had to constantly bend over to their wives’ selfish desires. EG. “Oh, I can’t do this or that, the wife doesn’t like me doing it.”

    I also personally know several guys who were all used (and discarded) by women to further their academic status, or pay for their hobbies and career, or divorced them to legally claim half their assets. Who in their right mind wants to risk going through all that nonsense?

    Many males I’ve talked to seem to agree that, were it not for the pain of loneliness, remaining single is far better because of the freedom and peace that it offers. I don’t think anyone can deny that those are huge trade-offs for getting into a relationship.

    If society wants relationships to work, they need to stop giving everyone so many incentives to screw each other over for selfish greedy benefits.

  • if they are virgins and are pushing upwards of 30 and 40, then it isn’t exactly breaking news, is it? it’s the times we live in and the way people are raised.

    girls are told to find a man with lots of money to take care of her, and that is the definition of love. boys are told to grow up and get good jobs to get a woman and start a family. with a piss poor world economy, the men aren’t able to support their women or attract them, so it breaks their confidence. women in general aren’t going to change their values overnight so they wont settle.

    the only thing left is to turn to resentment of one and other to protect themselves. “they don’t like me, so i wont like them back.” the girls say “i wont give up on finding a rich man and will turn down anyone but mr. right.”

    there is no solution to this problem. all you can do is try your luck and don’t have high expectations. you find love when you least expect it. it’s not about having the best looking girl or richest man, but trying to find someone you can relate to, and letting nature take it’s course.

    it’s worked for me, at least.

  • 1. Living cost high in Japan, so have to thinking twice before having a partner and children

    2. Saying hi to random girl on street(trying to flirt) get you into jail, lost your job, and shunned by family and society

    3. Woman prefer man with high income, having status and handsome

    5. Japanese man lack in communication skills and flirting ability, especially among otaku and hikikimori

    6. Being bullied, leading to low self esteem, making even harder to get woman.

    7. High school prostitution/ prostitution in general, so no need a dating or marriage for sex life.

    8. Porn, ero manga, onahole, and sex doll existance

    This is some reason that I think the reason of increasing of 30 years old virgins in Japan.

  • you know. i live in a society where sex before marriage leads to death in many cases if not ruining any chance of a normal life unless you decide to relocate. even then, it is almost impossible.

    my question is…….. what is a japanese male excuse?.

  • What’s amusing about these kind of articles is that all the “blame” for the situation is always placed on the men, and never on the women.

    Apparently it is not to be discussed that many men take a dispassionate and logical look at the women available to them and simply decide the cost of being with (or even around) them is too high.

    I can’t really speak to trends in Japan, but in the U.S. more men are simply deciding that life without women is better than life with them. Search on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) to find many sites and forums of men who have come to the conclusion that women aren’t worth their time.

  • U know they act like this is all simple and cute but let’s face the reality.

    Kids=Cost Money. Yep. It costs MONEY to raise a kid then ur lugging someone around for 19 years of life and being responsible for them.

    Maybe some of those guys don’t want to go through that? Plus getting the wrong person can be hurtful more in long-run. I’m 23 female and i’m virgin. I’m not rushing to have sex or get married.

    So if some guys are virgins so WHAT. Why is it always looked down that a man is a virgin? He’s just comfortable where he is until he decides to get someone, or no-one at all.

    It’s his own choice not society. And no, Japan is not “shrinking” or “dying out” like exaggerated to be.

    • >It costs MONEY to raise a kid
      Yeah, it costs money to raise a kid for 19 years. It may or may not have occurred to you that it also costs about 10 bucks to buy a couple packs of appropriately sized condoms. Congrats, you can now have sex without having children.

        • Yes, condoms.. HA!
          I was on my way to becoming a great and powerful wizard. But at 27 I decided to date..

          Important words of advice to guys: Always supply your own condoms and keep them with you! This prevents a possible psycho chick from sticking a pin in them. She does this to purposely get pregnant in order to keep you around and be more financially secure. This happened to me four years ago and changed my life forever for the worst. Always think with your brain and not with your dick.

    • YOU! Anon are saying the truth! Because thats how it is. In the U.S. 90% of all devorces are in favor of the woman. She gets the kids, child support, other types of support, the car, the house, etc. What does the guy get? His salary cut by 50%, and he can be lucky if he wont go to jail if he can’t pay.

    • I’m guessing it is because throughout human history (and especially the west) there’s been a heavy emphasis on male superiority and all the hullabaloo that come with it; they have to get a job, conquer women, start a family and all that stuff because otherwise you’re a loser. They’ve had expectations on how to act as much as women did.

      The thing is, with the way society’s, and expecially the gender barriers, are changing (women choosing to keep working, not get kids etc.) males are changing with it as well. Not all of them want to get hitched and get families asap anymore either, and some prefer to stay childless. Both genders have the choice nowadays.

      For old people, indoctrinated in their old ways as they are, this, as all change, seems alarming and thus they cry about it as if the world’s ending. Just wait for that generation to die off and the world will be a better place, really.

    • The survey questions were probably something along the lines of “Have you had sex before” and “When was the first time you had sex”.
      Even if they did ask for the age of the partner, the surveyed could just choose not to answer.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with the virgin populace. If they can go 30+ years without action, they’ve already proved they are the strongest in the world. Relationships are for the weak.

  • -“With a browser and some ero-manga who needs women.”

    -“You can be satisfied as an onanist!”

    Exactly. In today’s modern society real-3D women are simply redundant. You can live a much better life without’em. And your wallet will thank you too.

    • Exactly. What’s really disturbing though is how much humanitarians try to fight it! Giving aid to poor countries, trying to cure cancer, and all kinds of other bullshit! Its disturbing the natural order of things and causing overpopulation and the waste of natural resources.

        • Technology IS the natural* order of things. There is nothing unnatural about killing off every single non-human living cell on this planet which isn’t part of a controlled environment. Highly environmentally destructive society is just as natural as a bunch of hippies dancing around in a flower field. Humans have evolved to find life-rich environments pleasing (because, you know, life rich environment = plentiful water + plentiful food), and we can evolve out of it, as the pressures on our species dictate.

          * Not to be confused with the environmentally conservative ideology known as naturalism.

    • In case of Japan, this argument is really faulty. Japan’s population is dying, despite economically this country could easily support a much higher population, while other countries, with a really shitty standart of living, have or had gigantic growths. Self-reguation with humans doesn’t seem to kick in that easy.
      In Japan it’s pretty much the fault of a very strict, conservative society, combined with lethal doses of gerontocracy and a very high living standart(in summary).

        • USA is full of wetbacks that breed like fucking cock roaches, so if anything, USA will always exist, if only as a powerless, third world country… Within 50 years the situation will be so bad that all non-whites aside from niggers will have to flee back to wherever they came from, and niggers don’t breed fast enough so they will be assimilated and disappear.

  • What’s the problem? This is just another step of human revolution.
    We’ve been defying our instincts and building a world where those instincts are not necessary.
    Now we’re beginning to strip off even very basic instincts, like the sex drive.

    On the other hand I heard there are still people who prefer to sit in the corner to be able to keep an eye on everyone and have their own backs free…

    • [quote]What’s the problem?[/quote]
      Not that there is a problem, but sex is fun, and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.

      [quote]We’ve been defying our instincts and building a world where those instincts are not necessary.[/quote]
      That’s not always an improvement. Certain traits like social behaviour or fear of injury are extremely helpful even in modern society.

      [quote]Now we’re beginning to strip off even very basic instincts, like the sex drive.[/quote]
      We are not. Such a trait wouldn’t spread among the populace for obvious reasons.

      • We don’t live in a sci fi world where humans come from a labratory. The same instinct we share with all animals are indeed necessary. Humans are social animals, and those that shun this are not operating on all cylinders.

      • > Not that there is a problem, but sex is fun, and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.

        Sex is but relationships aren’t.

        “Fasting Herbivores” is a hell of a misnomer. These aren’t men who don’t want sex, *WE DO*. We don’t want relationships.

        Looking for a relationship is a risky and unenjoyable activity with a high faliure rate. Succeeding in getting a relationship still doesn’t mean you get a good one, there’s the bad ones and there’s the nasty ones.

        On top of that, getting a good relationship still involves a lot of work with *limited* rewards.

        Too many of us have grown to parents who regret their lives.

        The kind of people who think there’s nothing better than being in a relationship are the lucky ones. Their luck stiffles their ability to relate to people who are uninterested or fed up with relationships.

      • Just like almost any activity, some people find it fun and others don’t. If the majority finds the activity fun (like sex) then it’s considered normal and a desirable trait (since, after all, we dislike those who are different). If the majority finds the activity not fun (long sessions of some MMO) then it’s considered bad and those who like it are freaks.

        Some people like to bungee jump, I don’t. A lot of people like cats/dogs/other furry animals, I don’t (if I was forced to have a pet, it would either be a fish or tarantula since these are the animals I dislike the least and they are kept in a special box instead of running around the house).

      • > Not that there is a problem, but sex is fun, and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.

        Then either you’re trolling or you’re lacking of elementary imagination. True, sex is – generally – fun, but there are many things related with (good) sex which are much much less funny to do or to be prepared for.
        It’s a matter of simple calculation. For some people all real and potential problems with getting laid outweighs fun they could get from it, that’s all.

      • We are not. Such a trait wouldn’t spread among the populace for obvious reasons.

        You are seriously posting this beneath a post that shows that there are more men than ever before who are not interested in sex?

        • [quote]You are seriously posting this beneath a post that shows that there are more men than ever before who are not interested in sex?[/quote]
          Oh, really? I must have missed the part where sex drive in society is declining significantly. Maybe it’s because human population is growing faster than ever before… must be all those people not having sex.

        • I think he meant it won’t spread to the populace genetically. Because you know, they don’t reproduce and won’t pass on the trait of not liking sex.

          But I think there are other ways the trait could spread.

    • That culture of competition is present in all east asian societies. China is far worse – kids in 5th grade are known to study until midnight – yet it’s Japan that had these problems, even though their academic pressure is low compared to China and Korea.

      The real cause is distribution of wealth. Old fossils held all the wealth in Japan. It’s also true to a degree in western societies, but not to such an extent. Chinese millionaires tend to be young and aggressive.

      • South Koreans study around the clock.

        The asians, the reasons why they push their young so hard is because of this:

        They do not wish to serve or be under “the man” as other minorities have been. I don’t blame them.

  • Funny how in most far eastern countries it’s a problem with the fast rising population but in Japan it’s the opposite… I think China and India need to get otaku culture spreading in their countries to fix their problems!

  • The world’s economy is in shambles = no manufacturing(male work) in the US.

    The world’s population is shrinking = Feminism, exported to the rest of the world.

    Most homeless are men = Non story.

    Abortion = A-Okay

    Financial Abortion due to parasitic feminist = Most offensive thing ever.

    ps: overpopulation and man made global warming are frauds.

    Deal with it.

  • If the women in Japan weren’t only attracted to money and worked too, maybe more men would try to get one.
    Honestly I don’t want to work my ass off just so some bitch can stay at home doing whatever she wants with my hard earned money and possibly cheat on me considering how little I’d be home.

      • I’m also allergic to children. Although I like some of the Hentai versions only. 2d yes 3d Definitely no it makes me puke! Hands off until the law says hands on which will say never and that’s ok I rather prefer woman in the 30’s age limit. I was sexually abused when I was younger that is why my chemistry likes Hentai kids age 13+ that look like adults. Damn the globalist Elite who run the U.S. for encouraging child pedophilia for the rest of the population! To tell the truth I wish their was a psychological cure for liking Hentai! It’s to sinful to see! I’ll burn in hell someday if I do not find a cure. Wish me luck for a cure. Or should I just learn to accept this behavior.

        • The bible refers to any image referring to a female of feeling lustful about whether imaginary or real. Either way I do not want to burn in hell. Comment by Anonymous 09:47 29/10/2012 # ! Neutral (0) I stated above I prefer women at age 30. I plan on living to my 80’s. I’m perfectly healthy.

        • Well If you are using “bible standards” then if there is grass on the field play ball. Get yourself a couple of cows, some silver and some wheat and trade them to some dude for your new child bride. Since people rarely lived to 40 it was ok.

        • Don’t confuse Pedophilia with either Hebephilia or Ephebophilia. Attraction to someone of the opposite sex who is sexual mature (ie. old enough for reproduction) is hardwired into the DNA. The only “cure” for that is death or some kind of freakish mutation — and both are tickets for a Darwin Award. “Age of Consent” is simply an arbitrary and capricious number that varies from jurisdiction to jursidiction and has no natural or biological basis.

          tl;dr — relax and enjoy the view — it’s what nature intended.

        • Don’t confuse Pedophilia with either Hebephilia or Ephebophilia. Attraction to someone of the opposite sex who is sexual mature (ie. old enough for reproduction) is hardwired into the DNA. The only “cure” for that is death or some kind of freakish mutation — and both are tickets for a Darwin Award. “Age of Comsent” is simply an arbitrary and capricious number that varies from jurisdiction to jursidiction and has no natural or biological basis.

          tl;dr — relax and enjoy the view — it’s what nature intended.