Cop Gets Off On 3P 13-Year-Old Sex: “They Looked 20!”


Police have dropped child prostitution charges against one of their number who was caught paying girls aged 13 and 16 for 3P sex, accepting his excuse that “they looked at least 20,” prompting much outrage online.

According to Hokkaido prefectural police, one of their (completely unidentified) officers repeatedly paid two girls aged 13 and 16 for sex at a Sapporo hotel, having met them with the aid of a deai-kei site.

After he was caught, the officer, in his forties, claimed “they looked as if they were at least over 20” and maintains they lied about their ages.

Prosecutors inexplicably dropped multiple child prostitution charges against him, although police did punish him with a 3 month suspension. He has since tendered his resignation, perhaps intending to take up teaching instead.

The “I didn’t know they were underage” defence is not usually admissible in underage sex trials, even when lies and false IDs are employed by the underage party, and such prosecutions commonly end in convictions – although police prosecutors can still decline to prosecute in the first place, as happened here.

Online, the fact that scores of similar prostitution cases involving defendants protesting that they did not know their partners were underage ended in conviction has prompted a great deal of comment, even more outraged than it is envious:

“What the hell?”

“They certainly look after their own.”

“Come on, a 13-year-old who looks as if she is over 20?”

“16 is believable but not 13.”

“Rejoice, you damn lolicon! In Hokkaido it is legal as long as you can say you didn’t know they were underage.”

“But only if you are an official.”

“Normally they report names, ages and occupation as soon as they make an arrest, never mind about whether it results in a conviction or actual charges.”

“Nice to see our public servants are putting our taxes to good use by spending them on having sex with children with impunity.”

“Talk about organised criminals.”

“Shows what sort of person should consider the police as a career choice.”

“We’re really no better than the likes of North Korea if our authorities act as a law unto themselves like this.”

“In the private sector you’d be sacked and convicted… on the other hand our police get to quietly retire only when they get caught, without charges.”

“They’d do anything to bring down a normal person and call them a liar, but when it comes to their own they are innocent.”

“So if we want to have sex with minors we just need to become police or teachers?”

“The cops in this country are worse than the yakuza…”

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