Japanese Man Buys Hymen for $780,000


A Japanese man has bid $780,000 for the virginity of a Brazilian woman in an auction, stoking the usual disgust at the creepiness of virginity-obsessed Japanese men.

The 20-year-old Brazilian woman auctioned off the right to take her virginity online, with the winning $780,000 bid going to a “Japanese” man.

Other bidders reportedly included 3 Americans, an Australian and an Indian. The organisers also auctioned off the virginity of a 23-year-old Russian man, which apparently went to a Brazilian woman for a measly $3,000.

In Brazil the auction has not surprisingly attracted controversy for both general moral turpitude and constituting prostitution, although the organisers somehow maintain it does not constitute prostitution.


In Japan as well the auction has attracted controversy – although perhaps for different reasons:


“You could go to a soapland a thousand times for that much.”

“What an expensive whore.”

“Women really live life in easy mode.”

“This is a bit much for such an ugly girl.”

“Virgin fanciers are seriously creepy.”

“Is this even legal?”

“No matter how much of a virgin hunter you are that is too much for a girl like that.”

“You could buy up 100 virgin JCs for that.”

“Is the buyer here really Japanese?”

“He’s the shame of Japan.”

“That virgin boy is so cheap…”

“Him going for $3,000 is the real news here.”

“This is sexual discrimination or something!”

“I’m a pure 33-year-old virgin – please buy me!”

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