Finally – Ishihara Resigns


Tokyo’s 80-year-old dear leader Shintaro Ishihara has announced he intends to resign and form his own national party – though no sooner had he announced his ambitions than he began calling for the degenerate youth of Japan to be herded into military camps.

As a prefectural governor (styled “mayor”) of Tokyo, Ishihara’s antics were theoretically limited to the Tokyo region, but he claims he yearns for a return to the national politics in the Diet and so will be resigning and forming a new party with himself as leader.

As Ishihara has already recently started one irrelevant party of geriatrics, there is some confusion as to just why he needs yet another – although he is apparently sympathetic to Hashimoto’s “Restoration” party (formerly limited to Osaka, his party will be fielding candidates throughout Japan for the next general election) and its aims of wresting control of Japan from the central bureaucracy.

His replacement as governor will likely be the vice-governor – a man who hates young people and manga fans almost as much as Ishihara, and whom Ishihara has said he believes will continue to carry out his agenda.

No sooner had Ishihara announced his resignation than he began calling for young people he hates so much to be conscripted into national service:

“I want young people to feel more of a sense of solidarity. They should work for free in the SDF or police. I’ll be conferring with my associates as to whether we can bring this about.”


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