PS3 “Hacked For Good” – LV0 Keys Leaked


PS3 piracy fans are rejoicing at the news that the “LV0” PS3 encryption keys have been leaked, allowing the console to be fully and irreversibly hacked for good.

The keys will likely allow full custom firmware access, alternative OS support, and the possibility of rolling back the more recent firmware versions, which were formerly all but unhackable.

The release of the keys will likely also lead to a resumption of widespread PS3 piracy, assuming PS3 hackers can get past the back-biting, squabbling and money-grubbing which seems to have done as much to prevent PS3 piracy as any of of Sony’s lawyers and engineers.

Some expert analysis:

The release of the new custom firmware – and the LV0 decryption keys in particular – poses serious issues.

While Sony will almost certainly change the PSN passphrase once again in the upcoming 4.30 update, the reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever.

Options Sony has in battling this leak are limited – every PS3 out there needs to be able to decrypt any firmware download package in order for the console to be updated (a 2006 launch PS3 can still update directly to the latest software).

The release of the LV0 key allows for that to be achieved on PC, with the CoreOS and XMB files then re-encrypted using the existing 3.55 keys in order to be run on hacked consoles.

So just how did LV0 come to be released at all? The original hackers who first found the master key – calling themselves “The Three Tuskateers” – apparently sat on its discovery for some time.

However, the information leaked and ended up being the means by which a new Chinese hacking outfit – dubbed “BlueDiskCFW” planned to charge for and release new custom firmware updates.

To stop these people profiteering from their work, the “Muskateers” released the LV0 key and within 24 hours, a free CFW update was released.

“You can be sure that if it wouldn’t have been for this leak, this key would never have seen the light of day, only the fear of our work being used by others to make money out of it has forced us to release this now,” a statement from the hacker group says.

Of course, with the PS3 all but obsolete, the PS4 presumably just on the horizon and the PS3 having enjoyed the status of being probably the most piracy-free platform in gaming history, it seems likely Sony had good cause to declare victory years ago.

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    • Pretty much all the effort they put in keeping the hardware locked down would have been better spent on making PSN more secure,getting more game developers. and offering better services.

      Some interesting news the PS4 likely would be much easier to crack since it’s reported to just be modified X86 PC hardware.
      Kinda a shame as the Cell processor was and still is an amazing piece of hardware.
      Of course the leaked PS4 specs could be FUD.
      MS is going through the effort to make 16 core PPC which should be a real beast of a chip that would make an i7 quad core look slow.

        • No I’m talking the software and sever side of things.
          Heck an India out sourcing company could have done a better job.
          They could have made the PSN more secure “I’ll never use a credit card directly with any kind of Sony account as they have lost my trust.” ,they could have got a better media player ,and a browser that’s is not an abortion etc.
          Really would it have been so hard to port Firefox over wait the open source community did before they got shafted.
          This also prevented a massive pool of programming talent from developing for the platform.
          Then they did outright stupid ass stuff that is illegal in my country such as killing other OS because of paranoia.
          No other OS crippled the device as a media center.
          No amount of DLC can replace the functionality that was lost.
          They could have required a signed kernel or something or detected pirated games server side.
          Then simply not allow any pirated copy of game to join in online games or get any DLC.

          In short even a five year old could have made more sane decisions then their execs.

      • I doubt it, but console CPU’s have always been significantly better at specific tasks though given the fact that they usually don’t have very powerful dedicated gpu’s like the average gaming PC

        • Bullshit. Console CPUs are usually standard off-the-shelf embeded CPUs or slight variations of them.
          You can easily purchase such a CPU from the manufacturer, although you can’t really do much with it without extensive knowledge of designing embedded systems.

      • ‘Pretty much all the effort they put in keeping the hardware locked down would have been better spent on making PSN more secure,getting more game developers. and offering better services.’

        Only that, if they don’t try to implement some kind of security measure, even if it’s just shoved in at the eleventh hour, they’d have trouble explaining to shareholders on what the hell are they planning to stop piracy this time.

        It’s stupid, yes I know, but you have to be aware that more of those big money investors are still old, ignorant corporate thugs who probably think that Internet is a series of tubes.

      • Eurogamer should never be taken seriously.
        In fact, they should be sacked for being connected with the PS3 hackers. They were 1st to report and expose the hack, meaning they were involved pretty deep.

        I mean, among all the places you could have first heard of the hack, such as some websites dedicated to pirated material, you heard it from EUROGAMER.

        I long for the day when Eurogamer gets treated like Gamespot and IGN, nothing good comes from them and developers only suffer lost sales and hate.

      • you make no sense. it’s not an option to not secure platforms and networks. i bet you don’t leave you doors and networks open and hope nobody steals your property, nor would anyone lend you anything in such a situation. get real bro

        • I think his point was that they called all kinds of attention to themselves by making all kinds of bad decisions in the name of anti-piracy, and then ended up getting completely shafted for said decisions despite trying so hard.

    • Yes, which is why the were stupidly and blindly butthurt with the previous hack and went WRONGLY in a suing rampage.

      This is also ARGUABLY why Sony LOST the current generation console WAR.

      To me it looks like MS and Nintendo were ultimately more intelligent, they were hacked very early and as result everyone was happy, yes everyone, all parties benefited from that ARGUABLY (it all point to it) and they both enjoyed tremendous success.

      Who would have thought ALMIGHTY SONY with its PS1 and PS2 utter and complete dominance would lose this badly? Only thing I see different is the constant insult to customers, taking away features, lack of rpgs that dominated previous consoles and suing people and more importantly unhackable console for year and then some more which was a huge turn off to many, even those that do buy game.

        • @23:57 24/10/2012

          Sorry pal but 02:13 25/10/2012 is right, THIS IS NOT ANIME! MANGA EROGE HENTAI PAL

          Tiny Japanese market in the gaming inudstry cannot hope to match overseas customer base.

          Unlike anime/manga GAMES are NOT A NICHE market.


        • Winning in one country while getting their asses handed to them in the rest of the world yah that’s real success.

          The US market alone is over twice the size of japan’s
          So yes they were very upset over loosing outside of Japan which is why the PS4 is probably going to be one of the most conservatively speced of the next generation consoles ie something they’ll make a profit on vs sell as a lead loss item.

        • “Winning in one country while getting their asses handed to them in the rest of the world yah that’s real success.”

          I know what you mena, man, M$ only outsells Sony in the the US, and although it’s the biggest video game market and makes it up for the lossses everywhere else it still can’t be called a success, just just lack of ability at making something not aimed for the yankees. The same mistake most japanese game developers make, by the way…

      • “To me it looks like MS and Nintendo were ultimately more intelligent, they were hacked very early and as result everyone was happy, yes everyone, all parties benefited from that ARGUABLY (it all point to it) and they both enjoyed tremendous success.”

        hah… and i wonder why the economics are going down

      • M$ is even worse on hackers than Sony. Sony tries to prevent hackers just like M$, but ONLY M$ actually punishes users if they are caught (permabanning gamertags and consoles). Way more harsh.

        And I’m pretty sure M$ and Nintendo don’t encourage hacking their consoles.

        • @07:48 Also lets not forget Sony Pictures & Sony Music Entertainment, which both back MPAA & RIAA. Banning a bunch of consoles from Live pales in comparison to having your future destroyed for downloading a 99cent song.

        • 15:23 You think MS is worse than Sony? LOL You clearly were not around when Sony royally BUTTFUCKED davesclassics, for hosting the PS1 BIOS image. Nor were you paying much attention to Geohot vs Sony.

          Meanwhile in MS camp, MS can track & punish users of pirated copies Windows & Office, yet opts not to. Nor have they pursued legal action against C4E and other 360 hackers.


        • I will admit in someways Sony is is a less of a dick then Microsoft who makes you buy XBL gold just to use things that should be free like youtube and netflix as these are not on their servers and cost them nothing.
          But killing other OS was spectacular show of back stabbing behavior and the moron who made that decision should have been forced to step down.
          Really he should kill himself.
          Also it was very sloppy how they ran the PSN with zero security updates.
          They wasted all their effort in keeping the console locked down vs protecting their paying customers.

        • Yes MS has hacked consoles but it still sells more software than the ps3 so maybe Sony should have just let things go.

          Oh and 10% behind MS is huge considering Sony killed the competitors for two generations. Things will only be bleaker next generation unless they get their act together because now developers will instantly back the more successful xbox.

        • 360’s inability to gain market in Japan really hurt sales figures, take away Japanese sales figures and 360 would be ahead by a significant number. As it stands, their total sales figures are very close and of course both get their ass handed to them by EVERYTHING Nintendo.

          global sales
          360 68.9million
          PS3 67.2million

          1.7million lead to 360

          US sales
          360 38.7million
          PS3 24.1million

          14.6million lead to 360

          Japan sales
          360 1.5million
          PS3 8.6million

          7.1million lead to 360

          Europe sales
          360 21.8million
          PS3 26.4million

          4.6million lead to PS3

          source: vgchartz

        • Yes, and whats the common denominator?

          Ps1 + Ps2 were hacked early, everyone bought the console = HUUUGE fanbase = LOTS OF SALES, PS1 + PS2 dominated LIKE A GOD!

          Now, PS3 tight in security, no hacks = little fanbase = little sotware sales = this gen loser, WORLWIDE behind Nintendo and MS

          Look at 360 + Wii: Hacked early = HUUUGE fanbase = LOTS of Software sales! BUG WINNERS! This gen

          Add the fact that PS1 PS2 and now WIII had emulators to compete with also and really THE PIRACY claims dont MATCH UP!


        • Sony went from having a huge lead in console market share (well over 50%, I would like to think) for two generations to barely catching up to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 this generation. Add in the amount of MONEY they’ve lost on the damn thing and yes, it’s pretty goddamn embarrassing.

          You want to like PS3 more, fine, that’s pretty reasonable, but don’t pretend they didn’t fuck up with it compared to their massive success during the previous two generations.

    • That was Atlus’ decision. At the time of release , the Yen was stronger than the Dollar. They were worried about people importing the US version at a lower price.

      The US version was 59.99.
      The JP version in American money was $92.99

      So yeah, it was a money thing.

      • ITS NOT because OF EXCHANGE RATE!

        Inform yourself pal.

        It was because companies riopff people in Japan with higher prices, since people in western land would not go along with it, they lower the price to more reasonable price, still a ripoffif you ask me (60 bucks), but in order to held hostage the japanese customers they make all possible to prevent them from importing at the lower more down to earth price the west gets.

        • Just by looking at the ps3 scene forums, I see tons of people that want this hack solely for Persona 4 Arena as well as in case any other future PS3 games get region locked (which they will, no way will this be the last game especially with how well it did in Japan).

          The thing is, region locks for PS3 games didn’t even exist on the PS3 until FW 3.30. It amazes me that Sony was stupid enough to start allowing Devs to region lock again, all it does is give people another legit reason to mod their consoles.

        • Also please consider that you have games in American region that cost more than 60USD. Even with all the bullshit sutff they add on a Deluxe o Collector Edition, stuff is pretty much over priced.

          I also believe in Japan games between the 80USD-100USD price range is consider normal. Just take a look at how much Eroges and Galges cost at release? Especially if its a game from minori* and WHITESOFT.

        • @12:51 24/10/2012

          Yes, it all comes down to money, but you put it wrong (again? if you are same anon)

          NEW MEDIA IS ALWAYS, more expensive LOCALLY (JAPAN) than overseas, its not one this specific case. It all comes down to reverse importing pal.

          The reason which it happened to this title specifically and you dont often see it is because:

          1 – Persona series is very popular in both regions
          2 – It got a simultaneous release which made reverse importing ideal

          Thats why you do not see many simultaneous releases in both markets, Japanese are so relucntant to do it, again, because it would mean “liberating” their domestic market, it would be hard to continue to ripoff Japan with then higher than everywhere prices.

          When releases are months apart then its not much issue since not many Japanese would wait for the title to be released in other regions in order to revers import (as we know it takes months or years), so no big deal,. but if they are releases simultaneously then importing no matter the hassle would be a real alternative many would take as 60 USD + shipping would still be cheaper than the usual 90+ USD in Japan for games, and media in general.

        • It was still about money, paying 7425 yen to buy the game locally or paying 5109 yen to import it from somewhere else.

          Importing games always sucks, but this was one of the cases where you’d actually be paying less than buying your local edition.

      • Bullshit, you’re enough Japanese can fully grasp enough English to enjoy a game they could have got locally used for less?! Yeah right. Remember the 5 dollar copies of FFXIII? Prices for games there drop fast because they have no legal rental game service, they’re all sold as “used” and “traded” in for a high value, as the store that sold them.

    • You can be excited, but please don’t make the PS3 turn into another PSP. The PSP led to little support to the VITA because of pirates.

      Don’t give me the “I wasn’t gonna buy it anyway” or “I’m a buy it later to support devs” excuse.

      Be a good gamer and when playing pirated games, do not go on the PSN. I can foresee months of downtime, firmware updates and the return of DRM because of this hack.

      Developer confidence on the console model is also at stake. So please continue to support the game companies even if you may pirate. “”Bububut… Teh Sony haz the billions of monies, and EA/Acti should die!!” NO, because if the worst happens and they do die, we’ll all be paying $60USD for online in the future, and paying a subscription to own a console under MS.

      • The PSV has a lack of support because Sony is run by a bunch of morons who make nothing but dumb decisions that rip off consumers and treat their loyal consumers the ones who supported the PSP through thick and thin, like shit by saying “Well, I know you bought all those UMD games to support the PSP. But you should just rebuy them on the PSN if you want to play them on the PSP successor! Not all games are available digitally? Well tough tities!”

        Seriously, the Vita had the potential be something amazing, but ended up a huge ripoff at launch.

        -Console cost
        -Promised games would have on cart flash memory for saving games: Didn’t happen
        -Most games require memory card or you can’t play/save them: Increasing system cost because of their stupid proprietary memory cards
        -Memory Cards are too expensive considering the cost of SD cards, and the amount of space DDL PSV/PSP take up (a few MB to 3+GB)
        -shit backwards compatibility through emulation. And Digital only, you bought tons of UMD games? Too bad
        -wasn’t compatible with PS1 games day 1 (And compatibility in the US is still spotty as hell now that it’s been implemented. Meanwhile places like JP have almost the entire PS1 library accessible from the Vita PSN. Meaning if you don’t have a PS3, you are SOL)
        -The only way you can transfer media to the device is through a proprietary application that transfers SLOW AS HELL.
        -Same Application REQUIRES constant online connection
        -Proprietary USB connector
        -Can’t buy a new battery for it
        -OS was slow ,clunky and cumbersome at launch in contrast to it’s comparable smart phone peers(Which it was marketed against)
        -OS could only be operated by the touch screen;no buttons; at launch
        -No XMB (the best game console OS IMO)
        -Face buttons are incredibly small, got big hands? Well tough titties!

        • Jesus… SanCom is harboring pirates that killed the PSP. SAD. Why the fuck is there sentiment to pirate a system based on a company’s reason to protect themselves? And why is this being used to justify stealing? No wonder console gamers are called peasants.

        • Aside from the memory card thing and the Japan only PS1 games, the rest can be blamed on the pirates who made the PSP hack. Removable batteries for the PSP were exploited to run the hack (pandora battery), and the constant net connection can be blamed on pirates again. This is Sony’s DRM playing, which was born because of the piracy that killed the PSP. If you don’t like the PSV’s interface, that’s your opinion. As far as I can recall, people disliked the XMB when Sony was pushing for simplicity. Now the bitching and whining is back, when they changed things.

      • IMHO, the PSP CFs actually made the PSP EASIER to use, than what was originally intended, and being able to digitally backup your UMD’s is genius. plus it’s not pirating if you already own the game.
        honestly, I dont see why they dont use flash media to sell games on like nintendo always has. (at least portable wise)

  • Sorry, but this news is BS.

    Currently that this only does is allow up to games which require 4.21 to work without any hacked eboots.

    There’s still metldr, bootldr, lv 0.2, and a whole lot of shit to go though before the PS3 is 100% hackable. It’s nearly no different to the 3.55 thing, except. You still to begin on 3.55. So the progress is a baby step.

  • If someone sells me hardware that is a fucking computer, and I fully own the piece, then better make sure I can use that computer to my heart’s content. Locking a bunch of owners out of their property, and messing around with it, is a sure way to screw yourself.

  • Do you punks who pirate games think that the developers will work for free? The less the game is bought, the less it will be made. So all those little JRPGs that gets localized, might as well say goodbye to them.

    • YES, charging for media IS GETTING OBSOLETE AND WILL BE HISTORY IN UPCOMING DECADES, theres ways to make money other that upfront charging people and ways we still dont know because of the old farts that fear change and evolution.

      If you ever get grandkids or kids they will laugh at you and your era in which you ha to paid for media as they will probably wont.

  • Maybe I should buy it now 😉 It’s a good incentive. I hope there will be full access to hw capabilities in Linux for PS3. And also some really nasty porn games, which would not be approved otherwise.

    BTW there is probably place in market for “PornStation”, “AdultStation”, “PornBox” or whatever the potential console could be named. I mean – there should be a console aimed at adults with incorporated eshop which would not definitely be “family friendly”. Well, that think is named PC, but…

  • Somehow, this seems like a happy ending… with a very dark ironic twist for anyone who envisions the personification of their PS3 as a moe character.

    PS3-chan, you’re about to get gangraped by the whole world…

  • Right. Developers are already blaming their need to have on Disk DLC and Digital retail versions at full price on piracy. Even when piracy wasn’t a problem.

    Let’s just prove them right, shall we we?

  • there’s many people already bricked their ps3 trying to get this new cfw 4.21 to work. only 2 available now, rogero and bluedisk. but there’s some people also manage to get it work.
    me,i’m waiting for kmeaw to make one since kmeaw 3.55 is the most stable ps3 cfw ever, never heard yet anyone bricked by it

  • As long as people don’t cheat in multi player I’m not going to get bothered over it, buying a used game or borrowing a game from a friend is just as bad for the devs and publisher but people don’t have contempt for those who would do that.

    • Ps3hax, google it. But wait a little rogero 4.21 CFW was pulled because bricks. Better wait for more stable CFW, there nothing to stop it now but patience, until theres a real stable CFW, its inevitable as it was inevitable that some ouwld rush itwith the CFW to release first and skip test and polish porcesses,

  • Heres an idea for Sony. When you release that update, Make a virus that, when the lvl 0 decryption keys are used improperly, or in ways it shouldn’t be, Have the virus permanently shut that persons PS3 down.

    That way, when people complain about their PS3 being broken, you go in their PS3, see if the virus is there and if it activated. Then call the cops and have that person arrested for hacking your product.

  • Heres an idea for Sony. When you release that update, Make a virus that, when the lvl 0 decryption keys are used improperly, or im ways it shouldn’t be, Have the virus permanently shut they persons PS3 down.

    that way, when people complain about their PS3 being broken, you go in their PS3, see if the virus is there and if it activated. Then call the cops and have that person arrested for hacking your product.

    • It was a total waste of engineering talent as piracy is not as big an issue as the execs and other brainless people make it out to be.
      The PS1 and PSP were heavily pirated but game sales were very strong.

      Their efforts would have been better spent helping developers learn how to make use of the Cell architecture.
      Allowing home brew on the system would have helped introduce a lot of new programmers to the platform.
      In short Sony did the stupidest thing they possibly could have with the platform.

        • No only it was hacked, dont forget the DS also has an emulator that PLAYS ALL GAMES!!

          So really those that say piracy kills a system ARE IN THE WRONG, ITS A FACT, and SHOULD LOOK ELSEWHERE.

          WHats better way for SONY and compnay to BLAME PIRACY when they fuck up and their shit does not sell??? EHHH?? Blame piracy = easy way to cover our shitty fuck ups.

          If piracy kills consoles then why these were TREMENDOUS SUCCESS:

          -PS1 : hacked early + emulator
          -PS2 : hacked early + emulator
          -GB/GBA : Hacked early + emulator
          – DS: hacked early + emulator
          -360 – hacked early
          – Wii – hacked early + emulator

        • Well if sony didnt go extreme draconic measures like they did on Ps3 and VITa, they could had payed for a better security on stuff that did had some matters, aka the leak of the entire userlists and credit card info that forced the psn to shutdown for months.

          Also instead of investing the money of graphic designers for software or pointless advertising, they could had used it to fund games and actual good advertisement.

          Not stuff like:
          -“Squirrels PSP”
          -“Any campaign PSP/PS3 over west”
          -“PS HOME idea by a retarded woman that ended up being a host in The Tester”
          -“The Tester Pseudo Reality Garbage”
          -“Book of Memories”

          You know I could go on forever, but i’ll leave it here.

  • A sensible comment from someone who knows what they’re talking about:

    ‘I think Sony are laughing their butts off. The CFW that is out is bricking a lot of 3.55 PS3’s – the only people who would benefit from this leak are those who already have CFW installed. Newer PS3’s have lv0.2 which can’t be cracked (the private keys are with Sony and no where else) so can’t go to 3.55 to get the CFW.

    So we have pirates who have no real change, they just have an update to their CFW, normal users who can’t use the CFW and pirates who have now lost their pride and joy, their 3.55 PS3’s so will have to get it repaired or spend a fortune on a used fat with 3.55.

    Sony will have learnt a lot about security with the PS3 though so the PS4 should be very secure, I’ll be very surprised if it’s ever hacked unless Sony make a major mistake with the software or hardware that gives an attack vector.’

    It’s a hack of a hack people. So only those that have already hacked the PS3 can use it.

    • That’s the dumbest shit I’ve read on this topic. Basically he’s saying that things will stay as they are and there will be no progress. LV0 being cracked means that firmwares won’t matter anymore, and whether or not you’re at 3.55 or 4.21 won’t matter. Give it a month or so and majority of PS3 owners will be able to hack, other than the dumbshits that bought the new ugly slim model.

  • Yay… more money to be taken from developers and publishers by spoiled children who don’t buy the things they claim to love.

    Bless you people who actually use this for something reasonable, but anyone who thinks it’s their right, privilege, and/or duty as a piece of shit to not pay the people who have spent their lives training to make the things you supposedly love need to stop pretending they’re anything but poor and spoiled. Hackers will hack, but we can still buy and rent the games.

    • Personally I’d just like to be able to use fan translations of games that aren’t localized. Despite being the PS3 being region free, it doesn’t help too much when playing text heavy games.

      • I’m with you about translations and stuff, but that is now a moot point for some people that went and learned the languages used in the games they want.

        I learned English and Japanese. I don’t need translations.

        • I’d like to learn Japanese myself, but it’s a huge time investment, and for many people it’s not possible at all without immersing yourself in it (by living in Japan that is). I’m not looking for an easy way out, but that’s asking a lot just to be able to enjoy media in another language.

        • If a hacked PS3 is the only way I can actually play Vesperia PS3, then I definitely consider that a reasonable use. I bought it for 360, and I’ll import it from Japan if I need to as long as I get the ‘real’ game. Sure I know the whole game is there, but Vesperia really does feel like I’d spend my time to not be able to play the true game if I played it on the 360 now.

          Also, saving save games off to another hard drive is another very reasonable thing to do. Both of those were things I was saying are perfectly respectable reasons to allow hacking, but again… too many spoiled people will now thoughtlessly have the power to kill the market even further.

    • Except you forget must of that people would not by regardless and it gives acc3ss to many to game in regions of the world (Japan) which are a hassle to import and to expensive to do that, which in turn might get said publisher a paying fan in the short and long run.

    • I’ve had the chance to pirate with the PS3. I never took it. When I became an adult and began earning my own money through work, I came to the conclusion that the luxuries called videogame are the hard work of a bunch of people. Seeing the effort I make doing my own stuff, I ended up understanding them better. Even if the PS3 gets completely hacked, I’m staying where I am.

        • Badmouthing? In truth, videogames are unimportant in front of bigger priorities. If people don’t have the money to buy games, then they have more important priorities to worry about (whether they to it or not is up to them).

          People hacking a (closed) console for one reason or another fall into different categories. The entitled prick that doesn’t want to pay for the games he plays or someone who wants extra functions or games from a different region. The first, I can’t excuse, but the second is very gray.

          In the end, it’s a complicated thing. I just hope the sales model of the upcoming Ouya sticks and we can have a powerful open console.

      • I stand beside you. With ever increasing hardware specs, development cost and time is also increasing. It won’t be long until most developers lose confidence in consoles if this becomes like the PSP.

        For example:
        Invest $20 million in producing one game. Gets pirated 5 million times. Sells $500,000.

  • We thank you for your time in waiting, Sony’s PS3 is now completely unlock for your use and as a result will be taken off the market by Sony as one would expect in the late future.

    In the dark future there is only, PC, 360 and Wii

    • You mean Wii is the future.
      1. Fuck the 360. I still regret buying one to this day.
      2. Fuck playing on the PC.
      I love how developers are playing games with graphic requirements and cards.
      When I upgraded my computer a few years back, I made the mistake of upgrading to Intel. It was cheaper, more powerful than other cards on the market and completely, utterly unsupported by a good portion of games on the market.
      Even shitty 2D games don’t run on Intel Graphics Cards.

      Yes,allow me to say it. I am mad.

      At least the Wii doesn’t bullshit you that much. Wii motion plus, yeah that was BS, but not too bad.