Japan “Most Sexist” G8 Nation


The World Economic Forum has proclaimed Japan one of the most sexist nations in the world, placing only 101st out of the 135 nations surveyed, with the worst showing of any in the G8.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2012, an international comparison of sexual discrimination published by the World Economic Forum, Japan now ranks 101st out of the 135 countries surveyed, having fallen a further 3 places from 98th since last year.

Japan also boasts the unwelcome distinction of having the least overall “gender equality” of any G8 nation.

For some reason the top performers were all Nordic nations, with Iceland in first, followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden. Germany came 13th, the UK 18th, Canada 21st, and the US 22nd. China came 69th, and South Korea 108th.

Amongst Japanese there is now more than a little scepticism about endless foreign proclamations of the endemic evils Japanese women are supposedly subjected to, particularly when Japan barely scraped in above several Arab nations:

“Japan certainly does suffer hugely from sexual discrimination – most of it against men!”

“And this would be because of the pampered position of women in Japan, right?”

“Right, few nations have less gender equality than Japan – the preferential treatment women here get is extreme.”

“These results seem a bit extreme.”

“More leftist fabrication.”

“Those women only carriages have much to answer for!”

“You have to treat women with more worshipful obedience if you want to score higher.”

“Your responses may not be totally serious, but this really is a ranking of female supremacy.”

“Few nations persecute men as much as in Japan.”

“We need to eliminate gender distinctions in Japanese society, starting with separate changing rooms.”

“Just accept the fact that Japanese women actually want to become housewives.”

“The only reason young women want to become housewives is because they know nobody will treat them equitably if they want to become managers, no matter how hard they work.”

“Housewife = NEET.”

“Odd that Japanese women enjoy automatic success in any dispute over child custody if they are so discriminated against.”

“Pity the samurai spirit of the Japanese man, bravely working all his working hours and only stopping for lunch on the meagre allowance his wife allows him…”

“The people who compile this research have just been getting all their information from extremist groups like ECPAT, who are desperate to denigrate Japan with their lies.”

“This is obviously all part of someone’s agenda – overseas they all think Japan is the most chauvinist nation in the developed world.”

“Most of their findings are based on anecdotal evidence rather than statistical findings, and they are gathered by groups in the various countries rather than any independent source.”

“Kind of ridiculous to see nations with vastly higher rates of rape and violence against women rank higher than Japan in this…”

“Funny how nobody in their right mind would want to live in the ruined nations at the top of the ranking.”

“Talk about inequality – women are unlucky to get any actual punishment for their crimes, whilst any false accusation they make sees men arrested and forced to confess.”

“Some of Japan’s official statistics:
Homeless: men – 14,707, women – 531
Suicides: men – 21,419, women – 8,502
Deaths from overwork: men – 301, women, 16”

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  • Sexism is often based on how much women whine about things they don’t realize are actually the same or worse for men.

    I really wish it were possible for people to experience life as others for even a single day.

  • “Just accept the fact that Japanese women actually want to become housewives.”

    No… nooooo…. Stop. Just stop…. Men like you are the reason why–

    “The only reason young women want to become housewives is because they know nobody will treat them equitably if they want to become managers, no matter how hard they work.”

    –Oh okay at least someone was paying attention.

  • Conveniently 2CH commentators neglected Japan’s long established history of female workers earning roughly 60% of what their male cohorts earn, along with leaving out the fact that most places try to make new mothers quit their job.

  • the Swedish solution to it is making women more into men(and actively discriminate men) i guess thats what the west wants japan to do.

    they even gone so far to try to “erase” gender here.

    It seem to me as a westerner in a feminist-infested country that Japan has much healthier gender equality than the west and especially Sweden.

  • Norwegian here. It’s true that Nordic countries have a high degree of gender equality. Also:
    “Funny how nobody in their right mind would want to live in the ruined nations at the top of the ranking.” – I want to punch this idiot! ;-/

    • Nordic countries are a model of shame. All of the men there should commit mass suicide. They’re a bunch of pussy-whipped pansies, the lot of ’em. Isn’t your stupid country the one that insisted Dead or Alive is the same as child porn? lol…

      And I’ve heard basically any woman can have any man arrested for ‘raep’ at any point, if she has a random mood swing the way you erratic cunts always do…

    • that comment is right though.
      who in their right mind would want to be taxed to death for a goverment that dont even work.

      and nordic gender “equality” is a lie everyone who lives there would know(and Assange).

      • They work better than many other Governments. And we have high incomes to go with our high income taxes. There are bad things in all countries (I for instance hate the ridicilously high import taxes we have here in Norway), but Nordic countries are far better of than many other places in the world, such as lolfailAmerica.
        And nordic gender equality is not a lie. I DO live there, and I know it isn’t.

  • The mythology of Samurai was invented in the early 1900’s by a historian who mistranslated older text. Samurai were just soldiers, did what soldiers were told to do, and acted like it, just like the Knights of medieval Europe. They were opportunistic and fought for whoever they found to be the most successful. The fact that the Japanese still hold those outdated ideas shows why they have trouble understanding how fucked up their society is. In a country where the elderly gain all the benefits and the young are suppressed, one has to think that its some kind of national Stockholm syndrome that everyone feels that nothing is wrong.

    • Samurai were actually brutal. There is an actual samurai practice called tsujigiri which involved a samurai testing out a new blade by cutting down random innocent peasants. And samurai were extremely arrogant, and testy, and the slightest thing could be interpreted as disrespect and result in a common man getting butchered on the spot. Generally, they were almost exactly the same as the yakuza are today. Loyal to their bosses until the end, but they were pieces of shit, morally speaking.

    • But… medieval knights DID have ethical codes and shit (in the low medieval ages, of course).
      I don’t think, quite frankly, the Elevens believe that they were motherfucking Vash the Stampede, not more than we euros believe ours walking cans were. Well, at least not really.

      >> In a country where the elderly gain all the benefits and the young are suppressed

      As an Italian, now I see why they allegedly like us.

  • those statistics show a lot. Any man can be homeless but only ugly women can be homeless. Note when you move out of your basement how many 3d pig disgusting women suddenly think you are the hottest thing ever because they can move into your place in exchange for sex. I detested such low caliber women, but many men are not so picky as long as she is pretty.

  • http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GenderGap_Report_2012.pdf

    That’s the report. Basically it says Japanese women have very few places of power in politics and business compared to Japanese men. Their education and life-expectancy is fine as you’d expect from a 1st world country. Although it seems that not quite as many Japanese women go into Tertiary Education as do men.

    The figures are a strong indication of a cultural bias against women in positions of power. Basically, the cultural bias is that women should be seen and not heard…

  • Amazing job Japan.

    You have women only carriages and girls able to extort money from men on demand.

    And yet you still manage to have the biggest gender gap between men and women for things like salary and job security.

  • coulda told you that 2 years ago. wrote a paper on this exact topic. problem is yes this is an external view of the country. Internally, most women dont want to work and live a very carefree life. many women infact work part-time while married and have fun while the husband wins the bread. not sexist at all…

    • Women want to work hard like men? What?
      Take a trip to any VIP golf club and you will see 100 20 year gold digger sluts with 70 year old men.
      Go to a temporary labor agency where people but their ass hard labor and construction for minimum wage and tell me how many cunts you see… Yeah, none.

  • I’m tired of this feminist Reports.

    In some European countries it was decided to have a minimum obligatory of 40% of women in parliament until 2020.

    Guess what. With this law of “equality” we can now have 100% of women in the parliament, but no more than 60% of men. Before the “women quota” it was the same for both in my country.

  • Sexist or just unwilling to kowtow to the radical feminists who think that anything involving sex with a female in anything other than a marriage should be banned.

    Big difference between the two.

  • I could be wrong, but alot of the study probably relates to female treatment, and according to the study objectification, in media.

    Id argue that the female is kinda made the focal point of a good portion of modern japanese media because it is what people enjoy watching. What is the last anime you watched that had an exciting male character? I know there is more to japanese media than anime, games and manga but im sure the trend extends outside the otaku realm. It is a heroine culture. I wouldnt call it sexist myself but it all depends on how you look at it.

    If we use a totally north american feminist lens meant to examine female portrayal in NA, well its usage in Japan is a bit unfair. Theirs a large cultural gap and without full immersion into said culture the analysis is flawed.

    As for actual social treatment, Im no expert but Id say it is inaccurate.

  • The global gender gap report does not consider sexism against men a problem. Any type of advantage women have over men is not included in that report, this stated very clear in the report. If sexism against men was factored into the report ranking a nation like Sweden where politican have called men “talibans” would not make it to top ten.

    • Of G8 nations, I’d wonder if Russia isn’t more racist and xenophobic than Japan? I haven’t seen many violent Japanese supremacist paramilitary groups. Uyoku maybe, but those guys are generally just rhetoric, noise and hot air.

  • This equality bullshit is the worst thing ever to happen to the civilized world. Women should be treated as livestock, not people. They are not the equal of men in any inconceivable way. All they are is gold diggers and fucking breeders. Every woman in a corporate position of authority sucked cock to climb the ladder. Fact.

    All this so called “equality” does put these filthy fucking cunts on a pedestal when they aught to be wallowing in the mud and acting out of a trough with the rest of the pigs.

  • If anyone would actually read the report, it’s specifically about gender inequality rather than the position of women specifically. So the most likely reason for the scandanations being towards the top is quite a few of them offer equal child raising benefits to both parents like time off from work. So the statistics and incidents cited by the “scholars” in the article were part of the reason for the low score.

    • true, but some people dont seem to want it to be like that so they do everything to ignore that fact even make elaborated “excuses”(not based on science) to make it look like they are right.
      its politics not science..

  • “Funny how nobody in their right mind would want to live in the ruined nations at the top of the ranking.”

    I lol’d. It’s really terrible here in Northern Europe. Doesn’t stop the Japanese from coming over to see Santa, though…

    • You talk as if all women enjoy this kind of merchandising bullshit. It’s degrading as fuck when this stuff gets made. It’s only showing the companies people buy into separating the genders like they dictate every single aspect about you, when in fact that’s not the case.

  • Feminism : Hi Everyone!! Today we’re going to talk about…..Japan IS THE MOST SEXIEST COUNTRY!!!!! WE’Re GOING TO PLACE THEM WHENEVER WE WANT!!!! HEHEHE and IF YOU’D LIKE , We’RE GOING TO BAN ANY contain that CONTAINS H , HEHEHE~ HOPE You’re going to support US~


    -Feminism retarted? Check
    -Feminism sexiest? Check
    -Feminism DOESN’T KNOW Anything about Japan? Check
    -Feminism doesn’t have any clue about what their saying? Check

    oh and don’t FORGET that there’s also Female artists that draw Manga , Doujins and Produce H-Games Too

  • No wonder why i’ve heard of this Police who happened to grope a woman on a train just these recent past days and authorities didn’t do a thing about it really.

    And most news we’ve heard so far about molestation/rape/sexual-related cases either come with such an extremely light punishment or just simply an avoidable terms for the suspects.

    Which reminds me – i haven’t heard any stories like people cried for justice whenever case like these happens esp from male ones – not unless its a foreigner again (right?).

    So tell me Japan, has there been really a case wherein some guys decided to stop/protect a women whenever they witness such act like groping or molestation? ’cause so far i’ve heard none for real except from those mangas and fantasy stories yet.

    ’til then with news like these in your country going on – which somehow reflects your society and culture – i really am not going to be surprise if these G8 stuff accused you of being sexist.

  • The income gap is also one of the highest in G8 countries. That must be one of the things taken into consideration.

    Sexual harassment is prevalent in workplaces too. You are expected to tough it out or get out of the situation yourself, without disrupting the workplace atmosphere, or you will be ostracized. Complaining about it to your company is frowned upon.

    And your are expected to do menial work like making coffee for your male colleagues because you happen to be female (even if you are of the same status level).

    This site would like you to believe that all Japanese women are lazy bitches who just wants to stay at home comfortably with their husband’s pay but reality isn’t so.

    The reason for the declining birthrate isn’t just because of the rise of the herbivorous man who aren’t interested in sex, but also the rise of the tough working female. That is why a lot of women major in foreign languages (languages department in Japan is dominated by women) while they are in university. Most look forward to working overseas to get away from the backward looking views that the men still hold on to in Japan. Talk to the Japanese female expatriates in your country, you will find them happy to be away from Japan and being able to throw themselves into their work and be appreciated.

    But of course all the men here just wants to think of women as bitches and whores.

    • I’m a chick.

      I was sexually harassed at work by my boss. Felt a lot of pressure to not report it because I had a lot of difficulty getting that job. Finally did. HR was sympathetic and talked to boss, but couldn’t REALLY do anything about it, even despite the boss’ really obvious harassment with other young females. Boss basically found an excuse to fire me after that, even though I basically do his work for him, but better.

      This was in America. Can only imagine it’s much fucking worse in Japan.

    • the wage gap is a myth
      also in america if you go as far as saying that one of your female cooworker is hot she can get you fired from the job for sexual harrassment and they’ll always take her word over yours,also making coffee is really not such a big deal,we used to call it a favor,since women have this attitude men understood that they owe nothing to them,including children
      you’re a female sycophant

      • Are you kidding me, of course there are wage gaps, even in North America if you are a woman applying for a job in an industry that is male dominant, you would be expecting a lower wage than the rest.

      • Helping others get some coffee when you are getting some, is quite different from expected to get up to go and make some coffee just because some random asked you to like you work at Starbucks.

        The wage gap is not a myth.

        Just for saying your female worker is hot will not get you fired. Labour laws does not allow that. An investigation will take place, your colleagues views will be heard. If you have said nothing that will incriminate you and your other colleagues back you back, you have nothing to fear.

        You are fucking deluded and engaging in some juvenile victim roleplaying.

        • The wage gap IS a myth. Read up on Warren Farrell’s “Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap”. It documents that women basically take lower risk and lower productivity jobs thus resulting in lower pay. In that book it also documents that women who hold the same position/responsibility as men are paid higher on average.

        • But yes, I generally agree this should be regulated. Also, capitalism isn’t perfect. There’s an add-on effect when people are used to giving unequal salaries, out of discrimination.

          The thing is to grant both women and men leave, guided by how much it takes out of them to have a child each.
          It’s costly but stabilizes society.

        • errr… ‘perceived reduced worth’?

          When a worker has to go for pregnancy leave it can mess up a company, especially a small one.

          If the government helps with regulation that can be both good and bad (should help men take leave for their children too though, to a lesser degree), I think it’s good, but the worth of a worker who has to leave is indeed less.

          Until we have iron wombs, a small but significant percentage of what females bring to society is childbearing.

        • @ 07:37
          Correct, that’s what the market does. Their (perceived) reduced worth however stems solely from their ability to get pregnant and associated happenings like having to take unexpected leaves because they’re the ones staying home when the kids are ill etc. And this is where the state has to regulate the fuck out of the market.

          Your more offer / less demand claim is way off the mark though. In fact it’s so ridiculously false and suspiciously troll-ish that I won’t even bother.

        • That is assuming society is wrong about it, which is obviously not.

          There are things that are made better by women and others that are made better by men. Having babies is certainly in the first group, and having babies is something very important to society, probably the most important thing that can possibly be.

        • What if one of your colleagues is an asshole and wants to take your place so he creates every kind of lie to support the woman?
          What if another guy wanting to have a chance with the girl decide to join in too?

          See, that’s the problem with this kind of thing. Everyone is stupid when it comes to sex.

        • @Dia this is only one part of the gap.

          For the exact same kind of work, fresh male university graduates are granted a higher pay by their employers on average than fresh female university graduates with the same final grades. This is true for every country in the world, the only difference is the scale. In Japan it’s by far the highest within G8. This is a fact, and there’s no use denying it.

          As for the other part you mentioned, it’s Japanese society that expects them to quit their jobs. Society is at fault here, and changing societal expectations is part of the work that needs to be done.

        • If Japanese women stop working when they have a child, they will never work long enough to have a high wage. If the average wage was the same in this situation, it would mean that men are getting paid less for the same work.

        • The market pay to people what the are worth it. Nobody forces women to accept lower wages, they just a worth less, in the sense of more offer, less demand.

          If by any means women were worth the same or more as man they would certainly end being paid accordingly. That is how capitalism works.

      • The only wage gap is how much more women get paid for doing little to no work and just sitting their looking pretty when they are hired just because the company will face sanctions if it doesn’t fill the woman quota. Women are never held to the same standards as men in the work place.

        The only legitimate wage gap they could cite is the wage gap between male and female sex workers and porn stars, with the balance unfairly leaning in women’s favor.

    • What else are they? Dishonest, superficial, fickle, rotten-to-the core, materialistic gold diggers, every single goddamn one of them, and their natural tendency for wickedness is exacerbated by our decaying society.

      Civilization (created by men) typically locks women down because they are wicked, wanton, greedy, lazy, erratically illogical and emotional by their very nature. None are more wicked and corrupt then women, and empowering them in society is like allowing a open, gaping wound to fester.

  • Betas read this article and bitch about ‘female supremacy’

    Alphas read this and just laugh. Or put in a word about how women can really raise themselves. ‘Female surpemacy’ is not in their dictionary.

    Now, what does this tell us of japan?

  • No wonder why these news of rape/groping/any sexual-related issues with women in Japan comes with such a light punishment or rather yet “avoidable” terms.

    And before you bashed me with this, i just remembered a couple of days about a cop groping a woman in a train and the authority didn’t do anything right about it. So tell me about it Jap guys, it is really easy to speak and type through the internet but your actions truly speaks for it regarding about this issues.

    • Read some of the other stories. Men have been financially ruined due to detention after being falsely accused by scam artist whores. Some have even committed suicide over this issue. These same bitches complaining about the groping are probably whores that suck and fuck for deai-kei or delivery health services. There is porn of literally 2/3 of Japan’s younger female population…

  • Before I begin, everyone is aware that in Japan a work day isn’t 9-5 but more often closer to 8-8, a lot of that is unpaid (you have to clean your office for the first hour and often finish any set work before heading home). Then there’s the average daily commute of 45mins. Sometimes longer. To top it off they work a standard 6 days a week rather than our 5, leaving day 7 as the day to recover rather than to enjoy yourself.
    Right away, I’m saying FUCK THAT! I don’t like kids, but they sleep, go out to play and go to school. At most, being a housewife is 6 hours work during the week.
    So live to work OR live for the family + time to yourself.
    Get the handcuffs out and chain me to that cooker!

  • All you apologists are idiots. Japanese women get put into OL jobs, are expected to put out tea and cookies, and get stuck at the lower rungs… Japan scored last of the G8 for very good reasons. They still treat women as second class. This is not to mention train groping, being expected to quit their job with marriage, being expected to wait on their husbands like a mom (which is why foreign guys have some advantage over there in the first place), etc.

    The report includes 4 main categories, and includes separate rankings for each one, with many subcategories under each. The main ones are basically work, education, politics, and health – Japan did decently in health and safety (34) but crappy in the rest. Interestingly, Korea is even lower overall… So it’s not like Japan is being singled out. It’s pretty simple, really, conservative cultures (Japan, Korea, Pakistan) treat women worse, and limit their chances to advance. This is not a surprise.

    Keep in mind also that these are not absolute rankings but comparative between men and women. If you can’t see that Japan is still a very sexist society, you’re blind.

    • The post that makes sense gets voted down hahaha… All these happen and that is also one of the main reason why Japanese women are into foreign men and want to move overseas.

      To bad all the foreign men who have yellow fever want to put them in the kitchen like all those Japanese men… How ironic.

    • I wasn’t trying to justify unfair treatment of females, but direct attention to other perspectives that are often ignored. I agree that neither men nor women should have to run into roadblocks because of their gender. But it’s still only one part of the whole.

      I may be wrong, but the impression I get is that these surveys judge countries based on a specific set of values and expectations. In reality, people and societies all have different values and expectations. What may seem important to you or I is likely not important to others.

      Personally, I think basic rights and desires are most important. For example: being able to express your emotions, and being accepted by society. Trust is also very important. But these are not values taken into consideration in the survey, are they?

      I’d like to see a survey on whether people are more likely to open their hearts to and trust males or females. But I think we already know what the results would be. Males are often denied these basic things.

      Ever want to cry or express emotion? “It’s not manly.”
      Want to be nice or make friends? “You just want to get into my pants.”
      Do you care about children? “You must be a pedophile.”
      Do you treat women with care and respect? “That’s chauvinism.”
      Are you in love? “You’re only thinking with your dick.”
      Do you find the opposite sex attractive? “You’re a pervert!”

      In modern society, being born male is like being born a convicted criminal. We’re at a point where every male action and reaction is perceived negatively or dismissed entirely. Males are constantly demonized and subjected to fictional and non-fictional violence. How are they supposed to co-exist in human society when they are portrayed as such, and treated with such prejudice?

      Yes, females have their own set of problems with prejudices, but I think things like workplace issues are more “secondary” than basic human desires and rights. They also seem to complain about things that actually affect both genders. For example, females often complain that people don’t take them seriously, but they don’t realize that those people don’t listen to ANYONE.

      On the internet, males often pretend to be females in order to gain trust and be treated nicely. That in itself should say a lot. Most of them don’t do it because they’re homosexual or sexual predators. They do it because they want to be treated like human beings and not mindless animals.

      So yes, I believe that females are treated better, for the things that matter most. But that doesn’t make it okay to treat males or females worse. None of us gets to choose our gender, so we shouldn’t be discriminated against because of it.

      • >>Ever want to cry or express emotion? “It’s not manly.”
        Want to be nice or make friends? “You just want to get into my pants.”
        Do you care about children? “You must be a pedophile.”
        Do you treat women with care and respect? “That’s chauvinism.”
        Are you in love? “You’re only thinking with your dick.”
        Do you find the opposite sex attractive? “You’re a pervert!”

        It’s interesting how at least 4 of these are just instances of “well, just don’ give a fuck, if you’re sincere”.

        You know the things that -gasp!- feminists said about personal choices. If you like football more than knitting, do that, and don’t give a fuck about what other people think.
        Now that I think about it, I was under the impression that not giving a fuck about what other people think about your personal choices was the definition of mentally being an adult…

  • When I was studying in college, one of the main lecturers stated as part of his lecture that Japan “is an extremely patriarchal society that oppresses its women”. If I recall correctly, it was during a lecture where we watched a few minutes of “Grave of the Fireflies”.

    To my knowledge, the lecturer had never even been to Japan, nor could he speak its language, nor was he interested or well-versed in its culture or art. In short, he was full of shit. But the female students seemed delighted to hear his statement, as if proud of their “freedom”.

    General rule: only ever trust research and observations by people who know what they are talking about and always try to see things in the big picture (ie. NOT the idiots putting together these kinds of surveys).

    Men who fight for women’s rights don’t realize that by doing so, they are looking down on women. Women embrace the support of those men and attack the men who truly treat them equally. Feminism is fundamentally flawed because it’s about setting females apart from males whilst demanding they be treated the same.

    • Asking for equal pay for the same work isn’t looking down on women.

      Feminism may set women apart, but egalitarianism does not. When a person, male or female, mistreats another due to gender, asking for that to stop is not wrong.

      • Asking for ‘equality’ when women are the ones with a privileged status due to their control over sex is laughable. Their can only be true equality when men and women cease to be men and women, and all humans are simply humans. This can only happen if humans cease existing as organic life and become some kind of synthetics, instead of the meat bags that we are.

        • Sorry, but no. Feminists try to claim the egalitarian high road, but they’re deluding themselves.

          Males in feminist circles are mistrusted second-class citizens.

          American feminism is primarily an upper middle class white women’s movement that doesn’t address the issues of minorities. Black women call their movement “womanist” to distinguish themselves from feminists.

          No feminism is *NOT* egalitarian.

          I’m sure you realize that fact since, in your second statement, you distinguish “radical feminism” from “radical egalitarianism”.

          If the guano fits….

    • That ranking is based on objective criteria (mostly economic) such as wage gap for the same job, and promotion rate. Things like who salarymen turn over their check on payday isn’t taken into account.

      Japan is very much a horrible country to live in if you’re a woman trying to build a career.

      If you’re looking to marry into money, it’s probably not much better – too much competition and not many targets.

    • [quote]Men who fight for women’s rights don’t realize that by doing so, they are looking down on women. [/quote]
      Bullshit. I would fight for everyone’s rights regardless of how much I despise them and what they are. Emancipation is an all-or-nothing deal. So long as unequal treatment is tolerated, someone is going to get the short end of the stick, and that someone may end up being you, regardless of weather you are on the “privileged” side.

    • “Men who fight for women’s rights don’t realize that by doing so, they are looking down on women. Women embrace the support of those men and attack the men who truly treat them equally. Feminism is fundamentally flawed because it’s about setting females apart from males whilst demanding they be treated the same.”

      Agreed, and another point:

      Females and Males are different gender. They have many different needs, different ways of reaction, differing preferences simply by the nature of the fact that they are biologically diametric. Therefore, different treatment and roles for each gender is no more ‘unequal’ than ‘unequalness’ of gardener tending to flowers and construction worker laying bricks.

      Women should understand they are different then men, and try to build themselves up so that their spheres of influence is just as important and respectable and if necessary, powerful and demands respect and fear. Feminists seem to ignore this basic fact and instead try to make us all ‘same’ only with physical differences, which is a pipe dream and a logical fallacy.

      In rejecting traditional feminine roles as ‘subservient’ and ‘ignorant’, they are essentially sabotaging themselves by acknowledging that their role is secondary to more ‘masculine’ roles. There have been societies where women are not only held to the same respect as that of men, and even respected far above certain male roles simply by the virtue of the fact that those real women had more balls and spine than an entire platoon of marines. Just because you are on the receiving end of the literal and figurative ‘spear’ of men doesn’t mean you can’t be as respected and feared within your own sphere of influence that is of equal value to masculine roles. If this is not the reality today, then they must strive to make it so that it DOES become reality. Rejecting this not only infantile and short-sighted, it goes against the very nature of female/male dynamic.

      If feminists think they can create a society that only differentiates men and women based on who has what genitals and no other differences can exist, they are fooling themselves. Remember, differences and inequality are not one in the same. Especially since either genders are, well, different genders, each can carve out its own spheres of influence that complements the other while standing as equals by the virtue of that same difference, since comparing apples and oranges is not a valid argument.

      • What is so “masculine” about, say, leading a business? Exactly, nothing. Except the way men go about it. Women do aspects of it in a different, “feminine” way, but succeed just as well. There’s nothing inherently male or inherently female in most of the professions modern society has to offer, especially the very high paying ones.

        • 11:48 I don’t think we have anything to argue about anymore. My other comments are still sitting in the filter, but from that point on it’ll be down to arguing semantics mostly. Semantics you got most definitely wrong though. My insistence on professions and the classical sociological use of the term “roles” stems from the way your original comment was formulated, and the context it appeared in.

          Speaking of context, all the professions that came up and that seem to favor typical male behavior patterns have very successful women pursuing them in whatever style in a manner efficient enough to come on top of men who went for the same position. Leaving aside whether they are some kind of exception or not, they still suffer the pay gap to varying degrees, especially in Japan. This is what the article was mostly about, this is what modern feminist lobbying is about, and no modern feminist has a view on gender “roles” different from yours. Actually it’s common sense among most people. So who or what was that original rant even directed at? It just had to end up being misinterpreted like that.

          Your characterization of what exactly constitutes the masculine and feminine role needs some refinement, but this I won’t be pursuing any further.

        • 11:48 You misunderstand and misinterpreting my differentiating two different things as saying I believe they must be solely dedicated to that single gender. “Better fit” does not equate to “destined for a role ONLY fit for a specific gender”.

          Specific roles are not really set in stone, but the methodology and manner in which certain things are carried out are to a degree. Can a man be so nurturing and motherly that he could replace female role? Can a screw driver perform a role just as well as a hammer? Such very exceptional people are in the minority. In a world dominated by male-behavior-oriented behavior, as in that of pro-actively aggressive and dick-waving “I’m gonna fuck the others” attitude (not necessarily a bad thing, competition and fierce struggle can make impossible possible, which is where male aggression and power play excels and achieves better results with smaller time required), female way of conducting business or politics has more hurdle to overcome, more obstacles to defeat. It is not so much as there’s something wrong with female gender, as much as world isn’t so nice that it would wait around until you are fully ready to throw problems your way. Those roles demand results, and unless you as an individual can produce such results, regardless of gender you are not fit to play that role.

          Question is practicality and aggression, and ability to dominate versus nurture. In the same vein, question is not about whether one role is more subservient or dominant, but personal biases and inherently unfair nature of human impulse to MAKE one subservient to another. You are not doing anyone favors by insinuating ‘masculine’ roles are better than ‘feminine’ roles and thus females should strive for greater inclusion in ‘masculinity’.

          ‘Masculinity’ as it is currently falsely defined is about domination, rule, and aggression. This is fundamentally childish and one sided view of what it means to be a man. Feminine role does not have to be subservient or passive, and can also possess same strength and do-not-fuck-with attitude as that of ‘masculine’ culture. The only difference is that men are more of ‘go-getters’ versus ‘nurture and refine’ of females. The fact that one is deemed less than another is the product of human bias, not the problem of difference itself which once again, is a false comparison between two non-comparable aspects of human genders.

        • Dunno when my other comment will be freed from that out-of-control spam filter, but in the meantime…

          “There is nothing ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ about a job or a role so much as HOW they are carried out”

          That is not what you said in your original comment. But you might like to re-read my post:
          “[Their is nothing masculine about e.g. leading a business] Except the way men go about it. Women do aspects of it in a different, “feminine” way, but succeed just as well”

          Well, yeah.

        • Where the hell did you reach specific professions from what I was saying? For that matter, when did I ever say ‘traditional female role’ was or is anything like how confused modern driftwoods like yourself understand them as?

          There is nothing ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ about a job or a role so much as HOW they are carried out. When I speak of ‘traditional roles’, I speak of the approach itself as the main point, not the job. However, you have once again demonstrated you are too busy making groundless assumptions that fit your own ideas in your head about other people rather than actually take time to read the context and meaning behind the said words.

      • >>They have many different needs, different ways of reaction, differing preferences simply by the nature of the fact that they are biologically diametric.

        You fail at biology forever, pal.
        Hell, you probably fail even at sociology!

        • 09:45 False. Biological construct can be ‘construed’ as sociological concept, but that false interpretation in and of itself cannot neutralize the fact that physiological differences exist and are real influences upon how people behave. Even the most feminine-like ‘men’ are clearly distinguishable from females when certain situations come into play.

          Also, if you really think women and men each don’t have their own preferences and relatively separate needs, you are really just ignoring the differences, or trying to make them go away by wishing they are just ‘social constructs’ (the usual ‘society made them that way, it’s all SOCIETY’s FAULT!!’ Bullshit). The moment we are born to the moment we die, there are inherent biological and genetic differences that sets behaviors, needs, and other factors apart enough to the point that we need to classify men and women as separate and distinct entities. Trying to deny this by calling it ‘discrimination’ and ‘unfair’ is really just running from a problem.

          But I am sure in today’s age where if someone whines enough about ‘discrimination’ and ‘unequal treatment’ and gets everyone’s ear, your ideas about trying to erase ‘discrimination’ by destroying difference itself flies easier. After all, it’s much easier to blame society, traditions, ‘social constructs’ as you say, then maybe just maybe the problem lies not with facts but your own limited view of what it means to obtain equality and freedom, and faults that are reinforced by social culture which refuses to discipline self-centered view of the world.

          As for the scientific papers and researches, do yourself a favor and go to sites with papers that have conclusions you don’t want to hear about. People like you usually try to laugh at conclusions not to your liking because that only makes sense in your head. Listen to facts before you decide your opinions, because no matter how much you hate the fact that men and women are different, it won’t change simply because you scream louder and get a few convincing nods from people with similarly limited visions of equality.

        • No, no. I WAS talking considering the “many” qualifier. As in, you were talking statistically, I believe.

          The point was: there is no proof that women, as a biological group, have (preferentially) “different needs”, “ways of reaction” and even “preferences” than men. The best we can do is saying that statistically some areas of the brain have different reactions, statistically, to the same events, between the sexes. I think you could stretch it out a little and talk about how men are PROBABLY more aroused by visuals than women for example, but that’s already a stretch, I think. [notice anyway that this is totally unrelated to the fact that in Japan women are particulary salary-discriminated. Hell, it would be a shame even if you’d realy demonstrate being a NEE-an housewife is statiscally more desirable for the female part of the population]
          In fact, I think that IF you could really work an experiment with those ideas (which are undefined and totally unfalsifiable as they’re now, but I think you realize it)… I think that even in these hypotetical case you couldn’t say that this is “biological reality” as much as it is a social construct. If (wo)men really do have some preferences more than the other group (football over clothes shopping, whatever), that’s not gonna tell us they’re born that way, not raised. (in fact, clothes shopping, frankly I can’t see how the cromosome X would push some people over that more than others, but your guess is as good as mine)

          Sure, you can believe that there are these differences (I’d like to have them just a little more precisely stated, those needs and shit, just to say “well, my guts tell me that COULD be right”). But we’re in 2012, personal interpretation has its places and facts and scientific theories have theirs.

          Or… well, if there is just a paper, essay, whatever on this subject, why not posting it here?

      • So group people by their physical strength when it comes to manual labor (though who the fuck works manual labor nowadays anyway?), not gender and you’re done. Even if men have a higher capacity for physical strength, it’s not like all men embrace it, so treating men differently because of their potential is ridiculous.

        Pasty nerds with zero musclemass that infest sancom couldn’t work in construction. A female bodybuilder could lift two of them on her shoulders and run a marathon.

        In terms of intellectual capacity there is no difference between men and women (both men and women have owned the highest IQ record), there’s only difference between individuals, so it makes absolutely no sense to treat them differently.

        • >>different brain wave usage, different responding stimulus,

          Waiting for cite.
          I’d like to say “waiting for a cite that demonstrates, using these datas, influences in normal life”, but I think that’s aiming too high.

        • Dear 10:31. I ask you again: what point exactly are you trying make?

          “Do look at all the facts and tell me how in reality people are really any better then the said ‘straw men'”
          That doesn’t even make sense. Do you know what a straw man argument is? Take a look:

          “You’ve proven that time and time again with your unfounded assumption that traditional female role I spoke of is supposed to be ‘servile’ and basically trying to put words in other people’s mouths.”
          Please define this female role you’re referring to then. As it stands, I’m being left no choice but to assume exactly what I did. See below.

          “Women have different organs, different growth rates, different brain wave usage, different responding stimulus, etc enough in a way that one’s approach to female gender is different than that of male gender […]”
          Again, who/what are you arguing against? I never claimed otherwise, and neither would any reasonable feminist for that matter. I’ve been arguing the whole time that their different nature will result in women taking feminine approaches to completing their tasks (heck, it’s the reason why more and more big businesses are starting to realize that they want women in all their ranks). Since your original comment was made on an article that was about equal pay and opportunities and in positive response to a comment that kind of suggested women should take the subservient roles, I don’t see how your argumentation about biological characteristics and gender roles could hint at anything other than the old conservative views. This IS what I wanted you to clear up with 03:38.

          That still leaves the question, why that long rant? Women having different biochemistry that results in uniquely female needs and behavior is universally accepted. I don’t know of any group or movement that could have been directed at. What am I supposed to think you were getting at?

        • 03:38 Do look at all the facts and tell me how in reality people are really any better then the said ‘straw men’. Your overestimation of understanding people live under is nothing less than delusional.

          Furthermore, I love how numerous people have responded by assuming I was talking about ‘passive’ roles as if they are supposed to be ‘passive’ in modern sense. You were so eager to reach a conclusion and interpretation about my meaning of ‘female gender role’ that you pretty much tripped over your own feet in assuming I was saying female gender role is subservient, submissive, and passive. Personally, I know some ‘housewives’ who are vicious and violent enough when necessary to give hardened rapist a run for his balls.

          Too shallow? You’ve proven that time and time again with your unfounded assumption that traditional female role I spoke of is supposed to be ‘servile’ and basically trying to put words in other people’s mouths.

          Women have different organs, different growth rates, different brain wave usage, different responding stimulus, etc enough in a way that one’s approach to female gender is different than that of male gender. Do some research yourself if you want the mountain load of information and countless papers that have been written to illustrate the mental/physiological diametric aspects between female/male. It is the overwhelming tendency of people to denigrate that is the problem, not the role or identity of female gender itself.

        • @ 02:53
          Talk about “too shallow”. All you’ve been doing is constructing a massive straw man by going on and on about how women are biologically different and therefore have different needs and exhibit different behavior. Or how being a housewife is also a respectable occupation. Well, DUH! Nothing but hollow phrases. What exactly are you trying to say? What should happen to a woman that majored in electrical engineering with excellent marks and wants equal pay? How does feminine behavior make you unsuited to be a CEO? Why can’t a woman be a woman while working as an engineer? Stop writing walls of text with no real content and come clean on this.

        • Too shallow. Try to read between the lines. Differences are not really in physical or mental capacity, so much as we are physiologically sufficiently different in function and role as to spawn a degree of different needs and preferences. Men cannot fulfill certain roles as well as women, and vice versa. Each has their unique strength and deficiencies, caused by natural physiological differences. Unless you are advocating abolition of gender itself to great some kind of single-gender society (that just sounds like you are running away from the problem, not fixing them), current feminist thought is not only skewed, it is delusional.

          Men should be men. Women should be women. The real problem arises not from differences, but failing to respect the fact that different roles does not necessarily spawn discrimination other than narrow-mindedness of people who believe world should revolve around themselves and their gender-based inclinations. You are attacking symptoms, not the root cause. And the root cause has little to do with the fact that men and women are different.

        • @07:02 Wow, you’re rather defensive about this. I didn’t expect that. Okay, sorry for the name calling.

          Let’s settle for this then: a text that uses the term logical fallacy in completely wrong way and, what’s worse, tries to make an argument out of it (among many other purely objective shortcomings), might not be that wise a target for such euphoric levels of praise.

        • @23:29 I don’t know how I can be ‘dumb’ or ‘ignorant’ for my opinion. For me liking what he had to say. All I can say is I liked it you didn’t and that your way of thinking calling me dumb for my opinion is ignorant. So let’s keep the name calling to ourselves here because we’re all adults.

        • 23:29 Rather than throwing names, why not ask if the feminists themselves are deluding they are any different than being ‘ignorant’ and ‘shallow’? How is one supposed to accurately describe something other than tell it like how it is?

          Or has telling it as it is become taboo when it offends your soft, delicate sensibilities based on nothing but personal feelings?

          People are never as sophisticated or well-thought out as they like to believe themselves as. What matters the most is whether they can face the facts and act accordingly, or react like you and throw names instead of owning up to their shortcomings.

          Women’s role is just as respectable as that of men, but if feminists reject such because they cannot bear the taunts and derision of people who by the nature of gender difference cannot fully appreciate the importance of female gender role, then at least don’t denigrate yourself and your gender just to get even with the male society.

        • Considering that the author of that wall of shallow phrases and women-into-the-kitchen propaganda apparently doesn’t even know what a logical fallacy is, this would make you incredibly dumb or at least incredibly ignorant.

      • Wow, what a load of sugarcoated sexist bull. And incredibly shortsighted at that. Keeping women in their “traditional” roles is costing the global economy hundreds of billions of hard dollars every year. Instead of spouting ideology-laden nonsense, educate yourself about the facts.

        There is nothing, nothing in the female biology that keeps them from being capable managers, engineers, lawyers, doctors or other high-income professions. Get a fucking clue.

        Females are diametrically different in many ways, even most feminists don’t dispute that at all. That doesn’t change the above mentioned facts.

        That said, hot article pic is hot.

        • > Get a fucking clue about context and meaning behind words

          No you. Get a clue how to express yourself in a way that doesn’t invite scores of interpretations with no way of telling what you’re actually intending to get at. Good debaters will make their points short and precise. Also don’t use words in plain incorrect ways.

          > “Educate myself” lol so typical

          You obviously haven’t. Otherwise you’d know about the significant and well-quantified wasted economic potential due to women still being kept from advancing in male-dominated fields (which is what my “educate yourself” was referring to. Not the (duh) fact that females are biologically and psychologically different). The implication of which is that their characteristics have no bearing on their aptitude for accomplishing “masculine” jobs like leading or engineering.
          That’s not what your original post was about? Well too bad, how about expressing yourself properly next time. Protip: walls of text around a single point and lots of fancy writing don’t reinforce an argument. They also don’t necessarily make you look smart. Neither do contradicting statements and suggestive analogies that don’t suggest what you apparently wanted them to and are faulty to boot.

          > by trying to be what you are not and denying your strengths and instead whoring after and imitating the ‘stronger’ party

          Well fuck you. I’m not going to be the humble and composed background-schemer when I have a clear and superior basis to take you head-on. Come on, try it.

        • Get a fucking clue about context and meaning behind words. The way you automatically assume simplest of conclusions about people’s intentions regarding roles and jobs shows how shallow you are thinking. If it was simple as talking about who’s fit for what job based on gender, I would not have said all those things. You simplify other people’s meanings and twist them to suit your version of how other people sound.

          “Educate myself” lol so typical. Please tell me you are not a female. If you are, you are the reason why no men including myself will fully respect your attitude. You cannot overcome centuries of differences by trying to be what you are not and denying your strengths and instead whoring after and imitating the ‘stronger’ party.

        • The way I see it, women’s equality issues is almost the same thing as black rights issues. Sure, a few niggers might have some potential, but 95% of them are mindless, primitive brutes who do nothing but commit violent crime after violent crime. There might be a few talented negros among the lot of them, but they are by and large a vicious, primitive, savage race.

          By the same token, 95% of women are brainless sluts, but there might be 5% that are exceptional. The question is, do you sacrifice society for benefit of that 5% and allow the 95% to run amok?

          One look at the ghetto in any city in America, or a simple visit to any place in Africa will tell you that niggers belong in chains, for their own good, and the good of society as a whole.

          And by analogy, women would be better off in a more traditional role, locked down as bed slaves / house keepers. The alternative is to let the wanton sluts run amok sewing disease and chaos in their wake. The only reason women get hired in industry is because the company must meet a quota of women in order to avoid legal sanction due to the endemic feminist corruption of society, so women are given jobs they don’t deserve just because they happen to have a cunt.

        • I like treating people like people. Or at least I aspire to I don’t do that great all the time, but I’m the sort of person who goes out of their way to open doors for people, collect shopping carts that people leave in the middle of parking spaces, things like that.

          On another note, are people sure womens rights are all that fantastic in Japan? I mean yea, they have a lot of things going for them, but between the gropers, police not being prosecuted for doing things to women like groping, actually all I can think of is groping. You certainly hear a lot about that sort of thing. Iunno I really know very little about that here. But I will totally admit as much.

          God I have no idea what my point was now >.> I’ve been awake too long lol. Bet I see this tomorrow and wonder what caused this.

    • Are you or your lecturer American? I know you’re talking about feminism, but a lot of Americans seem to be proud of the “freedoms” they have, because they seemingly think a majority of the world (even the developed world) lacks them, with no real basis for this thought.

      • No basis? People get arrested in the UK over mean facebook posts and wearing anti-police shirts. Also probably half of all anime/manga in existence are technically illegal there. Nude scene in Evangelion = child porn.

        In America you have to seriously threaten violence or knowingly spread malicious rumors to be arrested over speech or art. Most developed countries have little if any respect for freedom of speech. I’m not sure why you feel the need to pretend that they do.

      • “Freedom” comes in many forms, but American version is something of a raw, pure form that is capable of going in either extremes, both good and bad. In that sense, yes, world lacks them.

        Many times, it takes looking at extreme failure to achieve extreme success. American one is basically ‘sink or swim’ type of thing. There is comparatively little historical or traditional tethers to restrain oneself, but without creating your own success and standards, you are destined to stay mediocre. In essence, American society offers opportunity unrestrained by the past in a relative sense, and forces an individual to fully face his/her reality without social forces sheltering them from consequences of their actions, compared to other countries. You can just as easily ostracize yourself to federal penitentiary as climbing to the top of business world.

    • Agreed, this anon speaks the truth.

      ” Feminism is fundamentally flawed because it’s about setting females apart from males whilst demanding they be treated the same.”

      I want to throw in a few jokes, but I wont because, again, this anon really knows what he is talking about and resumes it perfectly in the above.

    • You’re so fucking stupid that don’t even know what feminism means. It’s about equality you dumbfuck.

      About everything else you wrote in your post you look like you don’t know the world you live in. Aside another Japan worshipper.

    • dunno I can atleast say truthfully that there has never been a case with 2d fictional child pornography before at court in Iceland. Perhaps it would be ruled the same as having child pornography or perhaps not, we don’t know yet until it’s ruled one way or another.

      I expect that the “criminal” in question would not be sentenced for having drawings though. I doubt he would be arrested to begin with so the issue is unlikely to show up in courts

    • Swede here. yeah, some of our Judges and our governments are idiots, but those are the exceptions to the norm. Most people ive talked to think the rullings in those cases was stupid and nonsensical.

    • Most European porn sites hosting content displaying the sexual abuse of fictional children are still hosted in the Netherlands. So before you condemn any of those countries(Sweden even convicted a man for possessing fictional cp), you should point your finger towards the 1st world country with the highest recreational drug consumption per capita.

      • but hes free now that fictional cp possesing dude. But it doesnt mean that it could be another one convicted for it since Swedish courts are stupid and ineffective like the whole swedish goverment.

  • Japanese women are simply smart enough to know a few simple truths: most work sucks, there’s nothing “liberating” about being a lonely childless crone, being a soldier fighting a rich man’s war just makes you a dupe, there’s nothing empowering about being violent, there’s nothing wrong with being feminine, wearing a skirt never hurt anybody, and there are many ways to be powerful.

  • I find it funny that all the 2ch comments seem to think that it’s the other way around. That’s what they get for being NEETs and not actually working and interacting with real women.

    The Japanese are still stuck in the 1950’s with their view on work and social status between the sexes. It’s a problem on both sides, the women refuse to work because they know they’ll be treated like shit and the men refuse to view the women as their equal and treat the women like shit. That cycle isn’t going to be broken any time soon.

  • before talking about equality, shouldn’t men be liberated too?
    as most have pointed out there has been done little about men’s rights while there are a bunch of right for women. an how about all the attention they put into issues like support for single moms while they speak nothing about single
    fathers? and how almost everything is aimed at women, and how media around the world is dominated by women, but there see no discrimination there?
    why i don’t see women marrying men and supporting men to raise kids and stay at home?
    and i think if we didn’t have that overflow of career women we have today maybe the lack of jobs wouldn’t be so huge? back when we had roles, and none of this equality stuff, there might have been problems, but things worked out. but just look at today and tell me things are ok. i am not ignoring economic issues, but throw crisis into crisis and everything is bound to blow. how is a father supposed to bring income home when most jobs are occupied by women. it’s a fact in most countries female population is higher than mens.
    In the past men used to provide for their families , i will be cynical and say sometimes more than 1 family. but today i see a lot of succesful, but unhappy an lonely women out there and for whom are they amassing such wealth, for their cats?
    we really need a movement to speak for men’s rights. we are seeing what is happening to our neighbor, talking about Japan, but it can happen to any country any time soon.

    • People dont ‘campaign for men’s rights’ except for dumbass men’s rights activists because men already have rights. Men can do just about anything and just get pissy whenever they realize they control 90% of the world instead of 100%. What many of these men classify as ‘rights’ is things that women cant do anyway, a proper feminist (and not the idiots that want women to be superior) is someone who wants women to have the rights that men already have and take for granted.
      Japan might not be the most sexist country on earth, but there are plenty of men in positions of power who would not give a high authority position to a woman, solely because she is a woman, and that’s what its talking about.

      The fact that anyone can even use ‘women’s only carriages’ and ‘misandry’ in the same sentence makes me just want to scream into the ether; these safe spaces for women had to be created because of the men who think they have the right to touch a woman’s body.

      • If you’re going to say things while trying to take the moral high ground, don’t say stupid things. Men rights activism is no less a real cause than women’s rights activism, and it’s a needed counterbalance. Some of it’s just as “dumb” as what you find on the other side, and a lot of the men who fight for men’s rights also fight for women’s rights. Don’t paint a false image here, it doesn’t speak well of you or the cause you seem to be taking.

    • please tell me how to access your magical fantasy world where women are more privileged than men, I’d love to go there so I can post online without misogynerd neckbeards pissing all over anything i say because they’re still mad someone dumped them in middle school.

      • amongst the most ironic things in todays life is how most of the time women get discriminated more by people in high places that are actually women rather than men. either because they are older, younger or of a different class. women discriminate even more than me do. and the fantasy world you mention does not exist because even when women have more privileges they are still discriminated as i said by their fellow women.
        and if there are a lot of misogynistic dude out there don’t blame it in guys getting dump in the past. women made sure that relationships now days are so frivolous that nobody really gets dumped anymore, and they are actually the ones who aggressively hit on guys.
        it has more to do on how any women can create a sexual harassment case against any men and they will immediately find men guilty without real proof. and we have to very world know persons who have just gone through that and have been found innocent of the charges.
        and what do you tell me of the hell that is work now due to all the regulations to prevent S.H.? as it is true that all women are not sluts, not all men are pigs and misogynists, but if we get treated that way we might end up acting the part.
        you say men are misogynists because they got dumped, and what do you tell me on how women hit on men, and if rejected take all their anger at you, not caring if you are married and have children? explain me that.
        why is men always evil and women are this poor fragile beings?

        • Give jobs to women so they don’t need to marry! Who needs marriage nowadays? Who needs family nowadays? Children are a thing from the past!

          Give study to women so they can steal men’s jobs! Take men’s roles away! Humilliate men at public television! Everything belongs to women now!

          Fuck yeah equality! Gender roles are a thing from the past! No more families, no more love, be thankful and accept it if you get superior woman offering you sex for free! Be thankful we don’t force lowly men to pay when they want us!

  • At this point, I am certain they define “gender equality” in terms of “number and position of women in the workplace”.

    That definition is irrelevant in places like Japan, where women don’t WANT to burn their life away in the office 24/7 for the sole purpose of “feeling independent”, and instead prefer to capture and dominate males who are already in high positions.

    And by “sexist”, they mean “least feminist”. Funny how the term “sexism” never applies to mistreatment of men, huh? Gotta love that gender equality.

    • I think that if you have an example of a country that have women’careers, educations… made more easy than men’s, you’d probably have already said what that place is.

      Come again? There are none, and you must speak about infalsificable things like “men dominated by woman” that “apply to Japan only”? (wich is very curious: why don’t Swedish women do that? They’re statistically less smart? Actually, why don’t MEN do that? Japanese wives have magic powers that ipnotize their husbands? And you talk about the brass, CEOs of big companies, not your average salaryman, you talk about guys who can have sex and cooking as they please: why should they marry to “be dominated”? They’re all stupid, not reconizing the way of the japanese wife, that you have so clearly shown to us?)

      As Spock would say: fascinating.

      • As a neutral party confused by what you’re asking, I’d like you to spell it out for me. Not being sarcastic, I’m genuinely lost here, but apparently it’s a popular opinion, so I’d like to figure it out.

        • Simple: show us hard datas about a country that, in the categories of the survey, have females more privileged than males.
          (income, health, education)

          … And in the meanwhile, stop having fantasies that (japanese only, apparently) “dominate” men and so on. If you think that’s real, please, show us hard datas about this – if not, that’ just an idea out of your ass.
          It’s the equivalent of defending North Korea’s famines saying “but they are a privileged country, so united and sheltered against the waves of globalism!”

    • Sometimes I feel that mistreatment of men and social dominance of women are things men “just can’t talk about”. We know it out there (women complain about less pay, but get free shit sometimes, like restaurants or clubs; 100% more public and advertised support of breast cancer versus prostate, which is only 25% less victim; many other things).