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MadoHomu Yuri Nuzzle Film Fetches $13,500

MadoHomu Yuri Nuzzle Film Strip

A tiny strip of film from the new OP to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie edition has fetched ¥1,081,001 at auction – for reasons which are not hard to fathom, as it shows the already much cherished Madoka-Homura OP nuzzle.

The random film reel snips, given to movie-going otaku with the right tickets, form a lottery of sorts, with some unlucky souls cursed with snatches of wall, blank screen, or even QB.

Others however – such as the lucky starter of this auction – got film worth rather more than its weight in gold:


As was widely predicted, the film surpassed the ¥1,000,000 mark, proving the ultimate in collectibles for Madocchi-x-HomuHomu fans – though some have unsportingly pondered whether the entire reel could not have been had for less…

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