Chikan Cop Let Off “To Protect Victim’s Feelings”


Police have declined to prosecute one of their officers who was caught groping a woman on a train, “in order to protect her feelings.”

According to Nara police’s own investigations, the unidentified 58-year-old officer spent 10 minutes groping the nether regions of a woman on her way to work on a train one morning, in classic chikan style.

After being caught he confessed, but prosecutors declined to press charges as “although he admits the charges, we have decided to forego prosecution out of concern for his victim’s feelings.”

Police refused to explain this decision, citing “privacy concerns,” and whether the victim approves or not is also unknown.

They have also avoided commenting on whether he will face any disciplinary measures, only saying “a judgement as to whether he will face any punishment or not will be made in the coming days.”

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