Windows 8 “So Bad Microsoft Gave It 2 Moe Mascots”


Microsoft’s efforts to hawk Windows to otaku using the power of moe look to have reached their zenith with Windows 7’s Madobe Nanami, and quite possibly their nadir with the pair of generic ‘blobs trotted out to support sales of Windows 8, apparently the most loathed Windows OS since Vista.

Windows 8 (or the 64 bit Pro “DSP” edition at any rate) is being graced by no less than two new mascots – Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai (“yuuai” = “friendship”), who come with a special “Wedge” ita-mouse:


Akihabara and Nipponbashi editions:


Perhaps in keeping with the other discrepancies between Windows 7 and 8, moe-OS fans cannot help but notice the seiyuu casting has gone from Nana Mizuki as Nanami to Asuka Nishi (whose roles include such memorable performances as Pupil D and Maid B) as Yuu and Nao Tamura (so obscure her Wikipedia page is empty and threatened with deletion) as Ai.

Art featuring the new characters, official or otherwise, is so far conspicuously absent.

Claud computing has never looked more appealing:


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  • the whole “to h8 or not to h8” thing really has very little to do with the product quality itself.
    infact since after WIN 98, product quality has been neglected by consumers cuz the majority of it by 98 are very computer illiterate common folk.

    the idea that whether or not the OS is good since then has been mainly depended on user-friendliness, which most people tend to get it confused with “same-old, don’t change.”

    if you think twice about the “good-bad-good-bad” notion of windows OS, the bad ones are the ones that came too soon/half baked. And why it would be deemed too soon or half baked is cuz people don’t want a new OS so soon.
    when vista came, xp was around for about 5-6 years, you would think people want a change up, but nope. mostly people are still very happy with their comp running xp, since xp after a couple of service packs has become more compatible and stable.

    and then when 7 came, it’s another 3 years on top of that, which by then programs are making the change to be compatible with vista. 7 runs on the same kernel as vista, and even the interface is in many ways similar, but better.
    7 succeeded because vista did all the testing, knowing what people don’t like. But the 2nd part of that success is that they stuck with vista and improved upon it.

    you are wise to not have bought vista, but it is a necessary step for it to give 7 the thumbs up.
    after all, you can’t expect beta-testers to tell you everything thing that can go wrong, there’s always exceptions.

    As much as technology is advancing exponentially, human’s ability to adapt hasn’t. It is always a handful of people being the innovative front-line, leading the majority common folk to step forward.

  • I noticed another thing from windows 8 I didn’t like, I have some folders that have too many files in it, every time I open it, it loads them like its the first time, I have a i7 laptop with 8gb of ram, but it takes too long for some reason, it seems to run the games better, and copy and transfer files faster, and like the task manager, the start menu I dislike but I am using a replacement menu app, but too many things are hidden, got to get used to it, I am a pc tech, I wonder, if the regular user, that don’t even know where is the control panel, can use it…

  • Microsoft always fucks up every other desktop OS release. The only ones they don’t fuck up are their server OS releases and that’s because they don’t toy with new things til they’re proven to be good ideas.

    3.1 = bad
    95 = good
    98 = bad
    98SE = Good
    ME = bad
    XP = good
    Vista = bad
    7 = good
    8 = bad

  • I’m using the full Windows 8 since it was released on MSDN. It starts in 9 sec. from pushing the power button on my PC, and is way faster than Windows 7, plus all the things from Win7 works on Win8 as well. There is no point for me to go back to Win7 anymore. Oh, metro? Push windows button and you have your desktop. It’s a handy tool when you’ll get used to it.

  • Win 8 is not actually bad. I’ve used preview version of it, and on small screen it is more comfortable than 7, maybe even comfier and faster than Ubuntu (but Metro interface gets annoying on big screens). Too bad there will not be any moe mascots and ita-mouses in Russia.

  • Hated Windows 8 when I tried the betas (mostly due to the absent of the Start button). Loving it right now though. Once you learn a few Win+key shortcuts, there’s no need for a start button. Want to open My Computer? Win+E. Want to find a program? Win+F. Want to run an application? Win+R. Takes less time than clicking.

    Also, it’s fast, much faster than Windows 7 actually. Took less than 10 minutes for a clean OS install, and less than 10 seconds to boot up.

  • The reason vista is annoying is because of its UAC, as long as you turn it off, it works fine… windows 8 is the same, unless you have a touch screen, just dont use metro!! It works just fine!!

  • kisukesword says:

    Who wants to bet that Mac OS and Linux will see a sudden marketshare spike in the next year or two?

    Vista increased consumer awareness of Macs quite considerably. I can’t help but think Windows 8 will have a similar effect.

  • Windows 8 is an experiment just like Vista was.

    We’ll get a refined and optimized version of it next year, I bet. We got Windows 7 after the catastrophe that was Vista, and Win7 is really good.

    • I’m on Win8 RTM for 3 weeks and I’m not gonna look back. It’s better honestly, even for powerusers like me. You just need to break up with some old habits from the old OS era (like having to see the desktop no matter what before running a program)

  • very amusing, these guys dont have a clue about the new OS and still they are saying is bad xd, very amusing haha, im a Software Eng Student and already tried this OS it runs smooth and fast no point in argue with no one :V..

    • The biggest criticism of Windows 8 is that anything that uses the “modern UI” elements they’re introducing must be disseminated through Windows’ store, essentially transitioning to a closed platform. If you want to know why that’s bad, there’s a good article over on gamasutra about it.

  • I wonder will Windows 8 handle 16 bit applications like doujin games which works FINE in XP and 7. I don’t feel like being a guinea pig for Microsoft for a new OS when the last two OS (XP and 7) works FINE for the general computer user. Just my thoughts.

  • The UI is horrible. I have tried the open beta and the closed beta version, they both suck for usability. If it was just tablet it would be fine but for a desktop and mouse metro is horrid. I am sure Windows 9 will be fine but first versions of MS major changes are always full of issues that are fixed in the next version.

    • True dat. I like my buttons and menus to at least be somewhat visible, here, not to have to slide my mouse some special way to access them. I don’t like accidentally blocking a fourth of my screen with a menu without even clicking anything.

      I’d take Vista over this in a heartbeat.

  • Man I would love that Ita Mouse/trackpad multi touch thing, since its would most likely create a much better windows 8 user experience since Win 8 is designed for multitouch.

    I Have Windows 8 Pro on my machine since being a programming student we get early access to the final release. I have to say that its not too bad, the main tile part and the native Windows 8 apps are really sleek and nice, but its design more for lower resolution screens in a way. Since the main interface really only allows you to run 1.5 apps at a time. So if you have a high res desktop, there is a lot of unused space or huge writing which if you like things simple might not be a bad thing.

    Using a traditional mouse with it makes it feel a little awkward at times. One thing though, is that for more advanced features and settings, you still have to start up the traditional desktop, which is basically a stripped down version of Windows 7, and go into control panel to change the settings. The native settings and customisation page in the Modern UI (formerly Metro UI) offers many dumb down settings that you would typically find on an Android and iOS device. Which gives the OS a slightly detached feeling since its sorta like two systems or one system bolted on with another.

    There is how ever some really nice modern UI apps relating to news and weather which makes it a joy to use and read on the screen. It makes it feel a little like consuming content on a high quality book. The OS and speed overall is very stable and fast. There are a few advancements over the Win 7 counter parts, so if your still running a much older OS its worth a try. If you have Windows 7, and unless you have a low res screen or like bigger simplified interface, there is no real need to upgrade.

    TL;DR Ita Mouse is better than you think it is, and Windows 8 is not too bad, still has a system like Win 7 in it so not a total stray from tradition.

  • windows 98 – awesome
    windows ME – bleah
    windows XP – aweseome
    windows Vista – bleah
    windows 7 – awesome
    windows 8 – bleah
    windows 9 -???

    im hoping the pattern actually continues.
    looks like every other windows version is microsoft’s way of OPEN BETA TESTING their OSes before actually releasing a decent one.

    • windows 98 – good
      windows ME – what? server no no
      windows XP – Set the Standard
      windows Vista – oh, your computer can’t handle it
      windows 7 – Setting a new Standard
      windows 8 – touch? with what, ahh undo
      windows X3 – Burn it with fire!!!

      • Except 2000 isn’t part of the consumer products division.

        ME was the last DOS-based consumer OS, with 2000 serving as the base for XP, the direct successor to ME (of which 2000 was not).


        2000 = Professional oriented product
        ME = Consumer oriented product

        2000 and ME were meant to coexists in the same timeframe, until XP succeeded both of them.

        Finally, XP wasn’t as good as everyone claims it to be. It took two major service packs in order to make XP really secure and reliable.

    • Actually it went more like this.

      windows 3.1 – Cool
      windows 95 – Cool
      windows 98 – Great
      windows ME – Oh Hell No.
      windows XP – AMAZING!
      windows Vista – Ugh, why?
      windows 7 – So its a Vista expansion pack?
      windows 8 – No thanks.
      windows 9 – Thank god they brought XP back!

  • One day Microsoft will figure out that they had it pretty much perfect with XP and just make a more powerful version of that.

    On the plus side the mascots are cute. I like the one with the short hair.

        • @Aya Reiko:

          You’re off if you consider the NT-based OSes as “spinoffs” since they were the kernel/core that XP and later are all based upon. Everything from Win8 and even the Windows server OSes trace back along the NT line. The consumer line (original Windows series, 9x, ME) was dropped in favor of NT.

          BTW, you’re forgetting 98SE. It’s practically a separate OS by itself compared to orig 98. 95 was reasonable. 95 OSR2 was a bit better. 98 was okay. 98SE was much better. ME was a bloody beta test for features to be implemented in XP, in my personal view. XP only got good once widespread general support was made for it. (The mass transition from a consumer kernel to an NT-based one fucked that away initially.) I was okay with XP SP1, but I didn’t really like it until SP2. I actually liked 2k a little more until XP SP2.

          VISTA was just a clusterfuck. They changed too much too quickly without proper industry support on launch. 7 was definitely better, but it runs on a modified Vista core. As such, half the support was already in place when 7 launch. (The industry already had a clue after Vista and MS learned well enough from the Vista fiasco to inform and support their partners during development so shit was ready AT launch, not 6 fucking months later.)

          8 is starting to look like another Vista with the massed UI shift, but we’ll have to wait and see… (To be honest, I’d rreally care about Win8 much. I’m more interested in what MS is doing with IE10…)

        • 3.1 – Good
          95 – Good
          98 – Good
          ME – Sucked
          XP – Good
          Vista – Sucked
          7 – Good
          8 – Likely going to suck

          I excluded the NT/2K series and other spinoff OS’s.

          Aside from 95 breaking the trend, looks like Win8 is going to “perform” as expected.

        • Just want to point out that instead of making Vista better they’re discontinuing support of it and calling it Windows 8. At least XP was improved upon, MS just said, “Ah! Screw it!” to Vista and dropped the idea. Now, they have this brilliance, “Maybe we missed something here…yeah, we could add a little to the interface to make it look more fresh and make it even more resource hungry!” Lucky number 7 is where it’s gonna be at for the next 5 years my fellow WinPC users. As it was stated, every other OS released by MS is good…usually…

        • Contrary to popular mythology, XP wasn’t that great when it first came off shelf.

          As a 2K user at the time, my systems couldn’t take the 25% frame-rate hit that that switching to XP would have made at the time.

          It took them a couple of service patches, and a couple of generations of hardware to actually make XP a useful upgrade from 2K.

      • obvious computer illiterate joining the hate hype who thinks he knows something about computers (I’m not even talking about OSes which are on a complete different level of complexity I’m only referencing on the basic functinality of a computerr)

  • Technically windows 7 had way more mascots… technically, copy paste from a January 2010 news post…

    Recently Microsoft gave Nanami no less than five new companions for their campaign to promote their Bing search engine in Japan. Each character has two sets of theme packs which include slightly different sounds, resulting in ten different themes to try.

    BTW the theme packs are freaking awesome… but yeah, you get my point…. also i’m sure windows 8 will suck

  • Windows 7 is alright tbh, but I seen that tehy really are trying to close of their OS now. In a bid to eliminate steam by pushing windows live their own version of what steam is. I had to freaking use windows live within steam for Street Fighter 4 super on my PC. Bullshit.

    • Ermmm… I’m I the only one that Windows VISTA works way better than Windows 7???? I have VISTA still installed on my PC and never once had much of trouble… Same thing happened with Windows ME, it worked way better than Windows 98 while everyone complained I was like “what are you talking about? Works fine with me!”

      • Bullshit you never had trouble. You are either trolling or unable to tell when something is not working the way it is supposed to. Vista was a fucking slow ass bitch compared to Windows XP. That’s not even getting into the dozens of options that you should have gone to find to turn off shit that doesn’t need to be on in the first place.

        Still a few of those in Windows 7 (And believe me I know Windows 7 isn’t perfect either) but Vista was a giant steaming piece of shit and if you couldn’t tell that then I feel very sorry for whatever children you might have.

    • I managed to try the consumer and developer preview. I won’t be upgrading from Windows 7 or Linux at this point.

      My issues with Windows 8 are many, not able to load into a desktop environment, jarring experience going in and out of desktop for simple settings, the BIOS lock which makes it much more complex to dual boot with another OS (like Linux), the RAM hit from metro running in the background all the time, no start button, the store won’t allow PEGI 18 games, only PEGI 16 or below, Metro doesn’t interest me at all because I don’t think touch on a desktop is a good idea. What I do like is the taskmanager in Windows 8 which looks nicer and is slightly more intuitive, but other than that I see no reason to upgrade, Windows 8 is a very frustrating OS for any user, new or experienced. Hope this helps.

      • I recently installed a copy of windows 8 pro. So far the only bitch i have is the lack of transparency. The only way of getting it is to exploit the existing theme service. Other than that, I’ve had no issues with windows 8. I find it better than windows 7. And I DEFINETLY like it better than linux. Linux is the absolute worst. You always have to install dependencies through an annoying interface, whereas windows 8 works out of the box for most of the stuff I use. So people can hate on windows 8 allt hey want. I love it.

      • lol I’m seeing so many comments here obviously from people that most likely only know a little of the user layer but have absolutely no idea of all the layers closer to hardware. Go to University and take a few computer courses before you talk about memory management.

        And how come people judge an OS by the experiences they had with pre release software from a year ago?

        Sacky, how much time did you spend on Win8? If you really went to the metro settings each time instead of going to the good old Control Panel, you’ve done something wrong. MEtro Settings are app specific settings, that you access when you actually use an app. When you’re on the start screen your obviously accessing the overall metro/lock/logOn settings. For everything else go to control panel like you’re used to from Win7.

        Win8 uses more RAM on same everyday usage than Win7 did. Even now with all the spplications I use regularly running I’m at 30% memory usage when I was over 40% on Win7. (I’m using Win8 Pro RTM)

        Metro is not just about touch. It’s about having a nice looking hub to apps you use regularly and live tiles so you won’t need to actually open an app to get the most pressing information immediately.

        It essentially does the same as the start menu in Win7 and more. people are just crying because they don’t have a visible button to click anymore. To break it up for the slow witted:
        What did you use the start menu for? -> open programs either by clicking through the list of programs or by using the search bar.
        What do you do with Win8 start screen? -> open programs either by clicking on a tile or using search by JUST START TYPING. Oh and you get quick info from live tiles and contextual search. When you search for spaghetti it should show you a recipes app.

        What do you do when you log on? you want to start a program. Why do you need to go to desktop for that? just click your tile to start it and go to desktop automatically if it’s a desktop app.

        The ONLY problem I have with Win8 is that the shutdown menu is bizarrely hidden in the metro settings menu, which means 1 additional click compared to Win7. But I’m working around that by using alt+F4.

        People hating against metro are just too lazy to change their habits a little and embrace the (mostly) more efficient ways to accomplish things with metro. Unfortunately most people are lazy conservative idiots that live by the never-touch-a-running-system-mentality.

        • At 10:00 19/10/2012,

          How can you come to the conclusion that nobody asked for “greater efficiency”, did you think before you made that statement or did your mother giggle as she helped you type it out?

        • Noone ASKED for ‘greater efficiency’. An entirely new UI is change for change’s sake.

          It’s just like Microsoft though. Their excuse for eliminating the Start menu was ‘our studies show people just use quick links attached to the task bar’.

          Because every goddamn program you install tries to add one or a tooltray icon, and 90% of users are too illiterate to know they can even REMOVE THEM. So they end up with a taskbar FULL of single-click apps they never use, and no room on the taskbar TO ACTUALLY DISPLAY RUNNING APPS.

          “Our users don’t know anything, and our developers do anything they please, so let’s make the interface even LESS functional. Because everyone wants their PC desktop covered with scrolling, blinking crap like a 24/7 news channel screen.”


        • “People hating against metro are just too lazy to change their habits a little and embrace the (mostly) more efficient ways to accomplish things with metro. Unfortunately most people are lazy conservative idiots that live by the never-touch-a-running-system-mentality.”

          You must be one of those self loathing people who is all about stupid OS interface but who does nothing valuable with a PC. You may as well use a 386 with Windows 3.1.

          Conservative? WTF? You talk of Windows RTM PRO as though you do professional work. What it is that you do on that computer of yours anyway? Watch anime and porn? Run some games? Write some crappy code, 50 million Indians could do better for half your wage? Real users want an interface they’re familiar with because they’re most comfortable with that and they can focus on the work at hand and not relearn your stupid icons and menus every 2-3 years. We don’t need to redesign the wheel every time Microsoft wants to create another OSX clone. Windows XP was good enough and I’d grant Windows7 as something worth acquiring with new hardware. But the point is that one uses what one is most familiar with and that is what makes one productive. One does not use a computer to masturbate to pretty screens, one runs specific apps and actually does work in those apps.

          Imagine the scenario that you have to relearn how to drive a car with each successive model, or learn to read again with each new version of a book, learn new methods of dressing oneself when buying new pants or a tie. Why is the PC world so full of that nonsense?

          Windows, computers and snowflake “geniuses” who program them need to conform to the people who pay their salaries: the rest of us who use computers to design buildings, review CT scans, balance budgets, write books, analize data in scientific research, run presentations for worthwhile people, etc. Don’t push your BS ideas about what works and doesn’t on us. We don’t need that and we don’t need hacks like you to tell us what is better or not.

      • >not able to load into a desktop environment
        >BIOS lock which makes it much more complex to dual boot with another OS
        > the RAM hit from metro running in the background all the time

        HAVE you *really* tried Windows 8?
        1. desktop environment can be accessed by start button.
        2. BIOS lock is mandatory only in tablet.
        3. 2GB RAM still give windows 8 a snappy feeling in my experience.

        That said, i still prefer Windows 7.

        • There is no way to load into desktop without passing through metro.

          The BIOS lock he’s referring to is Secure Boot which uses a hardware keygen system, although Linux is working on this, it’s not so straightforward to install other OS next to Windows 8 come release.

        • 20:11 Why do you need to go to desktop first before you start running a program? Do you need to see your Wallpaper before you can start working? Why can’t you just launch your first program from start screen?

          Or are you turning your PC on just to see the desktop?

    • I’m beta testing W8 now it has dual language support I can change the language settings with a push on JP or ENG. It’s faster than W7 and also has touchscreen compatibility. It’s simple W7 is vista done right and W8 is W7 pro+social+tablet. Some have complained that the new window system is hard to use for coding and multitasking but if you want to do those things try the desktop’s windows.

      • You could already switch between input languages by setting a key combination, or in the case of Japanese, just toggle between kana and normal input by pressing Shift-Caps Lock since at least XP. This isn’t new.

        • I was talking about how clicking an icon or right clicking it and open language settings was faster than memorizing hotkeys. 🙁 I am not good at that only keys I remember are ctrl alt delete. And as far as the speed gos I did mean boot speed and how it runs programs not games my GPUs only 4.3 on the ratings so no hardcore pc gamin for me 🙁 but I apologize for my previous comment though as I was shit tired and forgot to log on and lazily made a rebuttal in these hope this comment makes up for it though. Also with the mascot lets not forget that many companies(Police Stations too.) in japan have cute mascots to appear more “Friendly” goes clear back to hello kitty and sanrio in ’74 probably even further however I want one of those boxes so bad lolz could be considered a collectors item in the U.S. it’s better than that hipster shit eco box we get and that mouse thing sounds fucking cool. I think we forget that artists work for companies to design characters to sell things quite often especially in Japan and the most Anime Studios and Mangaka work for companies and suspiciously we still adore those characters.

      • Its not faster than win7, it is win 7 with another shitty metroui on top of it.

        Touchscreen compatibility has no p[lace on a desktop os.

        Windows 8 will fail and they will come out with another decent os, its practically how ms operates, one good os one shitty os alternating.

        • Touchscreen has its place. Works great for industrial settings and kiosks. But fatigue quickly sets in so unless you have it built into a table like Surface then it sucks if you have to use it for any length of time.

          Tablets are fine since they are right in front of you, desktops not so since you have to reach over a keyboard.

        • I can confirm what Deus says. Windows 8 is slightly faster in booting but the OS itself isn’t any faster in gaming for me, in fact it is just ever so slightly slower and scores a bit lower in gaming benchmarks. Where is it slightly faster is in encoding, it was slightly faster in Handbrake.

          So overall, no, Windows 8 isn’t faster than Windows 7, in fact I assume if I had tested with lots of metro apps it might have been slower than Windows 7 since I don’t know how well W8 handles memory management of metro, but I assume it’s worse than W7.

      • I don’t need your fucking radical changes, I need a desktop environment that works quickly and efficiently. The windows desktop environment has always failed to deliver, but even then, Windows 8 stands out as a failure among failures.

        Maybe it’s a good choice for the less technically apt users, but a power user like me needs functionality, not bling and hand holding.

        • You’re obviously not a poweruser, since you obviously don’t see all the benefits for poweruses. If you hate windows that much, go use linux or MacOS and stop complaining about stuff you obviously have no idea about.

    • And I bet you can’t tell me what exactly was fail about Vista…

      Go to wikipedia and honestly tell me which of the citics you really noticed. (I don’t want to hear the typical “I think it used more memory” thing)

      • Vista drove me crazy with its UAC popups. I realize it’s a security feature, but you don’t need to ask THREE TIMES for practically every single action on the computer whether or not it should proceed. Reinstalling software and drivers on that system was a pop-up nightmare. And speaking of drivers, Microsoft put it out before there was reasonable driver support, so not only did you have to hope your hardware actually HAD drivers, but if it did they were likely beta and ran considerably slower than they did in XP. It was just terribly timed and poorly set up to be sold as a consumer OS.

  • “apparently the most loathed Windows OS since Vista”

    Doesn’t that just say that people didn’t mind Windows 7 compared to Vista and 8?
    I mean, being the “most loathed since Vista” doesn’t sound like much of an achievement. I’d go as far as to call it the most loathed Windows OS to date. At least the old ones didn’t have that severe an identity crisis…

    • People do like 7. Or at least don’t hate it.

      Vista was utter shit and 8 looks like it is following Vista in how workable it really is. People who have tested it REALLY did not like 8.

      They’re saying Vista was hated and 8 is following Vista in hatred levels. It may be even more hated, especially in the gaming community. (No M rated games in the app store, bullshit notifications for anything not from the app store, seriously?)

  • I wonder if any of you know that the only thing that is bad about Windows 8 is the interface and that can be disabled. After disabling it you have a much better version of Windows 7. I bet many of you don’t even if you read this since either your too stupid or too set against Windows 8 to realize it.

    • It can’t be truly ‘disabled’ though. Yes, you can access the traditional desktop, but it’s basically just a window dressing for the core Windows, which is the icon-based GUI.

      Also, the lack of a START button in the desktop mode requires 3rd party apps to work around or you constantly have to back out to the (frankly ugly) tiled GUI to run your applications.

      Furthermore, it’s not mouse intuitive. It’s designed for touch screens and using mouse and keyboard really shows where its lacking. It took me ages just to find out where they’d hidden the darned control panel.

      I love adorable Moe mascots as much as anyone, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy it when it hits the shelves.

    • I forgot to mention that I used XP since soon after it came out but when I first switched to Vista I finally found out what it is like to have an OS that doesn’t screw up constantly. I haven’t had crashes or any of the other shit that I had trouble with on XP with Vista or 7. Anyone that says XP is better is either extremely lucky or crazy.

  • I have been using Windows 8 since the very first stable Beta release. I am currently running Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 as my main OS on my NON-TOUCHSCREEN laptop as I type this message. It really is not that bad. My touch-pad and USB mouse work fine when moving and clicking on the Metro. It works GREAT even without a touchscreen.

    At first, I did hate Windows 8, but I gave it a chance. And I mean used it for over a week and gave a chance at getting used to it. Not using it for 5 mins and uninstalling. Once I got used to it, I loved it.

    When I use Windows 7, I catch myself trying to do things that only work in 8 because I am so used to it.

    If you just give the OS a chance, it is fine.

    And on another note, the System does great hardware wise. It works great and fast on both low end computers and high end computers. It is a very light OS, but still just an powerful as Windows 7. I don’t see this OS as a failure at all.

  • Flame all you want my friends, but if you get any Windows version past SP1, they are all pretty good. Vista included, and I’m willing to bet 8 too.
    ME is an exception though… ME was crap all over it’s lifetime.

  • Haters who claim Windows 8 is shitty are so naive. You just don’t like change which makes them no better than all the Japanese politicians that this site constantly harps on. I bet most of you haven’t even touched Windows 8 yet but sound like you’ve tried every single aspect.

    Oh, Internet. Stay classy.

    • No, it’s just bad, objectively.
      Windows 8 removes a bunch of useful features while offering no suitable alternatives. And it still lacks plenty of usability features that could greatly optimize one’s workflow.

    • I don’t need to learn how to reuse my computer just because Microsoft wants to make it into a tablet. If they want to improve something with new technology, that’s fine but if they’re just going to move things around for no reason I’m not.

    • Windows 8 is designed for touchscreen in a mostly non touchscreen world for computing. It sucks. I talk to Network Admins all day supporting Dell Servers and they hate the Server 2012 UI it’s a nightmare to use without a touchscreen.

      Windows 8 is awful they are trying to go touchscreen without the touchscreen!

    • I’ve tried all of them. I prefer XP because it still allowed you to have access to the Advanced Hardware options, organized things more intuitively in control panel, supported the 3rd party software I was using, didn’t put a serious draw on my RAM, and stayed relatively virus free with some simple security precautions.

      Vista crashed on me several times.

      Windows 7 somehow caused my system to wanna draw more power than it could from my Power Supply, killing it. Wouldn’t run some of my 3rd party programs, removed my workaround for that issue by getting rid of my hardware options, and then spat in my face because it used up a lot of HDD space.

      I’ve been less than impressed with Microsoft lately, so I can’t say I’ll spend the money on this. Sure they killed XP updates, but that doesn’t mean people are gonna switch over when XP is clearly more user friendly.

    • Loaded it up, even with all the hate. Removed it the next day. I’m a control freak, and I need to be able to keep my start menu organized. Can’t do that in Windows 8, beyond dropping “apps” together in a corner. I like playing modern games. If I’m in Europe, won’t be able to play some of the best games from the App Store, nothing about PEGI 16. I like the fact that if I need to do something on my computer, I can look online and find a program to do so. Oh wait, too bad it’s not “Windows-certified.”

      Yes, Windows 8 is changing the way desktop and laptop computing works. I don’t mind that. I mind what they are changing and how they are changing it. If I wanted a tablet, I’d buy one. Hell, I loved Vista every moment I had it, didn’t have one issue with it, was happy to let XP go away for good. Windows 7 was an “improvement” (again, had no issues with Vista, so it’s more like Super Vista for me I guess). Windows 8 can stay away from my computer, and if I’m required to upgrade at any point, I guess it’s finally time to learn how to work with Linux.

      • His point was that you weren’t giving it a chance and your response states didn’t give it a chance. Most of your complaints seem to regard the App Store, which seems pretty pointless. Don’t use it then? You can install any game/application as you have been since every version before it.

        Personally I hated the changes on day one as well, but each subsequent day I found a change I did enjoy.

        Personally I’m hoping that they’ll simply implement a classic start menu and keep Metro aside for those who want to use it. No more reasons to complain.

      • Of course, we let them do this, by having no issue with Apple telling us what we can and can’t have on our iPhones and iPads. We let them create a nice, closed market where they have the ultimate say in everything, and can deny someone from releasing something because of something as simple as “I don’t personally like it or see any value in this.” It’s ridiculous, but we let it work. And of course Microsoft took notice. And now the era of PCs being open and allowing you to do what you want starts to end. Hello, big brother, you certainly know what’s best for me irregardless of my skills, likes, wants, needs, so please choose for me what I can and cannot have. I am unable to take care of myself.

      • Funny organizing on Win 8 is easier than before…… you don’t need a start menu or desktop unless you are a wallpaper lover and going to die with out it.

        Windows 7 – click icon to start program

        Windows 8 – click icon/live tile to start program

        See no difference and it’s that simple!