Little Busters “Needs 200 Episodes”


Little Busters fans are alternately despairing and rejoicing to learn that JC Staff think Little Busters could be Bleached out into a full 200 episode run…

From an interview with Michiru Shimada, one of the production staff at JC Staff:

After a first run through of the game I thought 100 episodes might be required to get everything in, but if we were thorough 200 would be necessary. If you make it into an anime, that’s just how much volume it has.

Of course, at some point it will not be possible to continue, so there still needs to be a cut-off… though unfortunately we’ll be leaving plenty of scenes fans will really want to see.


Amongst fans familiar with the original, it seems 100 might be regarded as pushing it, and even a 36 episode run could cover it reasonably well – although how many episodes it will actually get probably has rather more to do with how long it can inexpensively dragged out whilst still selling well.

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