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Otaku Terrorist Threatens School Over Kuroko’s Basketball


An unknown maniac has been threatening to use chemical warfare on schools attended by Kuroko’s Basketball mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki if he does not stop parodying other manga in his work.

The Tokyo high school from which Kuroko no Basuke mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki graduated received a threatening letter accompanied by a suspicious powder, as did his former university, in that case accompanied by some liquid hydrogen sulphide.

The manga’s publisher also received a similar threat, along with a free sample of barium, also hazardous.

The letters threatened that “if you don’t stop your parody manga, the hydrogen sulphide will boil” – alluding to the fact that hydrogen sulphide is toxic in gaseous form.

Police have launched an investigation into the threats. It is not clear just how the chemicals involved could be used in an attack, although given the nature of the threats even Japanese police may not be willing to take any chances.

The exact nature of the “parody” the threats refer to is not clear, but online it is widely suspected a crazed otaku or fujoshi Slam Dunk fan might be responsible.

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