Not Again: Bar Serves Bleach as Sake


Yet another bar has been caught “accidentally” managing to poison its apparently palateless patrons by serving them bleach instead of the expected booze.

The Nagano prefecture chain izakaya called 119 on the night of the 11th complaining that a number of its customers had suddenly started to fall ill.

According to their explanation, a member of staff had “mistakenly” filled a traditional “tokkuri” ceramic sake bottle with a powerful bleach they used to clean the premises.

They then served this bottle to a group of 9 patrons, 5 of whom fell ill and had to be hospitalised, with 2 undergoing treatment for minor poisoning. None were seriously injured.

According to the patrons, the bleach was colourless but did smell of chlorine, not that this stopped them downing it.

Coming so soon after a very similar if slightly more convincing “accident,” there has been some speculation as to just how accidental the poisoning could have been – not least because it resembles an ideal way for vengeful staff to get back at customers who annoyed them, and were apparently too drunk to discern bleach from booze.

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