The managers of the most memorably named “Denma Irrumatio Squad” delivery health service have been arrested for providing schoolgirl BDSM fellatio delivery services.

Shinjuku police arrested the 35-year-old manager and two former staff of the “Denma Sentai Irrumation” delivery health service on charges of inducing a minor to engage in lewd conduct.

The charges stem from them employing a 16-year-old high-school girl as one of their “delivery health” specialists (presumably also specialising in irrumatio and denma deployment) for almost a year, having her service an unknown number of patrons at hotels in Tokyo’s Taito city.

The girl had apparently run away from her Kanagawa home, and was staying at a dormitory provided by her kind employers.

Her employers discovered she was actually a schoolgirl by checking with her school, but decided they could avoid getting caught by their police watchers if they forged her residence papers to make it appear she was 20.

Their website – now defunct, but still lingering in the limbo of Google’s cache – boasted they were “a shop specialising in forceful irrumatio, denma and masochist girls” and encouraged punters to “force your pe**s into the back of their throats!” whilst promising they were “nothing like those other shops which are into ‘healing’!” Service options included a variety of bondage related practices and accessories.


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