Crossdressing Ban for “Discriminating Against Transsexuals”


A university decision to ban a crossdressing contest after complaints that it “incited discrimination against those with gender identity disorder” has itself been proving controversial.

Shimane’s prefectural university was due to hold it annual “crossdressing contest” for both men dressing as women and women dressing as men as part of a cultural festival,  but protests from a group championing the rights of those suffering “gender identity disorder” cowed the university into cancelling it.

According to the group, “Murasaki no Kaze” (“purple wind”), holding a light-hearted event involving crossdressing “could incite prejudice and discrimination against those suffering gender identity disorder.”

The university immediately cancelled the event, saying it had displayed “a lack of consideration.” The event had been an annual fixture but will now no longer be held.

The group’s representative claimed “the problem is not with this sort of event itself, but if it is to be held we would like it to show consideration for the needs of those with gender identity disorder,” though elaboration as to why it was problematic and how it could be rectified was apparently not forthcoming.

The reaction online is most sympathetic – though almost exclusively to the needs of crossdressers:

“Aren’t they reading far too much into this?”

“This is going way too far.”

“The world has become so oppressive of late.”

“What about consideration for the needs of otoko no ko?”

“I would have thought this kind of event gives those hiding their gender dysphoria a chance to express their ‘true selves’…”

“What the hell? What’s wrong with men dressing up as women and women dressing up as men?”

“Going on about consideration without ever explaining why…”

“How exactly does crossdressing invite prejudice? Don’t they want a world where people can dress like that if they want without it being a big deal?”

“If these people keep whining about prejudice and discrimination for every imagined slight they will only make everyone think they are a bunch of crazies.”

“So much for our crossdressing manga…”

“Why wouldn’t crossdressing becoming more common increase understanding of those with GID?”

“If they make everything about it into a big taboo it is not exactly going to decrease prejudice.”

“How petty can you get, moaning about some college festival.”

“Roping crossdressing into gender identity disorder is itself pretty discriminatory.”

“Give it a rest. Nobody minds crossdressing and then one of these groups springs out of the woodwork and says it is discriminatory, and suddenly we have a whole new discrimination industry going. Is it that good of a living?”

“With cosplay and the resultant crossdressing having become so mainstream you’d think that would benefit them.”

“And to think this might have been the only outlet for some people.”

“Just ignore these fools! Showing ‘consideration’ by cancelling the event is just ridiculous.”

“If they were just going to decide on the best looking crossdressers it is hard to see what there is to complain about, but if they were intending to make them objects of ridicule I can see why they might object.”

“If it were ridiculing them then they may have a point.”

“In so far as people cannot crossdress, there certainly is prejudice against GID in Shimane.”

“This is prejudice and discrimination against crossdressers!”

“If they want to promote discrimination, this group has certainly succeeded.”

“People who complain of discrimination like this tend to invite. And these kinds of groups make their living off it, so the only ones to suffer if it disappears are them.”

“This is Purple Wind’s chairperson:”


“ARRGH. Gross.”


“These pictures lack consideration!”

“Harsh. More of a crossdressing narcissist…”

“Probably a bit jealous of the young people getting in on the action.”

“This person’s existence is bound to incite prejudice.”

“The victim here is the university, being used by this group to make a name for itself.”

“I think trying to make crossdressing the exclusive property of gender identity disorder is itself pretty messed up.”

“The only people being discriminated against here are the ones who might be interested in this sort of thing.”

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  • As someone whose sex and gender don’t align, I can appreciate what they were trying to do. I’m assuming they didn’t want something going on that trans* students wouldn’t be able to join in on without feeling upset (because honestly, this shit isn’t so black and white). However, I have a feeling that this was pushed by students who are not trans*, and therefore another example of “normal” people speaking for a minority (who may or may not care, tbh).

  • Most transsexuals and general transgendered people want to see more crossdressing and acceptance of it… more gender expression, more gradients. The last thing someone who has spent all their life being oppressed over their gender wants is for everyone else to have to deal with the same problem, even if its as simple of a thing as what clothes they wear.

  • Man, seriously this is the kind of thing that only makes the hate between people grow.
    Someone says “I’m not okay with this” then the people that were doing it grow resentful… *sigh* Not to say that it denotes that you hate yourself since you have to ruin other people’s fun to be alright.

  • Next up: feminists banning women from NOT wearing burqas, homosexuals banning gay marriage, Jews banning synagogues, blacks banning mixed benches/toilets/bus seats, free speech advocates banning opinions.

    Oh what a world we live in.

  • I was originally going to say something about discriminating against people with GID and cross-dressing but I completely forgot what it was after I saw that chairperson! I was not prepared for that!

  • Eh, i´m sorry, but i have never heard of any transsexual having a “dissorder”. Identifying someones sexual identity as a “dissorder” sounds like something way more offensive than any silly old beatu contest could ever be IMHO.

  • I’m female and I’ve seen where dress shops and boutiques have banned cross dressers from their stores in malls in the US because the girls get skeeved out by it and don’t want to try anything on that some guy has worn and the store loses money.

    Other than that I think it’s harmless and I don’t think they’re really fooling anybody except themselves.
    Most of the ones I’ve seen look like these guys and not like Rue Paul.

    Who are they really getting upset? Some trangendered person like Chazz Bono or the tightassed school administrators.

  • Crossdressing is villainous! It’s unreasonable I tell you! With the attention from this first step we can finally raise the true concern of right-thinking individuals everywhere!

    Friends of the forum, I beseech you, now is the time to declare war on women’s pants! Let there never again be a lass who may choose a male pair of jeans over a skirt, or a woman wearing a male T-shirt regardless of one’s relationship! Let office ladies everywhere emprace their feminine calling and feel free to once again wear dresses even in the depth of winter! For a better world, say I!

    Under advisement from the committee, we also agree that pantsuits should be allowed, as we have declared them completely different things. Also, shorts are acceptable so long as they do not descend past the mid-thigh, but hot pants must be restricted specifically to females despite how sexy they may make a man’s ass.

  • How is a crossdressing contest discriminating against people with GID?

    If anything banning this contest is discriminating against crossdressers.
    On top of that, as one of the Japanese comments said, it maybe some transgendered people’s only chance to be their true selves.

      • Personally I feel the school failed to uphold the rights of the students by bowing down to that moronic logic in the first place. If I were a student there I would start a petition to reverse the cancellation.

        I don’t Cross dress but I do respect the freedom of others that do.

    • “If anything banning this contest is discriminating against crossdressers.”
      THIS. And the fact the ban is even being “justified” by claiming the exact opposite of what it actually does makes it insulting beyond measure…

    • People with GID or anyone with such ‘transgender’ ideas of their own sexuality need to seek assistance, not flaunt their confusion/disorder and/or immature sense of sexuality through these ‘shows’.

      Unless you were born a fucking hermaphrodite, you better figure out what it means to be a man or a woman, and also not confuse hobbies with actual sexual identity.

      Why they fuck would anyone support these people?

      • So, because they’re born with something they can’t control, they’re freaks then? Sexual identity is not black and white, and never has been; only an imbecile like you would believe such. People from around the globe — men, women, children — experience gender identity disorder. GID is a thing, and you can’t change it by ‘just learn to be a man’ you moron. What occurs is this; the body is biologically, for instance, male or female, but the brain, through lack of testosterone and an increase in estrogen, fluids in the body that are masculine and feminine respectively, is essentially a different gender altogether, thus the term ‘Gender Identity Disorder.’ This is out of their control completely; could they try and ‘learn’ to conform to societal gender roles? Sure they ‘could’, if by repressing themselves, harming their overall self-image, the increasing feeling of not being in your own body, your own self, what you feel like inside, hiding yourself from everyone else, smiling even when you’re unhappy inside, you mean ‘learning to be a man/woman.’

        Gender and sexuality are not always black and white. That’s not to say some of them shouldn’t learn to be less retarded — people shouting ‘cis scum’ for instance are just overall harmful to Transgender issues and just stupid in general — but pretending like it’s easily solvable is foolish, imbecilic, and does show your age in terms of maturity. As for why people support these people — I’ll tell you ‘why.’

        Because they need the support. Without support, some people feel alone; like no one’s there to catch them when they fall, no one’s there to help them when they need help, no one’s ‘there.’ So they turn to drugs, or alcohol, or sex, or food, or whatever to get their minds off of being ‘alone.’ This increases the chance of suicide exponetially — a lot like bullying, in terms of growth of suicidal tendencies. It’s not about growing a spine, or conforming to society — which is stupid to do in this day and age, when everyone is far from societally normal — it’s about who you are. Pretending to be something you’re not is harmful as fuck to one’s psyche, and while not the leading cause, or even one of the bigger leading causes of suicide, is still pretty high up there.

        Do you know what it means to be human? It means not everything you learn in life is black and white; it means you’re not always going to find stuff you like, it also means there’s people out there far different from you, that you may never understand, that you may never connect with on a personal level to know what choices in life brought them to their knees, or brought them to a doctor, or brought them to a therapist, a psychologist, a plastic surgeon, or otherwise.

        Stop pretending sexuality, indeed gender, is always black and white; in truth, it is an onion. There are way too many layers, some of them filled with painful memories, abuse, neglect, hatred, ignorance, to truly say ‘I know what sexuality means.’ because you don’t. I’m not even saying I can begin to understand sexuality in anyway, but throwing people under a bus is something I will never do, beacause it is an imbecilic, foolish, and moronic thing to do in a place filled with so many societies, people, cultures, and lives, all with different ways of thinking, upbringing, culture, religion, etc. because of something your mother and father told you.

        The only other thing I have to address is:

        ‘why thefuck would anyone support these people.’

        Why the fuck would anyone support interracial marriage?
        Why the fuck would anyone support homosexuality?
        Why the fuck would anyone support ending slavery?
        Why the fuck would anyone support good samaritans?
        Why the fuck would anyone support equality?
        Why the fuck would anyone support freedom?

        Because, unlike you, making peoples’ lives less awesome is not, nor ever will be in my to-do list. We’re all on this goddamn chunk of a planet together, and right now, I’d rather we work together than continue nonsensically oppressing people for no good reason other than eating a different slice of pizza, or picking a siberian cat over the domesticated cat, or a chihuaua over a lab dog.

        Everybody’s different. Everybody’s strange. Doesn’t mean they should be treated like rabid dogs because their insides don’t look the same as yours.

        • LOL wut. Figures a bunch of f@gs and trannies downvote painful truths and try to laugh with empty comebacks like this fucker with nothing to back up what he says.

          Grammar nazi went out of fashion, but really try to adhere to some form of correct communication. Talking out of your ass instead of your head gets you only so far.

  • Funny, what kind of clothing (or fashion in general) is defined as feminine or masculine differs massively between cultures and ages, not to forget that there are people who like to wear the kind of clothes, that are considered typical for the other gender, that have no problems with their own sexual identification.
    Also, in the west, women wearing “masculine” clothing is generally way more accepted. Basically it’s all convention.
    Anyway, the best possible kind of clothing is still a dark suit with trenchoat and Fedora.
    Also, what anon 23:06 said. Motivation here is obvious rightwinger’s bullshit.

    • Most of the “convention” comes from women being considered the “lesser” of the two sexes back in the day.

      If a woman wore a more masculine cut of clothing it wouldn’t be considered such a big deal as a man wearing a dress in public. One would considered dressing up the other dressing down.

      Same thing in America when two girls dance with each other at a wedding or a party as opposed to two guys. One is considered girlish behavior and the other might cause a hassle in certain communities.

      Women have always been given a lot more leeway in fashion and society because they are still perceived as being “silly” or “inferior” in many societies.

      Also a woman’s figure will help her pull off a lot a masculine fashion elements that still looks feminine or boyish on her. A guy wearing a frilly dress just looks weird because it was never designed to compliment his physical stature.

      If a guy wants to wear a cocktail dress and heels in public then knock yourself out but most guys are just kidding themselves if they think it looks good on them.

    • Difference is none of these ‘trans’ people are wearing feminine clothing under the impression they consider them ‘masculine’. It is the purpose which marks them out as confused deviants, not necessarily clothing itself.

      For fuck’s sake, be a man, not a fucking confused and immature boys with feminine style fetishes. We all have different roles, so learn to enjoy your part. Is it not better that a doctor is proud and capable medical professional rather than poorly trying to moonlight as a lawyer, and vice versa?

      Difference from birth isn’t evil – it’s your own inability to measure up to who you are that causes other people to lose respect for you as an individual. If you are a man, act your gender at least in fundamental identity, even if you are not overtly masculine. These people are seen as rejecting that very core idea, which is not an expression of freedom, but a childish idea that distorts sexual confusion as ‘freedom of choice’. I am a man, you are a woman. We are different. End of fucking story. If these people were at heart not completely rejecting their given gender, than it would be a less of a problem. If they truly wish to be the other sex, I suggest they get sex-change surgery.

  • anybody can make a group for no other reason then to claim that they represent a certain group and that that group is being discriminated against.

    therefore, I would like to know how many people are in this group, of which how many have “gender identify disorder”, and then compare that against the total number of people with GID at the university.

    without the above, it might even be 3 straight guys/gals who happened to be religious nut jobs, who are using GID as a mean to ban an event that they disagree with.

    just because a group claim to be a representative, doesn’t mean that they really are a representative!

  • Isn’t that what all the fruneal homes do to bodies when they play around with them? I have a feeling a bunch of those disturbed individuals are the people working in moruges and fruneal homes. Someone should investigate and find where they are.