Rapist: “I Did 300 & I’m Going For 1,000!”


A man whose efforts to reach 1000 sexual conquests finally culminated in him plucking a girl off the street has has been causing a stir online – not least because of the envy all the photographic evidence of his conquests has aroused amongst jealous virgins online.

The 21-year-old Kyoto student came to police attention when he happened upon a 22-year-old beautician on her way home one evening, propositioning her with a straightforward “let’s have some fun together!”

She apparently was not interested, but he forced her to accompany him back to his home with the intent of having his way with her.

Fortunately, she managed to seize an opportunity to flee, and some days later approached police to report the attack. Witness reports soon brought up the man’s name, and police arrested him on suspicion of attempted rape.

He admits the attack, simply saying “I saw a woman walking at night, and thought I’d like to have sex.”

His lurid descriptions and photos of his love live – made where else but Twitter – were soon causing a stir online:


“As of the 30th of September I’ve done 301! I’m aiming to graduate with 1000!”

“The bitch who wants the honour of being my 300th, I’m waiting for your Tweet, line or mail☆”

“I didn’t expect it, but my 300th was a 3P with a JK! [Pictured]”

“Lately I’ve being for two swords! Tomorrow I’ll have a guy jack me off for the first time.”

“I want the right to do any bitch I want, anywhere in the world. But I’m so hot I already have it, I guess…”

This has proved unsurprisingly provocative to Japan’s online masses:

“I envy this guy.”

“Tomorrow I’ll have a guy jack me off for the first time. < I don’t envy him at all!”

“How true is all that stuff he wrote on Twitter…”

“He posted all sorts of pics?”

“They all look like total prostitutes.”

“He probably started to think all girls were like the ones he was doing.”

“That uni is just turning out criminals, close it down already.”

“And after he got into a totally first rate uni…”

“He sounds so messed up you might expect him to get off for having some kind of mental disorder.”

“Check out his Tweets, he’s popular! Who’d have thought there are so many nasty bitches around.”

“With all these herbivores about it’s no wonder a carnivore can have his way.”

“He is sick. When he gets out, he’ll re-offend, no doubt.”

“To progress from his delusions to actually doing this, he’s seriously messed up.”

“How’d he get her back to his room? She could have screamed, unless she was tiny.”

“He would have to be an extremely smooth operator to get her back there willingly. He’s not that hot, I don’t think you could get a girl to go home with you on a first meeting without that.”

“I don’t think he could have gotten her back unwillingly. How far have the morals our women fallen!”

“She probably went along with it at first but soon had second thoughts, at which point he tried to force himself on her.”

“He isn’t even hot. As expected, with guys it’s more important to just be an assertive dumbass.”

“He’d probably do any animal with a hole. He’s sick, he’ll do it again without doubt.”

“With all that extra evidence on Twitter, assembling extra charges is going to be a walk in the park.”

“Total sex addict.”

“Just a walking penis.”

“He must have some nasty STDs by now.”

“With his name and picture out there I can’t see him ever getting normal employment now. Expect him to star in porn films.”

“The girls he’s doing look like total retards as well though.”

“How would you feel seeing these pictures as the father of one of the girls?”

“I’d lose the will to live.”

“To think 300 guys are now hole brothers with this loser… you have to laugh.”

“Some people will end up marrying these girls. Sad, isn’t it?”

“I’m so envious of this guy – why do I have to be past 30 and still a virgin?”

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