China: “Rightists (Japan Coast Guard) Invaded Our Diaoyus!”


China has taken to denouncing the Japan Coast Guard as “right wing invaders” after Chinese patrol vessels entering the waters around the Senkaku islands spotted them violating their sacred territorial waters.

China’s foreign ministry announced that upon sending 4 ships into the waters surrounding the Diaoyu islands, they discovered “right wing individuals from Japan had illegally entered our territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu islands.”

The ministry then protested “our firm opposition to and great dissatisfaction with the illegal trespass of these right wing personnel.”

They went on to vaguely threaten that “should Japan not cease its provocative actions, the situation will be further complicated.”

The “right wing personnel” in question were Japan Coast Guard patrol vessels operating out of Naha.

It is said to be the first time China has taken to the curious expedient of denouncing Japan’s coast guard as “right wing.”

According to other reports, the 4 Chinese vessels cruised the waters around the islands for 4 hours, telling the coast guard “don’t interfere with our patrols!” and “stop trespassing on our territory!” in Chinese when hailed.

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  • Yo China,how about give Tibet and other Asian countries their own territory?You expand more land yet the majority of your people are starving in rural areas and there’s still no justice for the victims of Tiananmen Square.Bloodsucking politicians…

  • “According to other reports, the 4 Chinese vessels cruised the waters around the islands for 4 hours, telling the coast guard “don’t interfere with our patrols!” and “stop trespassing on our territory!” in Chinese when hailed.”

    You mean Japan?

  • True life, true care about another human comes from not from greed, desire….but love and care. You wana help your countrymen or women? YOU WANA HELP THE WORLD? then suck it up, take it to international court, and have the world desired what most of us already do.

  • is there another site, similiar to sankaku, to goto that doesnt have crap about anything Chinese, those stupid islands, or people getting squished or put into curry? I used to come to Sankaku to relax with sexy girl photos or funny posts, but now its just one disgusting thing after another.

    • I’ll be surprised if this comment even shows up. A few of my comments have “disapeared” after I commented about how obviously the reason this site cherry picks all that is bad in China isn’t solely because of the site admin being bias. But a very simple reason; the “Consumer” (which is us) are demanding such articles. Supply and demand. Weeaboos and Japanophiles aren’t going to bandwagon jump when there’s critical criticism of Japan or America since majority here are American. The power of double standards.

      Why else is there constant negative news about it here? If the people here didn’t care then there wouldn’t be any. But it seems to be quite obvious where people stand on this site in majority. They wish to verbally attack China, they get selectively chosen incidents to bash China. It’s that simple. You want to blame the constant China news? Blame the users here for consistantly wanting such news…Mary Whitehouse Syndrome.

  • A thing I’d be curious about is if the elevens do give a fuck after all. I mean, not the 100,000 or so fascist nutjobs that made the protest or endorsed it, but the majority of the population.

    I guess they don’t… they don’t seem to give a shit about the IMPORTANT things their governement does, after all (like the treatment of the societies that made possible Fukushima).

  • do you really think that the USA will go to war backing Japan over this?. lol America would stay out of any military conflict over these islands.

    America is more reliant on China’s economy than China is to America, that is to say as well with military applications(all the resources to make hi-tech components for missiles etc come from China). America economy isn’t strong enough to support a war Against China as to Europe will be worse of if there was a war against china do you really think any European country will thwart China if America doesn’t?.

    • Actually China is just as reliant on the US economic machine as the US is on their cheap labor. It’s very symbiotic, and not something either nation currently can afford to upset despite not liking one another.

      This is more or less why the past two decades of trade negotiations have been as awkward as they’ve been despite humanitarian and buisness shenanigans from China and overbearing diplomatic “pressure” from the US.

      They’re two countries who constantly vote against each other on the U.N. Security Council, but who absolutely need the other to perform well in order for they themselves to operate at peak optimal efficiency. Just part of the web that is the global market.

    • You know, when World War II occured the United States was in the middle of something called . . The Great Depression, and it actually got America out of the depression . . so ergo this would actually strengthen the economy.

  • I’m sitting here on Google Maps looking at these islands and I’m like “What the fuck? These islands are so small!”

    Only one of them looks like you could even put anything on it, the rest are more than half under-water and covered in rocky terrain.

    They’re far out of the way, so having supplies sent out there would be costly if you started a town or resort there.

    That’s when I realized what this whole thing is about.
    China wants the oil, and Japan realizes that if they give and inch, China will try to take a mile and start making claims on Ryukyu!

  • I wish someone would take a page from Americas book and say “Come near our shit and we’re gonna sink it. Don’t fuck with us.”

    Not this veiled threat and pissing match idiocy. That is why only the psychotic (terrorists) fuck with America these days. Because if someone were going around Hawaii trying to hit our Coast Guard with water cannons, we’d fire back with the .50 cal and turn their ships into scrap THEN we would arrest the goddamn survivors.

    • except of course there aren’t even any ‘Senkaku Islanders’ to save, or vote. And China clearly didn’t give two shits about these worthless rocks for FIFTY years or more.. until there was oil under them.

    • The Treaty of San Francisco returned control of Formosa (Taiwan) and the islands pertaining to it to Chinese control, so the question is if the Senkaku islands considered part of Taiwan. It can’t really be argued that they’re part of the Ryukyu island chain because the senkaku islands were annexed separately decades after Ryukyu in a separate treaty, and the senkaku were left alone until 1895 so as not to antagonize China (before Japan was ready, as it turned out).

      So for China they have to somehow argue that known uninhabited islands that were annexed as early as 1895 in a completely separate act from all land gained during the Sino-Japanese war (when Taiwan was taken) can somehow count as a Taiwanese territorial island. This is especially muddled in that the Treaty of San Francisco sought only to return land acquired during both WWII and the S-J war, while acquisitions prior to that were left with Japan (such as the Ryukyu islands).

      • The water isn’t muddy at all, The Treaty of San Fransico was signed in 1951, yet the Okinawa Reversion Treaty was passed by the US senate in 1971. Which clearly demonstrates that the Senkaku Islands were never a part of the land restored to China in the San Fransico Treaty, since the US maintained control over those islands for another 20 years.

        Really if China had any legitimate complaint it would be aimed at the US for giving the islands to Japan instead of them. But of course China can’t bully the US into giving them what they want like they can Japan.

        • So when the USA is the Bully it’s all fine but when it’s China’s turn to be the bully we have to get up and scream and call names. Double standards? Just because you like Anime and Manga doesn’t mean you have to hate Japan’s “enemies” people.

        • China and Taiwan DID protest heavily to US when they handed the island to Japan, but they just turn their big nose to it, knowing that China and Taiwan can’t do a thing about it.

          So back then it was like in the real world exmaple of where someone get bullied, they go bully someone else because of incapable of standing up to their own bully.

        • True, the Senkaku islands were grouped with the Nansei Shoto islands, which China expressed no objection towards, and thus they were reverted to Japan along with Okinawa and the Ryukyu chain under Article III of the treaty.

          Additionally while the islands were technically annexed in 1895 as a completely separate action from the Japanese acquisition of Taiwan in the Treaty of Shimonoseki, this action still occurred just after the Sino-Japanese war began. In China’s opinion this makes them another war-gain like Taiwan to be returned, to which Japan argues that they had been declared “uninhabited” (which is true), and that they didn’t acquire it from China during the war (they in fact simply annexed it without opposition, as literally nothing was there).

  • It would probably need to be a war, which hopefully will be small and short. Countries don’t have any other way of resolving territorial disputes over uninhabited land. China almost certainly did claim or at least reference the islands first, but they failed to colonize them and did not maintain their claim when Japan annexed them. When Japan lost them following WWII, it was up to whoever they surrendered to what to do with them. And that was not China. They have as much “right” to claim uninhabited land as any country, but they aren’t going to convince anyone else by carrying on this way.

    • All Chinese believe that China defeated Japan in world war 2. The stupid chinks are too dumb to realize that if not for America, they’d all be speaking Japanese right now… Or some new Sino~Japlish hybrid Chinese language, just like their mandarin language is a hybrid of manchu/ and chinese.

      • Yea…may be USA SHOULD do something about, considering this is a mess THEY caused with them forcibly gave the island to Japan ignoring protest from both China and Taiwan back then. And yea sure…smacking China is the perfectly right thing to do…it is almost hilarious like a big guy took a toy from a kid to give to his little brother, and then when the kid try to confront the little brother to reclaim his toy, the big guy steps in again…

        • 17:58 Nope, we claim ancestral rights because our race came into being way before these ‘native’ people even crossed the bering strait, and they are just our genetic leftovers.

          Not to mention there are growing anthropological evidences that original natives of americas contained at least a fair bit of cultural if not genetic and physiological portion that came from europe thanks to ice shelves and harsher climate. So yes, white people were here at least at the same time as the ‘natives’.

          Do some research before bitching about America next time. China can’t claim the same, not with being fucked by everyone else remotely possessing any pair.

        • So I guess that “American” should hand back the land to the native american then, considering it was their land before it was taken from them? Wait…they don’t exist anymore do they? How convenient…

    • A war between the second and third largest economies in the world that would pull in the first, fourth down to sixth economies in the world by treaty not to mention their allies as a “small and short” war?

      If I learned anything from reading about The Great War and World War II, this will be larger than those two combined. A “war to end all wars”, so to speak. On the plus side, the sooner we get this war going to less cost to life it will be.

      • You really want to get modern China involved in an all-out war. They have millions of able-bodied Chinese men that can be drafted, and probably the world’s highest industrial capacity at their disposal. It would not take them long at all to do exactly what the US did during WWII and outproduce the SHIT out of their enemies and supply their allies and proxies with enough materiel to conquer a good chunk of the world’s surface.

        The US would take several years to ramp up to that capacity and pace, and the other major economies would pretty much have to wait for the US to do so and purchase what they can to supplement their own comparatively meager output.

        No, no one wants to push China to that point, and I doubt China wants to do that either. What merchant wants to blow the shit out of their biggest customers? This Senkaku/Diaoyu island bullshit is just an egotistical macho pissing contest, something to get the rabble stirred up and distracted and stir the patriotic jingoism pot a bit.

        • Many people seem to forget that, aside from population anomalies like china and india, among ‘regular sized’ nations with manageable population US holds #1 rank at over 310 million people….

        • You’re mllions of people dont mean shit against modern technology. And the US and Japan are way more advanced than China.

          Its like playing one of those defense tower games. You may loose some towers at the end of the day, but out of the 19 towers you lost, you killed thousands.

          And the immediate 100millions of people aren’t trained or have ever used a gun. Its like a massacur.

        • Except that the United States defense spending is greater than the next 17 nations spending combined. Technology is the great equalizer. All russia had during the 2nd world war was bodies, and even they still got pushed all the way to Stalingrad by a much smaller, but more technologically advanced German force. In all honestly the Chinese wouldn’t be able to get off the mainland because all their boats and planes would’ve been destroyed long before the Chinese could bring their numbers to bare.

          Honestly, I wish the US would spend less on defense, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon.

        • Ah – you are forgetting that times changed since WW2. ‘Industrial advantages’ helped US greatly because US mainland was well defended and surrounded by two oceans. China has no such advantage – and don’t count on russia to back it up in military conflict – what drives russia to ally with china is purely pragmatic motivation, and that is souring. Weapons exist that can reduce factories to dust in minutes. What then happens is which country has the largest stockpile of good weapons. The millions in question waiting for draft is more like million sacks of meat waiting to be eviscerated.

          Manpower in an all out war becomes less of an issue – who wages war with right tools and tactics becomes the greatest issue. US has plenty of experience in that regard – it nominally won the 50 year staring contest with USSR, fought in the shadows while constantly updating war plans on global scale. Chinese have no such experience.

      • If I learned anything from spending thousands of hours in Civilization, it’s “never go to war if there is a sufficiently large military force to oppose you which doesn’t have problems on their own”. It’s ok to stir up a world war when you want to invade someone through.

        • Silly Anon. If you had really learnt something from Civilization, you should know what the Japanese should do by now.

          1 Take Miyazaki
          2 Take him to Okinawa, as near to the Senkaku as possibile
          3 Culture Bomb the shit of the islands
          4 ???
          5 Profit!

          (substitute M. with a more worthy Great Artist if you feel like that)

        • Yeah, you can’t really win a war until you sent in the ground forces to occupy what you have fought for. That last part is the toughest when you are sending in your men half way around the Earth against locally a country with a huge population. Surely the air/navy part have modern weaponry, but the work is not done until China totally give up.

          Is the US going to be able to send in a few million on short notice and keep sending the rest until it is done?

          Also fight a war means you’ll need huge amount to money and resource (think people, oil, transportation, ammo). Who is there to lend the money? Oops.

    • Lol this Tibet issue has been proven to be utter BS. Not about China calling Tibet it’s own, but the whole Tibetans want to be “free” from China has been so overblown and exaggerated.

      Not downplaying China’s act on Tibet, but people who seem to be a Mary Whitehouse Syndrome when it comes to China always gloss over the fact that;

      -Tibet was freed from a heavy theocratical rule by China

      -They were given education, hospitals and recieve benefits from China

      -Most Tibetans don’t give a shit about politics. But the ones who do harp on about it are Tibetan monks who wish to go back to the theocratical ways.

      Just saying.

        • I hope you’re not serious….In that you belive that Tibet wasn’t under theocratic rule before China stepped in. If you’re a troll, it’s one thing. But if you really are serious;

          So where do you hail from? Too afraid to say it?

          Also read a book once in a while, that might help with your ignorance and lack of initiative to actually research a few things before shooting off your mouth like a typical ignoranct racist bigot who probably can’t read pass a paragraph consisting of 6 sentences. I hope you’re not American, because you really aren’t doing the nation any good by reinforcing how us in the EU sees you. Being extremely ignorant.

    • Tibet was actually given to them in 40’s/50’s when the people accepted infrastructure, utility, health and education investments.

      The Senkaku/Diaoyu on the other hand only belong to Japan on default because the US ‘said so’ in the 70’s.

      • So, what? Even if they did own the islands 40 years ago they relinquished control and no longer have them. Deals are deals, unfair or not. They cannot be allowed to muscle their way out of bad deals like some kind of school yard bully.

        There are proper ways to handle international affairs and disputes. Violating treaties signed in official capacity is not how the game is played.

        • Double Standards. That’s how it works with commenters here it seems. Americans who downplay the seriousness of themselves doing the same shit they complain other countries do is just humerous. Throw as many excuses as they want, but doesn’t change the fact that Americans have been and still shit stirring in other countries.

          The fact that commenters here single out China as the only ones who riot over stupid shit shows nothing but how uneducated they are. I don’t know if it’s their superiority complex at play or they’re just jumping on the bandwagon because individual thinking is much too complex and being racist towards China is just that much easier. Only morons believe that a super power isn’t going to somehow claim resources and land from another country for whatever reasons. It’s more likely that they will because they think they can.

          Being from the UK, we’re not perfect. Example would be Falklands, the fact we screwed most countries up in the past, the current war in Middle East and 2011 Riots. But at least we’re willing to admit it and not try to excuse our bullshit.

        • Well, I’m no fan of the US foreign policy either. But the difference seems to be that quite a few americans are against their governments policies while all the chinese seem to support theirs. But I do agree, that whenever money is involved many people do horrible things. It just appears that the threshold for that in china is far lower and the resulting reactions also far more extreme. I at least haven’t heard of any mass riots and violence against people from the middle east in the US while the Chinese destroy everything and everyone japanese they can get their hands on.

    • Well, when oil and precious minerals get involved, everybody somehow “remembers” the lands belong to them all of a sudden. If they were truly rocks with nothing in them then noone would give a sh*t >.>

  • Fuck the chinese. They’re not just doing this claiming shit in Senkaku Islands, they’re doing it in the Islands near the Philippines (800 Nautical Miles away from the nearest chinese land versus 200 miles near the Philippines). Claiming islands fucking far from their mainland.