Loan Shark Trio “Curried Victim”


A trio of loan sharks face murder charges after allegedly making a man who owed them 20 million yen into a curry.

3 “unemployed” men in their thirties and forties, one of whom is a former high-school baseball star, have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a 27-year-old Tokyo restaurateur 3 years ago.

His body was never found, but a tip-off that he had in fact been murdered led police to discover the trio had apparently been engaged in illegal loan-sharking, and had loaned the man 20 million yen to help finance a business venture, a sum he was having difficulty paying back.

All three were subsequently arrested on suspicion of doing away with him, and one has admitted that “we cut up his body and after that stewed it up into a curry in Niigata.”

Police think their decision to curry his remains was both an effort to dispose of the corpse and to control troubling decomposition odours.

According to testimony from another suspect, they had kept the man’s corpse in a Tokyo freezer for over a year before deciding it would have to be dismembered and cooked.

Police also have evidence of the trio buying a hammer and portable stove, which they believe were used in the crime.

What they actually did with the resultant curry is not yet clear, as police have yet to find any trace of it.

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