Jackie Chan: “Japan Should Return The Diaoyus To China!”


Aging king of kung fu kitsch Jackie Chan has waded into the debate (or non-debate, according to both China and Japan) surrounding the sovereignty of the Senkaku islands, saying they ought to be returned to China’s loving embrace.

He made the comments during a media event promoting the Chinese release of his latest movie, “Chinese Zodiac,” having neatly segued from the film’s theme of “stolen Chinese treasures being returned” into demanding the “return” of Chinese territory:

“Historically speaking, they belong to China. […] If I were the judge, I’d seek to have the country which stole them return them. If I were superman, I’d love to drag those islands closer to China.”

He seems to have stopped short of demanding the return of Okinawa to Chinese suzerainty, instead having his eyes set on a much bigger prize – Russian territory (most of Russia’s far eastern territory is actually outer Manchuria, extorted from China in 1858 as part of the Treaty of Aigun, although for some reason China has not been as vociferous in demanding its return as it has in other areas):

“Vladivostok should also be returned to China, and the Northern Territories to Japan.”

His remarks are not entirely surprising – he has previously spoken out against the evils of Taiwanese independence, denounced human rights campaigners, criticised Hong Kong for being “chaotic” in comparison to the worker’s paradise on the mainland, and made such inspiring remarks as “I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not.”

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