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Noda “Most Anti-Chinese PM Ever”


A survey of 34,000 Chinese has revealed half of them think the Japanese prime minister is the most anti-Chinese in history, in no small part thanks to his devilish attempts to enslave the Senkaku islands and their innocent caprine population under the yoke of Japanese oppression.

34,000 Chinese were surveyed online as to their opinions of the Japanese devils, and as to which Japanese leaders they regarded as the most “anti-Chinese.”

Fully 47.3% ranked current PM Noda as the most anti-Chinese ever, despite him studiously avoiding historical controversy and having never been near Yasukuni, his decision to have the state buy the Senkaku islands from their Japanese owner rather than let Tokyo governor Ishihara have his way with them having been universally depicted in the Chinese media as an act of territorial aggression.

Amongst international commentators, Noda and the rest of the DPJ are noted for being some of the most pro-Chinese Japanese politicians ever to hold office, and amongst Japanese they are more often reviled for kowtowing to China than for displaying any antipathy towards them.

33.3% ranked former PM Koizumi as the most anti-Chinese – a perception largely the result of him going along with LDP party tradition by paying his respects to the war dead (and war criminals) enshrined at Yasukuni, even as he presided over massive increases in trade and investment with China.

4.6% viewed incoming LDP leader Abe – who has been screaming defiance at China over the island issue after having apparently recovered from the chronic diarrhoea which forced him to resign during his last turn at being PM – as worthy of the honour, a percentage sure to increase should he somehow manage to get re-elected.

On a more favourable note, 30.8% viewed PM Tanaka – the man who opened relations with the PRC 40 years ago in an anniversary which was supposed to have been the subject of much recent celebration, and who is largely remembered in Japan for being almost as corrupt as China’s latter-day princes – as being the most pro-Chinese PM Japan has been afflicted with.

He is trailed by Hatoyama – an enthusiastic fan of Asian harmony tellingly known as “loopy” by both Obama and the international and Japanese media – with 7.9%.

Although some recent surveys of the Chinese have endeavoured to demonstrate hatred of Japan is not universal there, this was not one of them – asked to rate their affinity for Japan on a scale of 1 to 10, over half of those surveyed responded with “0,” and the overall average score was only 1.45 out of 10.

The usual disclaimers about online surveys do however apply – the online populations of both China and Japan are noted for extremes of vocal xenophobia, although with the orgy of “anti-Japanese” violence and looting which recently wracked China it would seem they are not as out of kilter as many would like to believe.

Amongst Japanese there are doubts as to whether the Chinese will ever be satisfied with anything less than Japan as a province of China, if even their most hatedly pro-Chinese politicians are regarded as being monstrously anti-Chinese there:

“Even after he went to such lengths to appease China-sama, they still hate him…”

“Odd that Koizumi is also generally regarded as the best Japanese politician in recent years.”

“This leftist sycophant is even hated by the Chinese!”

“So much for the pride of Chiba.”

“What do you expect from the Chinese.”

“Just blame it on Ishihara!”

“I’m sure dear Abe will fix relations with China!”

“I think Noda is preferable to a wretch who employed a pro-Chinese and pro-Korean moonie cult lawyer like Abe.”

“Nationalising those islands as a way of blocking Ishihara has got to be about the most hamfisted way of handling this anyone could have devised… Japanese diplomacy is a joke.”

“Don’t worry China. Abe loves Agnes Chan and Korean culture too! He’ll apologise and increase ODA, push through the currency swap with Korea and all will be right again! The LDP is the greatest!”

“More Chinese comic theatre? They just want to portray Noda as being anti-Chinese so they can make up with the next administration.”

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  • Just the Chinese just have one more reason to hate Japan even if the island thing doesn’t make much sense? If Chinese citizens are bashing Japan and hurting their citizen, why should the Japanese or world care much the Chinese think?

    • Actually you could pretty much do that since he wasn’t doing any good by goading China and raising racist views of the Japanese.

      That said, wouldn’t America be the cause of all this bickering of the islands? Since the islands should have been returned to China to begin with after Japan’s defeat. Then again China and Taiwan pretty much ignored those islands until resources were known. Meh…

    • My guess is China quality research. Or they’re lumping him in because he dared to speak up. Or maybe they just needed another face for the banner.

      Either way, I’m waiting for the banner to spontaneously combust or explode somehow.

  • “The Japanese central government formally annexed the islands on 14 January 1895.” Wikipedia

    “After it was discovered in 1968 that oil reserves might be found under the sea near the islands,[4] Japan’s sovereignty over them has been disputed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC, commonly known as Taiwan) following the transfer of administration from the United States to Japan in 1971.” Wikipedia

    So if this shit is true. The Chinese government is pimping the people of china to make asses of themselves so they can get to the oil. No one going to call out the government because they know nothing of the protest just keeping the peace. The people did all this on there own. Their being “pro-Chinese”and “true patriots”. So what if oil just happen to be there. It was ours all the time anyways. Ha Ha,stupid foreign barbarians.

  • This is like everything else about China. Nobody really gives a damn about what they think. The bulk of the Chinese people are just puppets under the control of a self-sustaining, monolithic government that only impresses itself.

      • If anything China and America has much in common rather.

        Both the general populace submit to their government’s bullshit. They both jump on the media bandwagon very easily and they both somehow think they sit atop the world above everyone else (specifically Americans who can’t stop insulting or complaining about every non-caucasian culture every minute).

        Other than the obvious human rights issue, both countries holds one of the most oblivious and nationalitic people on Earth. The irony is, in China, going against the government is a death senetence quite literally. So yeah bow down or die. Yet in America being the “Land of the FREE”, the general populace submits willingly and accepts their “justified” excuses to pull shit against other and themselves.

        The only thing Japan and China have in common are that they’re Asian and generally have an elitist attitude to each other and their own…

        • You do realize that probably a good 70% of the stuff you own in your house is made from China? The design is one thing, but the manufacturing most likely from China.

          Even your Japan stuff. I’m just saying, make criticisms in the right places.

      • They’re like polar opposites.
        China is the spoiled Child who greedily just wants everything without considering anyone elses opinion.
        Japan is the one being bullied without the courage to do anything but submit to China.

    • lol the problem is that they were not originally japanese islands. From what I understand, the islands were originally in fact chinese, but when japan invaded and defeated china some years ago, they anexed their territory (including the islands in question). After that, the islands were just there, with neither country claiming them, until recently when japan bought them from the japanese businessman in question.

      Mind you, my issue is this: all these years China said nothing about wanting to reclaim the islands, but now that they have a little more power ( financially and militarily), they want to make an issue of everything. They’re honestly making asses of themselves in my opinion.

      • uhm… read wikipedia first, will you ?

        Don’t know if it really true that China get those Islands from 14th century.
        But Japan already own those Islands until surrender to USA in WWII, those Islands become USA’s.
        After the period time USA return those Islands to Japan and Ishihara want the world recognize so he buy those Islands.
        China only afraid of USA so they don’t say a word when USA take those Islands, but after USA left they have nothing to fear so they come get those Islands.
        Further more, China already come steal other weak country’s sea/islands like Philip and VietNam.

        • Prior to WWII, a lot of the maps and information were lost. The only facts we know is that there is a lot of poor documentation on the management of the islands before the US claimed them and the islands were uninhibited for a long time. Therefore, all the claims have very critical flaws and resulted in decades of negotiation stalemates.

          The reason why Senkaku Island was not a huge issue before is because Japan, China, and Taiwan could tolerate the lands being neutral even though deep down they each preferred to have sovereignty. All three were not major established players in the international community yet either so they had other pressing matters to attend to first.

        • Yeah right, Japan owned it because they conquered it. China signed it over along with Taiwan as part of surrender treaty.

          Technically, it’s part of Taiwan rather than mainland China. But still, spoils of war all the same.

      • Actually, after the war, the islands were designated to Japan by the United States as they thought they always owned them. When that happened, China tried to correct that mistake and retake the island but they had more things to worry about at the time.

        The islands were always in dispute after the war, sometimes the military were involved, sometimes minor protests from nearby fishermen. It just got this big when dear Ishihara provoked China by buying the islands and the Japan government reluctantly agreed.

        In either case, both countries are being childish about all this. China denying the deed because of the sole fact that the owner of the island deed is a Japanese (like saying Japanese are not entitled to own any property in China) and Japan buying them from the private owner and stating that they’re rightfully claiming the island as part of Japan (like saying if a citizen owns a piece of land in another country, it’s officially theirs). Both parties can have a piece of the cake, but they both want it all and are going to ridiculous lengths to get it. And now that the conflict as spread to both mainlands, they’re coming up with bullshit to get it. Like.. Japanese can’t officially own anything in China and the Islands are sacred and holy to the Japanese people for centuries. All bullshit.

        • What do you mean in support of the Japanese people?

          The Japanese love Ishihara. Why else is he in the position he’s in? They love his blatant racist views, homophobic tendencies and hypocritical actions. The only ones that hate him are Otaku’s or anyone who’s not an asshole.

          Well Japan is either doing one of 2 things. Kow tow to China or kow tow to America. So yeah, even if they actually stand up to China. They’ll just become America’s bitch. Well more of America’s bitch. Whereas if they stood up to America/Western assimilation then former wouldn’t apply to China as much.

          Therefore the only way Japan can be seen standing for themselves is if they flip the middle figner to the West. Which is never going to happen.

        • @17:58

          Stop poasting.

          The old fart hates otakus, thinks you’re subhuman criminals, and should go die…

          Meanwhile, in China, it’s considered a respectable niche hobby, people are non-judgmental on others’ hobbies, and there’s no stigma connected with otakuism.

          Some people are masochist like that – Nazi-Jews, Black KKK, Gay Republicans.

          Personally, I’ll support China over the old fart any day, because unlike some people, I don’t hate myself.

        • Maybe it’s better when we support Ishihara for now…
          He’s the lesser evil compared to being unofficially annexed by China. If that happens we might only see Chinese Propaganda Animes in the future. And that corrupt China is gonna outlive Ishihara.

          Damn Japan should grow some spine already instead of letting China step on them like that.

  • This where the western adage comes into play. “Give a man an inch and they’ll take a mile”.

    Alternatively the more popular “give ’em an inch and they’ll walk all over you.”

      • It’s completely absurd to think that westerners stole any idioms from China when there are no westerners who would be able to translate and you’re often hard pressed to even find a westerner who can locate China on a map. Westerners don’t learn things from history or other countries.

        • @ 04:27
          But it’s an idiom, not a word… You can’t claim that idioms are unique to one People X while another People Y elsewhere in the world, who has never had contact with people X cant have a similar one.

        • First usage in English was in John Heywood’s 1546 book of proverbs, where it was attributed to the Chinese proverb.

          Even if you count the English translator instead of the Chinese original as origin, it just means Americans got it from England instead of China. Americans did not magically travel back in time to before the founding of the 13 colonies and invent the idiom.

          First usage in America was among Chinese railway workers in the 19th century, who spread it to the residents of the west coast. Before this time, it was not widely known among Americans, despite having appeared in the English language centuries earlier.

          Is Googling it that hard?

          Innocence is when you don’t know.

          Ignorance is when you pretend to know, while refusing to find out.

        • I don’t think you know that English is the most adaptive language. It has incorporated innumerable words in it from other languages.

          you probably don’t even know that Buffet is a French word.