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Ero-Mangaka Busted for Public Exposure: “It Was Too Retro”


An aspiring ero-mangaka faces criminal charges after sharing his “old-fashioned” works with an unwilling public, Comiket and the Internet having apparently proven unsuitable venues for establishing his fame.

The unemployed 44-year-old Kobe man began his reign of terror by attempting to share his manga with local residents, entering a private parking lot to attach his manga to cars there for the benefit of their owners, and pinning up his works in the common areas of nearby apartments.

Police soon received reports of “indecent manga being posted up here,” and launched an investigation. Thankfully for them it did not strain their powers of inquiry – the aspiring mangaka immediately admitted his guilt when voluntarily questioned, saying “I wanted to show the area my talent for manga.”

Police soon uncovered dozens of pages of his raunchy works from his residence, complete with tape for easy display, and are assembling a prosecution including 5 counts of trespass for entering local apartment buildings, and a further count for entering the private car park, as well as minor offences relating to actually displaying the material in public.

Locals are happy the rogue mangaka has finally been brought to justice – though one 47-year-old man is also as sniffy about his art style as he is about his antics themselves:

“There are lots of kids around here but new manga kept going up – it was more than I could bear. His art looked like it was from a previous era, I could hardly believe he is from my generation!”

Unfortunately police have chosen not to share the offending art with the public (although considering the popularity of the story online this would doubtless qualify as a triumph for him), leaving ero-manga aficionados to speculate gleefully as to what “manga from a previous era” implies:

“Why couldn’t he just publish a doujinshi like everyone else?”

“Send it to Kairakuten already!”

“Keep it to Pixiv…”

“Go start a thread for the Vippers!”

“Being an artist and being a mangaka are two different things though – just because he does well on Pixiv doesn’t mean he would be good at making readable manga.”

“So were these eighties style illustrations?”

“Something like these?”


“There’s plenty of demand for old-fashioned styled manga though.”

“I expect the boys of the neighbourhood were pretty happy about him.”

“The guy they interviewed about him was an otaku too it seems…”

“He sounds like he knows his stuff.”

“This kind of imbecilic incident could only happen in Japan.”

“The guy must have been pretty good for his art to be deemed ‘obscene’…”

“Old style art must mean he was pretty good? The art you see these days is pretty quick to draw and they are always getting busted for lazily ripping off backgrounds.”

“I just want to see his stuff.”

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