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Taiwan & Japan in Senkaku Watersports Action


Senkaku fans have been marvelling at the latest naval theatrics to play out in the seas around the isles – this time coast guard vessels from Japan and Taiwan clashed, though with water cannon rather than the regular kind.

The scene showed chaos as Japanese coast vessels intercepted a flotilla of Taiwanese fishing boats intent on trespassing in the waters around the island, which Taiwan still claims as part of its fantasy “Republic of China” government, and were in turn intercepted by Taiwan coast guard vessels accompanying the ships, with all parties enjoying a jolly sprayfest at taxpayer expense.

The Taiwanese ships did not however press their luck, and soon withdrew after making their point, without having got too close to the islands in question.


Meanwhile, in China proper the formal transfer of the nation’s first aircraft carrier to the navy has just been announced, with timing unlikely to do much to relax tensions in the region.

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