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Platinum Sega Quality: PS3 Bayonetta “Our Biggest Failure”


In a rare moment of candidness, Platinum Games, makers of hit witch shooter Bayonetta, have laid into Sega for ruining the title in their notoriously bad PS3 port of same, with Platinum lamenting the decision to let them near it as “our biggest failure.”

The comments come by way of a recent interview with Platinum Games director Atsushi Inaba:

The biggest failure for Platinum so far, the one that really sticks in my mind, is that port.

At the time we didn’t really know how to develop on PS3 all that well, and whether we could have done it… is irrelevant: we made the decision that we couldn’t.

But looking back on the result, and especially what ended up being released to users, I regard that as our biggest failure.

One thing I will say is that it wasn’t a failure for nothing. We learned that we needed to take responsibility for everything. So on Vanquish we developed both versions in-house.

We learned, so it wasn’t a pointless failure, but it was a failure nonetheless.

He is apparently silent as to just how Sega managed to make such a mess of things and why Platinum stood by as they did.

However, whilst agreeably honest about the affair, Platinum is unlikely to be winning over jilted fans of the series any time soon – Bayonetta 2 is a WiiU exclusive, which Platinum blames on publisher issues, something not necessarily likely to win over fans with no need of the WiiU and its superior graphical capabilities.

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