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“The 9 Rooms No Girl Will Tolerate”


Yet another survey of Japanese womenfolk reveals just how loathed the merest hint of anime-related interests are, with otaku-related paraphernalia featuring prominently in a list of the interiors most repulsive to womankind.

The list, based on surveys of the common Japanese female:

1. A room with a wall plastered with idol posters

“I understand their feelings, but this is just gross!”

2. A bunch of car or bike parts taking up loads of space

“Stuff you can trip over – at least leave it outside.”

3. Weight training junk of no interest to girls

“My jaw dropped when he asked me to do it with him…”

4. High end hifi gear unlikely to result in any music she’d want to hear

“I don’t want to hear him going on about how good the low frequency response is.”

5. Moe figures reminiscent of otaku

“Honestly, even a few of these really creep me out!”

6. Plastic models which will provoke his ire when you touch and break them

“When I got close to take a look at them he angrily told me ‘don’t touch!'”

7. A gloomy room with all the furniture in matching black

“There’s nothing wrong with black, but it is kind of ominous.”

8. Gaudy black light illumination

“Even now? It’s dark and you can’t see what you are doing.”

9. Tons of manga – a little might be OK, but not too much…

“Please, give me a break from bookshelves filled with nothing but manga.”

The group most devastated by some of these items is understandably upset, as usual:

“I only have one poster of an idol so I guess I am in the clear!”

“I thought these days nobody plasters their wall with idol posters any more, but then I remembered how popular AKB48 is…”

“I wish the girls who make these haughty rankings would take a look in the mirror…”

“‘Why do guys all waste their money on such stupid things?’ ‘Right, girls only spend all their cash on worthwhile things like branded bags and the latest season’s fashion, don’t they?'”

“People who refuse to tolerate interests different to their own are scum irrespective of gender.”

“Since they didn’t mention dakimakura I am choosing to believe they are OK.”

“My room is nothing but Fate-chan…”

“At least consoles are OK now?”

“My room is nothing but plastic models and manga…”

“The site which makes these rankings needs to realise it is just as creepy to all men.”

“How would a girl find her way into those types of room in the first place?”

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