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“Emergency Arrest”: Police Bust Schoolboy for Tearing Menu


Police were recently forced to conduct an emergency arrest of a boy for the grievous crime of damaging a school cafeteria menu, after teachers concluded his behaviour was so outrageous they could not possibly be expected to handle him.

The incident occurred one morning at an Okinawa middle school, where a 15-year-old boy became annoyed at being warned not to play on a balcony near a classroom, and tore down a menu describing the school’s lunches.

The school immediately called in the police, saying his behaviour “went beyond the limits of school discipline,” and responding officers quickly arrested him at the scene for criminal property damage.

The boy admits the charges, saying “I got angry at being warned so I tore it.” The incident was also dutifully reported in the pages of local media.

In light of recent events, there has been a certain amount of concern expressed online:

“What an outrageous crime!”

“A major incident indeed!”

“What were the teachers doing…”

“If this required an emergency arrest, the ones at Shiga needed to be shot immediately.”

“This is more important to police than forced suicide practice, nice to see they have their priorities straight!”

“Criminal damage of about 5 yen…”

“Come on, he was probably a problem kid who did other stuff too!”

“Police shouldn’t be dealing with kids with learning disabilities.”

“Perhaps the school didn’t think they would actually arrest him?”

“He probably just got sick of them putting that disgusting bitter melon in everything they served…”

“Making an emergency arrest over this has got to be abuse of police powers.”

“Pretty scary that the police could get away with arresting someone on such trumped up minor charges…”

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