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74% of Americans “Don’t Trust” China


Amazingly, surveys of the American people now reveal the vast majority of them do not trust their new Chinese friends at all, with most apparently considering them a more pressing threat even than Iran or North Korea – coming as something of a relief to Japanese who had been left pondering being dumped in favour of China.

Surveys of the US public conducted by Pew (some months prior to China’s latest efforts to wrest the Ryukyus from Japan) paint a dismal picture of US attitudes to their Chinese friends.

A mere 26% of Americans thought China could be trusted, and only a third believed China takes the interests of other nations into account.

In contrast, 62% thought Japan could be trusted, and majorities even trusted the likes of Britain, France, Israel and India.

Meanwhile 66% of those questioned viewed China as a “competitor” to the US, and 15% went further and considered them an “enemy.”

45% viewed Obama’s servile policy towards China as not being tough enough, compared to 39% who considered it about right – needless to say, Republicans were much harder on China than Democrats, although 48% of them still viewed China’s rise as a “major threat” to the US, compared to 60% of Republicans.

26% also thought China represented the biggest national threat to US security, more than such darlings of US foreign policy as Iran (16%) and North Korea (13%). Bizarrely, 1% actually thought Japan represented the greatest threat to the US, compared to 3% for Russia and “0%” for evil terrorists.


Japanese are delighted to learn that their own nearly universal loathing of China is shared by their American masters:

“An expected result!”

“I’m more shocked about 40% of them not trusting Japan…”

“Probably most of them were ‘no opinion’ and ‘don’t know’ though.”

“How long are they going to hold stuff against Japan for? It’s not like Obama holds stuff against whites…”

“Be thankful for that 60%, I bet hardly any Japanese trust America.”

“Only 62%…”

“Blame it on those damn Okinawans protesting their military all the time, they think we are all anti-American as a result.”

“So that stuff about Americans favouring China over Japan was just fabrication?”

“Pretty scary that there are 26% of them dumb enough to trust China. Not that Japan is likely to be any better.”

“What percentage of the 26% were Chinese Americans though?”

“Their universities are all full of Chinese, there’s your reason.”

“26% is rather a lot really.”

“I used to think China could be trusted when we were learning about Confucius in school.”

“I’m a bit worried about all their young people trusting China though…”

“The young ones are gradually being taken in by all the Chinese propaganda. Both America and Japan ought to be concerned about that.”

“Their young people have really fallen for China’s ploys, haven’t they?”

“The young ones are too left-wing!”

“Just be thankful their young people aren’t getting this level of anti-Japanese education:”


“I bet if they took it again after the riots in China it would be in the single digits…”

“What do we have to do to become one of America-sama’s states?”

“Give it up, if we did manage to become one we’d make up too much of their electorate, they’d never abide it.”

“Who asked for a Japanese president if Japan did become a state. We need a strong American president, putting some spineless Japanese politician in there would make the whole thing pointless.”

“It’s hardly surprising they hate a currency manipulating communist dictatorship which has ruined their industries.”

“Come on you damn yanks, only 62% of you trust your loyal little Japanese doggy?”

“We’re supposed to be their ally!”

“Just remember that the average American doesn’t care about or have any knowledge of other countries at all.”

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  • The 1% are worried about when Japan becomes a major producer of giant humanoid robots that WTFPWN the rest of the world. Upside it not many people will be sad when China is the first to be squashed by said giant humanoid robots.

  • It sickens me that ANY of my countrymen would cast their lot with the PRC instead of Japan. Last time I checked, the JGSDF never ran over student protesters with a tank nor has the Japanese government murdered baby girls, Buddhists, and Christian missionaries. Despite Japan’s checkered past, I support them today.


  • ……Once upon a time I came to Sankaku Complex for anime, game, manga and occasionally ecchi news.

    I guess it’s all fun for OP to start provoking hate and thoughts, then he/she sits back and laugh their ass off.

    Why Sancom, just why.

  • Enserio creen que EU estaria interesado en tener fuertes relaciones de amistad con un pais tan mediocre como china?

    EU y otros paises usan a china como mano de obra barata para varios productios, pero nadamas… de hay en fuera no hay ningun otro aspecto benefico…

    Ademas ellos mismos se contradicen ya que si no mal recuerdo, el gobierno de china estubo (o esta) prohibiendo el uso del ingles, segun para mantener sus culturas y costumbres; asi tambien prohibe la navegacion de internet a paginas extrangeras por ello china baneo el uso de facebook en su pais y ellos mismos crearon su propia red social.

    En pocas palabras, china es un pais de mentalidad cerrada.

    Ahora, estoy un poco encontra de Sankaku Complex, ya que recientemente en lugar de hablar de anime y entretenimiento, esta haciendo posts para incitar el odio hacia los chinos asi como estarlos criticando de sus errores.

  • whats up with the comments on young people loving china over Japan? Most young people probably late 20 and downward like japan or are at least indifferent towards. I mean alot of 20 somethings watch dbz on cartoon network and took an interest in japan.

  • Of course we don’t trust China in America and it’s not all about communism either. We don’t trust China because of the numerous instances in recent years of them sending us products that were…. well, poisonous to be blunt and truthful on the matter.

    If they had punished ANYONE for those instances (especially in the cases of lead contaminated children’s stuff) we wouldn’t have been pissed.

    But that didn’t happen.

  • “So that stuff about Americans favouring China over Japan was just fabrication?”
    It’s cute that Japan actually believed the other results. Especially something that was posted by Xinhua. So adorable, so gullible.

  • We were never BFF with China and we never really trusted them. Polls can be total BS if you question the “right people”. Most Chinese Americans are okay. They or their ancestors came the US for the same reason as everyone else here (who isn’t a Native American that is). You know what’s ironic is that first picture of the “Chinese / American Friendship Center”. If they posted anti government propaganda posters in their mother country they’d already be making our sneakers while being beaten in prison by now.

  • You guys are assholes your own country is a joke. The globalist is playing division card make nation hate others while they prep up for ww3 agenda 21 and loot nation with thir Blight reference to Dragon age pc game.

  • mark my words China is trying to conquer the world piece by piece. buying multinationals n big industries all over the world n trying to befriend with other countries, ppl just sit oblivious, they r feeling ur behind gently just then they will assrape every1. by god i hope im completly wrong but i got a feeling i wont live to see it coming n maybe neither of u but i feel pain to think that our children will suffer the incoming storm.

  • 76% dont trust any foreign country.

    oh dear… come on.
    If someone would ask me:
    Do you trust Brazil?
    Do you trust Russia?
    Do you trust Indonesia?

    I would probably always answer with NO!!
    Reason? I dont know anything about those countries except some tiny bits of information i get from the mass media.
    Why? Because i simply dont care..

  • Forget what politicians tell everyone. The American people know that the shady deals between nations do not help our businesses grow or ensure we have safe products from imports. We all know that having China as a trading partner means that we are going to be the losers in the long run when a communist nation can bankroll businesses on their side to create unfair competition & drive competetitors out of the market…that is after they steal all the trade secrets of their competitors to clone their products first.

  • I swear to fucking God, these posts are retarded. 75% of Americans could care a less about China. Misleading posts like this are just adding more bullshit hate. What happened to the Top 10 lists and Cosplay posts i used to love here??

    Seriously lost the bullshit and get back to what people come here for!!

  • As an American, I have been to both of these countries, I rather loved every bit of my stay while in Japan. Sure I had a few things that went wrong, but that was little things like getting someone to tell me where was the best places to eat, and not the crappy tourist places. In china it was nice, the people tended to be a little distant, and did not really care if I was there, still saw some beautiful things there as well. But Japan won me over so much I went back three times, China only once. And being formally in the Army I will say this, I would much rather have Japan guard my back than most other UN countries.

    I am not surprised by this poll however, as much of where I live in the state of Iowa, people tend to be a little suspicious of a country that is communist, they may like the people, they may like bits of the culture but do not trust a communist government period. Our values in the Midwest United States are a little different than other places in the country, Plus there is a fact that as far as I am concerned to many fellow Americans relies too heavily on what the media tells us, about the goings on in other countries rather than look into it ourselves.

  • Now I’m just guessing, but I’m fairly certain that 1% who see Japan as a threat probably couldn’t tell the difference between China and Japan on a map, let alone a citizen from each. In other words, the kind of person who hears a language that is not English and calls the speaker a dirty Mexican and tells them to go back over the border. I suppose we should be thankful its only 1%!

  • Frankly, I won’t even trust them.

    One day, they may even use legends about the 3000 virgin boys and girls sent over the seas to look for the elixir of life being Chinese, thus Japan should be considered Chinese assets.

    Senkaku Islands was a Japanese territory before WW1 and WW2, lost and return to Japan, thus it belongs to Japan.

    They are just using these excuse to see how much they can grab, same tactics by Hitler.

    First, Senkaku Islands, Next Spratly Islands.

  • Any Japanese person who wants Japan to become a US state doesn’t realize what they are doing to their nation. They’ll have to accept immigrants from all over the world and even worse, accept japanophiles moving into their “state”.

    Heck I wouldn’t mind moving to one of those abandoned villages. I’d of course bring my barbarian methods of heating and cooling my home.

    On the bright side, the FBI will come in and clear out the majority of police departments due to the rampant corruption.

    • And be under the hypocrite ‘morals’ of the U.S.? No way Japan they’ll kill everything we know about you!

      Ever feminist and moral-fag will crawl out to the corners of the earth crying to “reform” japan and “down with the foreign devil magic!”

  • I do not trust China, as a country and economical power I mean.
    Their attitude is getting worse each day as they hold other countries at their feet with their “money” power and profit without shame of their dominant position.
    A country which economy is based on overworking and abusing their own workers is no matter how powerful it is a bad country…
    Oh, and I’m not american but french.

    Some interesting things to read here (its in french, just Google translate it).

  • I find it amusing that the question is a matter of trust rather than one of popularity. Honestly, I know enough about Asian countries to know the cultures look on deception differently than Western cultures do, and it is not considered outright dishonorable, as it would be in America.

    Don’t really trust either China or Japan, regardless of whether or not I like either one.

  • Japan has been a good and loyal friend to the US for almost 70 years. The US should be prepared to go to the wall for Japan because that’s what friends do when they are in trouble.
    The Chameleon PRC government changes appearance to give the perception that it is your friend. It changed from a murderous Communist regime into a quasi Capitalist totalitarian state that still has the ambitions of its former leaders like Mao. They just changed their Mao suits for bankers three piece suits.
    China has done nothing but play the aggressor and stir up trouble all over the world since 1949. Millions have died at their hands. Trust? Not if were smart.

    • Yeah America and Japan are buddies who often have sleep over in each other’s tree house! LOL
      On a global scale there is no friendship or royalty, just self interest and money. All super powers are aggressors with self interest at heart…
      With about 600+ U.S. military base around the world its a bit hard to say American is a peace loving country who keep to them self…
      Don’t be ignorant in thinking there’s justice and friendship in global diplomacy.

    • China is a scorpion:

      A scorpion crawl back and forth near a river, a fox came along a notice the scorpion. The fox ask what’s the scorpion is doing. The scorpion say he wants to cross the river and asked the fox to carry him across. The fox would like to help but don’t won’t to be sting once on his back, crossing the river. The scorpion say he’ll also drown if he did sting. So the fox see his point and let the scorpion crawl on his back and began swimming across the river. Halfway through the river, the scorpion, on the fox’s back, crawl to the fox’s neck and stung him. As the poison flow into the fox’s veins, his legs start to slow down, he can’t make it in time. The fox told the scorpion why he stung him, now they’ll both die. The scorpion replies: “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.”

    • Sadly, there’s a lot of dumb people.

      Most people here in the U.S. don’t care one way or another so long as their children are fed and safe, and that the economy is strong.

      Besides, no survey is completely accurate.

      • Japanese are pretty civilized people if they would have nuked our country we would pretend to be friends with them so they will trust us make them like our food and culture and after that kill them all

        • Don’t say it that way,the son country Japan begging with tears for help from their Daddy Sam.Spare Japan some face and give them some hope just for the sake of ironed out two Japanese cities in for Chinese,they don’t need punch out Japan cause the God has its plan,the tsunami,the nuclear plant explosion,by the way,is it a sign from Heaven,Japan will be destroyed by NUCLEAR and sink.i’m waiting in a sofa with a popcorn.

        • They probably would have been even more civilized if we hadden’t spent the better part of a century treating them like shit.

          First we treated them like shit because they were an isolationist society and we were an imperial power.

          Then we treated them like shit because they became an imperialist power and we were an enlightened power.

  • I’m Vietnamese-American so I especially dislike China, but not because it is in my blood. I’ve been to Vietnam and have seen the state it lies in and I’ve heard the news of what China is trying to do to what would have been my home country, and I’m experiencing first-hand China’s impact on America every day. I don’t like it one bit, and every well-informed American should be upset about it.

    • Not saying you’re wrong or anything but I do wonder about Americans who are hating on China for trying to take land and resources, yet completely ignore and not care about their own country doing the very same tihng.

      The only difference is China doesn’t give a rat’s ass about trying to hide their ulterior motives. Whereas America tries to vehemently keep up this charade of liberating countries.

      I’m just saying…

  • The Australian government and media is trying to make the Australian populace like China and look down on Japan.

    “China is slaughtering monks? Killing all their unwanted daughters?”

    • No, don’t trust what people post on internet forums as a majority opinion. The crazier a person is, the more they post. Normal people have these things called “lives” that prohibit how much time they can waste trolling the Internet.


  • That last comment above is not far from the truth. Most people here are either poor as shit and living off the government or somewhat well of and pretend to care. Around 40% of Americans are so poor they don’t pay taxes. The rest are so self-involved with their own life that they don’t care what happens anywhere else, although they will claim otherwise when something like Colorado goes down. Americans, rich and poor, are satisfied with life as long as their comfort zone is not disturbed. When the Japan/China conflict comes to affect them in even a minor way, then they will bitch and demand that some person, other than themselves, do something. People here are content as long as they can maintain the illusion of safety, security, and freedom; the largest American illusion. The public education here is shit, the media lies to us, and our government continues to convince us to throw our supposed rights away. One thing is certain, it would be stupid to back China, debt or no debt, in a conflict against a long time alley. Loyalty can go a long way; maybe not with any governments, but with individuals. Governments are all the same anyway: Just a group of over-paid, lying, puppet control freaks that fail to accomplish most of what they promise. Obama is such a pussy though, who knows what he will do.

  • Who’s surprised? They are rude, they are life despising, they destroy the nature regardless of the consequences, they copy all things.

    I hate China!

    Fuck off China, I piss on you!!! You are one of the most wayward nation ever in this world. And you are surprised why? Think about why and you will see!

  • Some of the people fear Chinese are up to something when they brought in Chinese Guest Teacher Program. Where the Chinese government provides there own teachers for schools to learn Mandarin Chinese.Some Americans resented that program what most people don’t understand it might help top provide jobs for children in the future.

  • How could anyone trust them?

    Just tske a good look at inofficial interviews when some of their functionaries think they are no longer talking in front of a camera, about their goals and visions for the future. You will always get a very bleak, even hostile attitude out of them. Western countries would do well to not sell their souls to them.

  • “I’m more shocked about 40% of them not trusting Japan…”
    Should we trust a nation that still insists on alienating foreigners? Japanese avoid popular services used by foreigners [twitter/facebook, yahoo/ebay, psn/xbl], hold their own HATE rallies [white pig go home], do not provide assistance to their allies [see “terrorism”] and blame our servicemen the second something bad happens around one of our bases.

    “How long are they going to hold stuff against Japan for? It’s not like Obama holds stuff against whites…”
    Do Japanese even realize Obama is not “just black”? His mother is white.

    “We’re supposed to be their ally!”
    Where were you while we invaded Afghanistan & Iraq? Answer; hiding behind your new constitution.

    • 1. Japan needs to stay “xenophobic”. Or rather, they need to stay strongly NATIONALIST. If they fail to do so, they’ll end up like America. A third world immigrant mixing pot with third world criminality, third world culture, third world moral standards, third world intelligence, third world economy, third world living standards, and a third world utter inability to maintain a proper and functional society. Yeah, I’d rather that didn’t happen to Japan.

      2. Obama is blatantly anti-white. His legislation allows white on black crime to be labeled “hate crime” even when there is little or no evidence of racial motivation. Conversely the hate crime legislation does not allow for black on white crimes to be elevated to hate crime status, even when it very clearly is a racially motivated crime. He signed an executive order stating that rowdy black students are not to be punished. The federal government is already scrambling to start up agencies to make sure that order is followed.

      3. With what force? If you haven’t noticed, Japan is STILL an occupied territory (as is Germany). They were forced into agreements after the war that severely crippled their military capacity/capabilities. Why would they, or hell, why would we, even want to attack Afghanistan & Iraq? They didn’t do anything to Japan or the US or any western countries. At all. They were minding their own damned business. Oh, you mean you believe the US governments story about 9/11? How I pity you you sad fool. 9/11 was a false flag operation. There was no Muslim involvement in that incident… Even members of the Japanese government lambasted the 9/11 incident as being a false flag. They know whats up, why don’t you? You mean Saddam Hussein’s WMDs? The ones that we never found because they never existed? You mean the evil Saddam who was literally put into power by the CIA, and who was buddy buddy with the US for years, acting like our little stooge? Get real. We’re over there to steal the natural resources and prop up PUPPET governments who abide to our every whim.

    • “Where were you while we invaded Afghanistan & Iraq? Answer; hiding behind your new constitution.”

      The problem lies in the word ‘invaded’. Governments help each other defending, but most don’t like helping to invade others.

  • Seems about right.
    They’ve been arming our enemies, screwing around with our money system, and cozying up with our politicians at every opportunity.
    The average American has every reason not to trust the Chinese government.

    We always knew were we stood with the Russians, and they have strong principles. China is going to be a troublesome opponent because its wrapped itself around our industrial base.

    • I know what you mean, China has been going through a proxy in North Korea to assist Iran! It’s all forming up to be a axis of evil, hell the Russians are just as bad, they are financing Greece owes in order to control the resources from within! These are very interesting times indeed, but the average buffoon want’s to sit at home, watching mtv talk trash on xbox live and could give a shit less. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these idiots don’t get it, the draft has been re-instated and they can’t stop what’s going to happen, hopefully when this thing starts, our “politicians” well let the actual generals take over, and protect our great countries.


      Sec. 601. Secretary of Labor. (a) The Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:

      (1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense;

      (2) upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;

      (3) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order, consult with that agency with respect to: (i) the effect of contemplated actions on labor demand and utilization; (ii) the relation of labor demand to materials and facilities requirements; and (iii) such other matters as will assist in making the exercise of priority and allocations functions consistent with effective utilization and distribution of labor;

      (4) upon request from the head of an agency with authority under this order: (i) formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes; and (ii) estimate training needs to help address national defense requirements and promote necessary and appropriate training programs; and

      (5) develop and implement an effective labor management relations policy to support the activities and programs under this order, with the cooperation of other agencies as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, including the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the National Mediation Board, and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

      (b) All agencies shall cooperate with the Secretary of Labor, upon request, for the purposes of this section, to the extent permitted by law.


      It’s not going to be a pretty sight.

      • And how is that different then in the past? you know even with an all vol military men still have to register with selective service at 18 anyways. When was the last change was it a yearly update? or has it been 10+ years in which case updating it if it was needed is a good idea. Also why do people thing obama if he did have bad intentions would even pull something off like the military which id point out generaly has normal family members that would be effected anyways would just go along with some weired take over. while I know some really stupid people in the military most understand the meaning of the oath which mentions lawful orders most would understand some guy telling you he’s your new leader for life and asking you to take action against fellow citizens wouldnt qualify as a lawful order.

  • The only Chinese we Americans truly trust:
    1. The sex slave workers in the massage parlors that get raided every so often
    2. The dry cleaners
    3. The nails & hair salon workers
    4. The restaurant cooks (You know we [B]love[/B] the orange flavored dog & cat they slip us every so often when they think we’re not noticing!)

    So Japan [B]does[/B] want to become the 51st state in the union! No wonder we’ve got so many military personnel over there!

  • The problem is, Japan is too reserved. I guess that’s just how Japanese are. In politics you have to be bold to win. Japan should just step it up and outright oppose China, trying to ally with as many as possible against China. No doubt many of China’s neighbors feel the pressure from China too and would love to have an ally against China. They’re just too shy to reach out to each other.

    • Great idea! Pissing off the closest continental army, who’re just dying to take that land by force at the slightest provocation, while China’s crazy patriots are throwing caution to the wind and rioting in the streets waiting for any excuse to trash something Japanese… That won’t backlash at all!

      Honestly, if the U.S. Military AND the U.N. weren’t backing Japan up, China would’ve already annexed the place along with Korea and Taiwan. They have the military force to do so. But because the U.S. would tear them apart if they tried, they won’t make a move. And they know that we Americans would just LOVE to have an excuse to “occupy” them with out Military like we’re doing with the Tusken Raiders in the middle east!

      • We are not not that stupid to fight a physical war with you barbarians but a rather a economical war instead.

        Why waste effort trying to fight a country that will bleed itself out like the dumb barbarians you are. Continue spending more than your means, Americans and Europeans.

        The extinction of Japan is just a prelude of great things to come. Next up, unification of the East and the destruction of the white devils. Middle east? Meh let them kill each other for all I care.

        • That’s not far from the truth. The USA would kick the crap out of the Middle Kingdom in an all out war. As long as they didn’t get sucked into trying to rebuild the dungheap left behind. Maybe Japan would be willing to clean up the mess?

      • So instead you want to wait till they are strong enough to oppose the US too, right?
        As of now, those Islands belong to Japan and if they start to develop them, and China makes a move. That’d be the perfect excuse for the US to move in and “tear them apart”, so what is the problem?

        • The problem is that if Japan starts developing on them, they’d be breaking the U.N. charter, and no longer have their support, that in turn would make the USA pull out because they don’t want to lose U.N. support as well. At that point, all Japan would have is the support of N.A.T.O. which sadly includes China, so it pretty unlikely anyone would stop the invasion.

          If China acted without Japan breaking any treaties or charters, then it’d all be fine and we’d come kick their ass. All it’d take is a few dozen air strikes to wipe out their larger military forces, bases, and factories. Then we just mop it up with ground troops.

        • We let japan become stronger, and we will eventually have to repeat ww2, but only this time wiping it out completely.

          I’d say current arrangement is useful for the time being. Japan is done for anyway, and we can cut the cord when we are tired of them in the future. That whole region is too cowardly to truly evolve beyond what’s comfortable for them, not willing to go through revolutions, not mature enough to truly understand what it needs and should be doing. Treat them as children, and we will benefit more than losing anything.

  • Random thoughts:

    “I’m more shocked about 40% of them not trusting Japan…” (There’s this large section of the country called “the bible belt”. At least 90% of that 40% live there.)

    “So that stuff about Americans favouring China over Japan was just fabrication?” (Same question ran through my mind as well. Hmmm.)

    “I used to think China could be trusted when we were learning about Confucius in school.” (Yes, learning about Confucius can leave many Confused.)

    “The young ones are too left-wing!” (And so the vegan craze runs amok.)

    “What do we have to do to become one of America-sama’s states?” (Catgirls. Lots of catgirls. I can dream, right?)

    “Who asked for a Japanese president if Japan did become a state. We need a strong American president, putting some spineless Japanese politician in there would make the whole thing pointless.” (Strong American president. *looks at ballot* Mind asking again in 2016?)

    “Just remember that the average American doesn’t care about or have any knowledge of other countries at all.” (The average American made Snooki a household name. To help answer any possible “why” questions.)

  • “Be thankful for that 60%, I bet hardly any Japanese trust America.”

    “Only 62%…”

    Japanese need to understand that as long as they remain japanese, they will never be fully trusted. Who would trust people that actively seek to aggrandize its achievements at everyone else’s expense with every conceivable opportunity, much more so than anyone else? “Look at ASIMO! FUTURE ROBOTS ARE HERE, MADE BY JAPANESE! WE R SO GREATTT! now if we could only get it up the stairs….”

    World looks at japanese like they look at koreans and chinese, only in the world’s case they are justified in their hatred. No one particularly cared about that pathetic island nation until it started making noise trying to be noticed.

  • Hahaha me myself is a Chinese and I’m here for the arrow in my knee lol
    …though, I really don’t think that there is anything wrong with such result. It’s the game of the thrones. If any party’s cheese is moved, they need at least flame the troll 🙂 I don’t care about those political loath anctually – we can’t do anything over it. If anything, we were used and exploited as propaganda infectors.
    Actually the only reason that made me want to reply is: I’m just passing by and noticed the rofl-ing picture. We ourselves even don’t talk about that M@rx!sm anymore!

  • This is news? Laughable.

    Chinese are never trusted with anything. Their attitude puts even their closest neighbors, no ESPECIALLY close neighbors, on edge and pissed off. They have seen what happened to Tibet, Turkmenistan.

    Believe me, people are getting ready for war. As soon as china makes a stupid move, it’s open season for chinks across the globe. World wide gangbang is exactly what china needs to put them in their place.

    • No, we just know that we’re fucked no matter how we vote. Congress tried to pass 3 internet censorship bill one after another because each one got protested, then we got that illegal international treaty that stated the exact same stuff and more (it was illegal because it was drafted in secrecy) that luckily got shut down because the European Union said “hell no, that’d get all of our officials killed!”

      The recent Healthcare bill/law is just Extortion because you have to have Insurance now, glad to see that money Insurance companies spent lobbying the Congressmen didn’t go to waste… Fuckers…

      And they’re trying again with a bill that’ll allow the military to detain anyone (including citizens) indefinitely without trial on suspicion of being a terrorist… No way that could be misused! (Sarcasm.)

  • Well duh… Considering how many companies are outsourcing to china instead of staying in the US, creating US jobs.. that ridiculous riot where the Chinese government is basically encouraging the rioters, not to mention how many times it was found china hacked into high level stuff on US soil for spying.. everything exploding and being overall low quality all around… only idiots and uninformed people would trust China

      • Knowing what Roosevelt looks like – or even what he did, for that matter – essentially amounts to trivia in today’s world. It’s not practical knowledge, so it’s no wonder that people wouldn’t be familiar with it.

        • I’m sure most of them knew who Franklin Roosevelt was, and knowledge of what he did can be considered important for learning from the past.

          However, I agree that knowing what he ‘looked like’ is arguably unessential trivia at this point. He’s been dead for 67 years, after all. Being able to recognize him at a glance is probably only useful for historians. Any time a picture or video of him is presented to the general public, it will almost always be paired with a caption or commentary indicating who he is.

    • And you think this is limited to the USA? Gave me a good laugh there.
      Far too many countries are like that. at least with them they have a far better reason for it since they’re only close to Canada/Mexico really, as where there isn’t any excuse in Europe and yet it’s pretty bad.

    • Always trying to turn west’s criticisms around and make it sound like west is worse. That would be true only if it really is so.

      Facts are not equal to personal biases. Reality has a habit of bitch slapping uppity fuckers who like to delude themselves according to views they feel comfortable with, not facts.

      Remember that next time you feel the pathetic uncontrollable urge to bitch about the west.

      • Except thinking the east worse and imagining they have a neutral understanding of east politics IS the biggest bias in the world. If anything, the biggest problem in western thinking (read:Amerikkka) is overemphasis on their own values and denigrating others, when the ‘facts’ they’re based on may be inaccurate, taken out of context, or plain propaganda altogether.

      • So…instead we’ll ignore our shortcomings and wrongs? Yeah, that sounds so much better! THIS is the problem with us Westerners. We constantly critisize countries for various reasons (mostly out of pure ignorance). Here are a few facts that us Westerners love to avoid;

        -We jump into other countries problems as if we decide what’s what.
        -We love to play the divde and conquer game with various countries society.
        -We try to enforce “OUR” morals upon others.
        -We blindly support so called “liberation” or “justice” without hesitation while being completely ignorant on matters (Tibet, Iraq, Middle East, Russia, China).
        -We brush off our mistakes to downplay it’s seriousness.
        -We’re (America mostly) big hypocrites and love using double standards.

        Face it, we might not be the worse in certain aspects. But as people in ignorance, we shine. This is coming from a Brit who’s government is a massive douchebag thanks so us falling for Cameron’s bullshit.

        As much as China is universally known for lack of human rights, plagerism and a variety of negatives to count and Japan known for social inadaquecies, denialists, paedophiles and rapists. America is universally known as being world police, high on ignorance, moral zealots and hypocrites.

        It’s your own problem if you can’t handle criticism of your own country. One would be a moron if one didn’t expect to recieve the same treatment for what one has said to another.

        • Summary of 20:17:

          “You should be loyal with whatever badassery your coutry’s pulling instead of hippying out because it’s easier”

          No, shitting with the crowd’s easier. Care to join the Chinese? You’d be best of bros.

          “You apologists think you’re smarter than us”

          Oh the fears… Thanks for confessing up.

          “You have no idea how anti-us ppl think because you’ve never been them. But I know: *rants on”
          “We DO have moral authority cause WE DA BEST and they be little fuckers”

          Aww so cute.

          “You’re just a twofaced poser who stands with the strongest party”

          Think I saw the word ‘victimisation’ somewhere up there…

        • Finally, a comment that actually makes sense in all this chaos. Maybe hatred will be removed from this website one day, and peace will be restored to sankaku, making sankaku about the “sankaku” again.

        • You really need to check yourself. You have no idea how much of a laughing stock treatment other people get because of self-hating, spineless and really ignorant fool like you who thinks they are being more ‘enlightened’ by chipping away at their own nations.

          Your kind of people who like to criticize what you think are easy targets is the reason west is in such turmoil mentally and spiritually. Instead of simply accepting facts proportionately and still remaining in the interest of their own country, you bitch and bitch while trying to tell others you are being more ‘enlightened’.

          You have absolutely no idea about what these so-called anti-US crowd think. You don’t know unless you have been one. Their hypocrisy and ignorance is not a reaction towards the west’s actions, but rather opportunistic and cowardly. Where are the muslim attacks against china for state sanctioned Quran, raids in mosques, or destruction of a muslim nation that is on going now?

          We do, in fact, have higher moral authority in a relative sense. While not without faults, we continue to correct and improve, often against popular and short-sighted ignorant criticism from crowd like yours. Many nations vehemently anti-west are also those that are extremely impoverished and oppressed, most if not all by their own hands. And on the international stage, those who behave like entitled victims have no moral authority over those who succeed, advance, and empower its people.

          Really, the self-hate and spineless ignorance that latches onto whatever smells like a stronger party (even if that party is interested in nothing more than using and defiling the group you really belong to) is not only pathetic – it wins respect from no one. If you have any pair left, check what you say and be loyal to your group instead of whoring out to anything that feels like empowers your shifting attitude.

    • ROFL! I was just going to make that comment, and here it is… the first one in the list. It seriously is sad just how easily the stupid people have it in this country. Being middle class, you get screwed. The rich get a plethora of tax breaks (granted we’re able to get many of them too, but they don’t have as great of affect on us because it’s rare we have spare money for them to affect), and the poor/impoverished (code for lazy and useless in most cases) get money handed to them for every kid they pop out. That kid then grows up to be the same as their parents, and so-on. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the money paying for these lazy bastards comes from the middle class (mostly because there are more middle class than upper). Rather than giving people more money for popping out more kids, they should sterilize them after 2 kids if they don’t have the income to support them themselves. Half the time, they don’t even give a damn about the poor kid anyway.

  • it’s no surprise if china gets there way their fine but when they start to lose well they start threatening and rioting china is not bad it’s the leader and indoctrination that goes on if the leader and his buddies weren’t so corrupted and cared for their country’s health and ran thing not based on violence etc it wouldn’t be that bad anyway i prefer japan over china anyway i might be an american but i taught my self japanese i learned there aspects, behavior, attitudes and customs and i live by most of them you should never judge a country unless you live a life like theirs after all there the odd ones out if there WAY of life differs than your own

      • same anon as 15:47
        you are not wrong in that regard i stayed in china for 1 year on business not living as they did. When you live there you see things that is not shown in news when a foreign doctor voluntarily helps a person and cures an illness and the person thanks their leader over the doctor well thats wrong or if you speak badly against you leader and your beaten then thats also wrong. controlled by violence and brainwashed to praise him as a god well i see fault their but i cant say there entirely at fault. i have also been to Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and currently trying to become a resident of japan

        • The foreign doctor didn’t cure that person, the government did for letting the doctor in the country and having the far-sighted wisdom to build bridges and roads for said doctor to get to person’s city. Doctor didn’t build that! All worship the glorious leader Obama! Sorry, I meant Hu Jintao!

      • The site seems /not/ legit.

        The site includes generalized text not supported by the questions and responses, e.g., it says, “Yet, a majority describes China as a competitor and few say the U.S. can trust the Asian nation.”

        I didn’t see a question reading, “Do you trust China?”

        That question is so broad as to be meaningless.

        By “China” does one mean the Chinese government, Chinese nationals living in China, Chinese nationals living in other countries, people of Chinese descent, or what?

        /Some/ — not all, and probably not most — people in government, business, and the military lie, cheat, steal, and oppress other people.

        I don’t see that being tied to a particular national affiliation or genetic descent.

    • Honestly i dont trust in this… why?
      1-China banned the use of english supposedly to preserve their traditions.
      2-China banned the browse trought foering website, for that reazon they also banned facebook and they made their own social website.
      -I would like to know the font of this information or who is the responsible to get such info.

      -Maybe im wrong but does not Sankaku Complex are inciting hatred toward China?

      -Why all the comments that i do in spanish are moved to the bottom or even deleted?

  • It’s about time the world realize what China truly is. The truth is: the FREE countries of East Asia hates China, all Southeast Asian countries hates China, and all South Asian countries hates China. China the big bully of Asia can go to hell.

    • Everyone in that part of the world hates each other. They’ve spent centuries try to conquer each other, collect tribute from each other, thumbing their noses at each other, and probably a few other things no one else has thought of yet.

      • I like to think of everyone being butthurt because China used to be the backwater and now they are in the front of everything (except quality in some cases). The fact it has an unbroken string of historic heritage also says something of its integrity among the Asian countries that try so hard to be free and what’s not. There is something to be learned of this and that is China has merely survived everything everyone has thus far thrown at it and prospered. Additionally, the PRC survey is about as accurate as someone asking donkeys to fill out leave forms for holidays from constant carrot chasing. These percentages represent America’s insecurity and scrutiny to all those who don’t follow their ‘concepts’ and in a way, the irony is that the USA resembles pretty much like Islam right now, it seems unable to tolerate anyone who has another way that works, and it cannot unhinge itself from thinking that other party is a threat when in fact: lets look at how many wars US has started. How many has ended, and how many seem to be on the brink of starting? Take a look at how many China has started in the recent ‘rising eastern power’ years: NONE. Look carefully, and think about what a real threat is. The real threat is the perceived one, one people like Mitt is hammering into the very minds of otherwise smart and wise people. We cannot weigh people on an overgeneralization, just because China vetoed on Syria means hardly much in the large scale and long term of things. At the core of it all is simply USA’s rotting feature of ‘Big Brother Mentality’ One indeed it seems unable to shift from since the Cold War.

    • No, he’s right about the Filipino’s having no trust or respect for the Chinese. Did you hear about the tour bus of Chinese in the Philippines? It was hijacked and the Chinese people on board all shot.

      • I’m Vietnamese I don’t like China. Even though I may have Chinese blood in my vein thank to the cultural extermination back in the Northern Colonial period. I still have to say, I won’t trust China.

        If you’re Vietnamese (who really care about your future) you should know about China tricks to destroy Vietnamese economic and culture. Especially in construction business, we all know that the Made in Chinese structure will just collapse or made out of craps.

        Đéo bao giờ chơi với Trung Quốc.
        (Never trust China)

      • Ignore the guy talking about vietnam. Those taht fought in the Vietnam war have PTSD. Vietnam was never an invader during the 70’s. The US jumped into a civil war that really it had no business in. The guy is wrong. 100% of americancs protested the draft in the 70’s because they were against the Vietnam war.Those protest were asking to bring soldiers home and stop sending new ones. Vietnam was a war the US had to eventually abandon and let the country itself fight it out because the US didn’t know what the hell it was doing there. The US was supposed to be in an out, to give brief aid. That’s it. Instead we go on a full out interference. The soldiers there got so freaked out by the methods of fighting it caused trauma. Most Vietnam vets still think they are in Vietnam and thus fear of invasion due to PTSD. Delusions.

        Difference between Vietnam and China…China is making visible “invasions”, through hacking and through hostile economic takeovers. While I say invasions there isn’t a lot of proof right now. It’s more like they are just bullying the rest of the world. Frankly no one like’s China yet they are grabbing the world by the balls. Big problem is even if foreign investors want to pull out of China and move to Africa, it seems the Chinese Government predicted this sooner than the rest of the world. Guess what? China’s moving their factories over to africa. They’re 1 step ahead of everyone else. The only salvation is if the country collapses upon itself.

        • It is a mostly unknown fact even for Vietnamese themselves that many soldiers of Imperial Japan Army did join the Vietminh (Vietnamese partisans) against the French in the first Indo-Chinese war after Japan surrendered. So in fact Japanese are the first international friends of Vietnam.

          For the China-Japan conflict I don’t give a fuck about Chinese playing victims since they did more horrible crimes against Vietnamese people during their two periods of occupations (ancient times and Ming dynasty) than the Japanese did to them. They should be glad that the Japanese raped Nanking – the capital of their much hate “reactionaist” Cheng’s government.

        • My father was almost lost his life in the skirmish in 1988 with China. He served as a radioman on a ship which joined the suicide mission to transport troop to Vietnam Spratly Islands outposts. Many was killed by PLA at that time. He came back alive but many others were not so lucky. I was born at the end of 1988. My life would be messed up if he didn’t come back. If you think Vietnam would trust China, you’re deadly wrong. Only the Pro-China government (full of corruption) subdue Vietnamese who try to protest against China. If you are interested in Vietnam, you should know there are over 20 protests campaign all over Vietnam toward China already. Most of them are to blame our so-called Leaders who prostituted us to the North. We’re living in shame thank for a coward and corruption government. Many protesters was “vanished” and you know what I mean.

          I have my Chinese friends like you, but I will never trust Communist China Gov.

        • Stupid enough to throw around figures like 100% of americans protested draft.

          Vietnam has the right to feel suspicious towards the chinese. Not only 1979, but throughout history invasions and threats emerged from the north. Vietnamese are racially and culturally bullied by chinese who feel great deal of racial supremacism when talking about vietnamese. Deng said it so when meeting US officials in 1979: We are spanking the bottom of an unruly child. It speaks to a great deal of undeserved cultural idiocy that specifically seeks to degrade the vietnamese as ‘inferiors’.

  • “Just remember that the average American doesn’t care about or have any knowledge of other countries at all.”

    This is preferable to knowing more than you need about other people that inevitably is used to build their own case for childish supremacism like east asians do. I prefer other people’s indifference to east asian attitude of ‘knowing’ foreign nations.

    It’s not as if Japan deserves this alliance in anyway. It should have been raped, murdered and exterminated long ago. It’s present existence is only allowed and tolerated, never accepted. Which is deserving, since japanese especially at its core never accepts others.