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Chinese Mobs “Attack Italian Embassy’s Toyota”


China’s rampaging mobs have further proved the might of their great nation and its ancient and irrevocable claim to the Diaoyus, this time by attacking Italian diplomats for daring to drive a Japanese car.

According to reports from the Hong Kong media, Chinese mobs exercising their patriotic duty to destroy all things Japanese actually attacked a car belonging to Italy’s Guangzhou consulate – apparently because it was a Toyota.

The attack, which unsurprisingly appears not to have been widely reported in the mainland press, resulted in the car being overturned.

It is not clear whether any Italian diplomatic staff were endangered, although hapless Chinese caught driving Toyotas have been dealt with harshly by these same country-loving patriots.

Chinese authorities have stressed China is a country which operates under the rule of law and have promised a full investigation (just as they did when the Japanese ambassador himself was attacked), and that the foreigners within their borders will enjoy the same level of protection as their own citizens, a reassuring assurance if ever there were one.

No pictures of the attack have surfaced, but destroying cars thought to be Japanese – without regard to the fact that they are most probably owned by Chinese – has certainly been a major theme of China’s recent wave of patriotic violence:


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