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Chinese Mobs “Mistakenly Burn Down” Samsung Factory


China’s rampaging anti-Japanese mobs have further humiliated their nation in the eyes of the civilised world by “mistakenly” burning down a Samsung factory located in China, apparently having confused South Korea’s leading electronics company for a Japanese one.

The incident joins a variety of similar attacks where rioters have been confused by property bearing logos which are similar to those of major Japanese brands, or in some cases where it apparently simply looked enticingly valuable.

The similarities between the insignia of Mitsubishi and that of Mercedes-Benz proved too much for one such eager Chinese patriot, who ended up unintentionally stealing the wrong hood ornament from an evil foreign car and showing off the spoils online:


However, there has also been some doubt as to whether the mobs may simply have hated Korea as well as Japan (some surveys have indicated Korea is as least as unpopular in China as Japan), or whether they are indeed simply compromised of mindless xenophobes who hate all that is not Chinese.

Chinese mobs did at least get one industrial target right – a Panasonic factory has had to close after suffering extensive arson at the hands of Chinese attackers, putting plenty of unpatriotic Chinese workers out of work for the immediate future.

Regarding all the harm caused by anti-Japanese rioters, the Chinese foreign minister has just issued a statement, unsurprisingly blaming the victims: “Japan must take full responsibility for all the damage.”

With further diplomatic mastery of the sort only China can muster, their commerce minister had just finished telling a Guangdong trade expo that he is concerned about crucial foreign investment in China dropping off due to poor economic conditions, and that only Japanese companies have been continuing to invest heavily.

He stressed the need to encourage further foreign investment, presumably hoping to at least replace that which his countrymen have just burned down.


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