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Chinese Mobs Cripple Man for Driving Japanese Car


The case of a Chinese man who faces permanent paralysis after being dragged out of his car and brutally beaten by a mob who were infuriated by the fact he was driving a Japanese-made car has scandalised many Chinese, who are apparently starting to question the patriotic nature of such acts.

The man was reportedly driving through Xi’an in a Toyota Corolla when he had the misfortune to encounter an angry mob of anti-Japanese rioters, who promptly set upon him.

He was dragged out of his car and beaten into a coma, with doctors saying he may suffer permanently paralysis as a result of his injuries.

The riots have also seen their first direct fatality – a 21-year-old student in the same city was reportedly trampled to death by a surging mob.

Chinese media has refused to report on the excesses of the mobs, instead praising their nationalist ardour and calling for restraint.

However, news that the mobs have mostly been brutalising hapless Chinese and destroying “Japanese” property which actually belongs to fellow Chinese has spread online, and even caused the less patriotic to doubt the wisdom of burning and destroying their own cities over a handful of faraway rocks, although few doubt their sacred Chinese status.

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