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Chinese Americans: “GTFO Japs!”


Even America’s Chinese American community has been mobbing up to express its hatred of the Japanese and unreserved support for China’s territorial claims, with thousands demonstrating in San Francisco under patriotic banners – though ones supporting the PRC rather than the USA.

Some of the scenes at a recent protest which saw mobs waving banners, most of which for some reason seem to either be in Chinese or about the Nanjing massacre, throughout San Francisco’s Chinatown:


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  • Some maybe not important infromation:
    In china was made an law what obligate the chineses living outside of china to become china’s soldier in enemy country.

    That means, if china goes to a war against america, the chinatown will be chinese base to make war against america.

    Seeing how “organized” the chineses was on this protest, don’t you feel scary, america?

  • Let me see
    1. US G won’t happy when their “citizen” are so go out for other country of couse they also change in SECRET the policy they will apply for them (Nothing like other when in the past they just contest for the right of humanity etc…)
    2. The world will see how truely retards most of the Chinese think.(99% of them think their race are the best and the rest of the world own them they are the central of the earth)
    3. The other G will watch their own Chinese in their country.

    Many other thing will happen I hope the world not change so much.

  • If things were so great in the PRC why did you come to America? I could never understand the undying love some people have for their ethnic roots. My ancestors came from Ireland and Germany and all I know is I need a passport to go to either country. I consider myself American, not Irish/American or German/American.

    Their ancestors came here because of religious and political persecution or poverty. They came here because the “old country” hated them and/or didn’t want them.

    That’s what America was supposed to be, a fresh start without any of the old bullshit, at least in theory.

    Reminds me of all those 5th generation so called Irish/American dorks at the St. Patricks Day Parade in NYC who just get drunk, get in fist fights and then puke all over the trains. Because it’s expected of them. Assholes.

  • America is not the place to debate about this shit. Everybody is welcome here. Its one of the reasons this country was founded, despite many of the racist views of the colonists. I’m am by no means a liberal either. I can tolerate anybody as long as they don’t get pushy with their ways and try to force them down anybody elses throat. Don’t spread this shit around the states because it is not our problem. I have no bias against chinese or japanese. There are good and bad things about every group of people. If we get involved then we will be blamed for the outcome by whoever loses out.

  • LOL at all these chinks mouthing off. Lucky I don’t have a bitch disease called ‘identity crisis’ or ‘identity anxiety’ that would cause me to bitch like a whore in heat like these retards in SF.

    Are you fuckers doing some kind of how much of a bitch can you be contest by running your mouths after you left your own country?

  • I read up on Nanjing after I saw the photos, and now I get why Chinese and Korean citizens are so super salty. It’s one thing to be the victim of war crimes, it’s a new level of abuse when Japan tries to pretend it never happened or was as bad a history records, or worse, teaching their children as such. Revisionists threaten the future of the culture because it ensures future generations don’t learn from the past.

    Every empire who made peace in the last hundred years made peace by returning territory (thinking of England here, who slowly returned independence until only recently were Canada and Ireland given independence).

    This trial is a test of the identity and character of Japan.

  • Be an American or GTFO. If you still give a shit about China grab a boat and start sailing west. You’re not Chinese, that would be like white americans bitching about atrocities in europes history.

    • These chinks only understand bullying and fear. I am starting to think Rape of Nanking was completely justified.

      Just look at that bitch Iris Chang’s book about nanking. It was so full of personal BS it almost sounded like someone from Sankaku sat down with a monkey on a typewriter and ranted for hundreds of pages. She does the ‘I am not being racist but…’ crap and then goes on to generalize all she can about the ‘fundamental mentality of the japanese’ as if she knows something. Thanks to her bitching, legitimate grievances fell of deaf ears as japanese right-wingers denounced what they called ‘naive second generation chinese american idiocy’ and gave more ammunition to those revisionists. Instead of apologizing for her half-baked attempt at being a historian, she mouthed off some more and sabotaged the very cause she claimed to fight for like a childish chink she is when told off. She than committed suicide while on psychiatric medication.

      She didn’t listen to reason, just polemics and ‘feelings’. If that is what chinese think is worthy of getting a bust statue in their community, these chinks better check themselves.

  • As a CBC (Canadian Born Chinese) I find these actions despicable and atrocious. Not only are these people embarrassing themselves, they embarrass other Chinese people who don’t agree with their actions.

  • Its called propaganda for a reason, most protests in the U.S. are started by corperations paying groups off and then the mindless drones attach onto the movement. In this case its the corperation that holds the most U.S. dept in thier hand, China. What they are trying to do is get the unlearned American to acknowledge the situation, then they will contact thier local government official, who will then bring up the topic with congress, who will then send officials to Japan to try to negotiate the “return” of the islands to China to avoid war.

  • Here is a fact it’s got nothing to do with america with the their relations however it is predjudice to japanese american citizens and that will make the american government step in and silence it, america does allow protest but not when it could turn into a riot, also if they hurt someone like paralyzing that chinese man for driving a toyota then yeah its gonna get ugly,cause then the SWAT team will make them.

  • Step 1) Engineer a retrovirus to turn off the genes that regulate color in the human eye.

    Step 2) Alter the retroviruses properties to induce face blindness in everyone.

    Step 3) Make it contagious while airborne with a 72 hour life cycle.

    Step 4) World peace.

  • the first one is Senkaku Island, and then they will start saying about the whole Japan is actually territory of China, next they will say that Europe is part of Asia and it belongs to China too, and next one they will claim that America is part of China…

    seems legit

    • problem is that Chinese people has invested majority of countries in the world, if this can happen in USA, its only about time before it spreads,
      secondly, this shows how far they can go just to claim something that not rightfully theirs, and soon they will claim more things that not rightfully theirs from other countries

  • LOL at the Chinese-Americans having a bitchfit over something that doesn’t affect them in any way. I swear, the Chinese are just getting too fucking greedy now, never mind their riotous behavior, which makes them no different than the psychos in the Middle East.

    • Let em bitch. They step one inch out of line and they are fucked for the rest of their life. Remember when Virginia Tech happened and feds had to protect the kid’s parent, but one of the relatives wound up killing himself anyway because of the pressure?

  • Well my family is chinese, but instead of supporting this protests they say it’s a bunch of BS.

    If anyone experienced what they experienced during the great leap forward and the cultural revolution, anyone would be wary and question the party’s actions.

    Really their neverending claim of Taiwan as part of China and denying their liberty as an independent nation, their incursions into southeast asian nations territories and seas. And the Senkaku Island which have been under USA control before and Japanese administration for over 40 years without incidents till now is just a pissing contest for them and a way to divert the attention from the real socioeconomic problems in China.

  • American should wake up on their attitude towards Chinese emigrants, it is apparent where their loyalty lies if conflict ever broke out between USA and China.

    Earlier the cleanup the better, before the cancer spreads.

  • Now Chinese-Americans. How about you GTFO. First they are causing trouble for the Japanese (Even though the Japanese are only a fraction to blame for not having any real leadership on the situation and letting things get like this), but they are trying to throw their weight in the US. They are trying to bully the local Oregon State government to take down a mural about how Tibet’s people were doing demonstrations in protest of the invasion of Tibet. China has no right or power to do be bullying foreign nations. The US government needs to cut ties and also punish it’s own citizens for participating in this foolishness. You damn Chinese-Americans, stop holding nationalist feelings towards China. You’re in America now AMERICA! Your patriotic feelings should be loyal to the country you are a citizen of. The riot in San Fransisco is stupid. There is no point. Why aren’t the feds stopping this? Even the state government should be on them. Oh wait, it’s California. California tries to play by it’s own rules, its practically anexed the concept of central government or government in general. FAIL!

  • The source for this article is pretty shameful too. Note how the Mercury News (a US newspaper) cites it as a ‘takeover’ of the Diaoyu Islands.

    A ‘takeover’ which occurred 50 YEARS before the PRC even existed and the Japanese government is ‘buying’ the islands FROM A JAPANESE PRIVATE CITIZEN. Funny how that didn’t make it into their article.

  • So, Chinese who live in the US, the country that gave Diaoyu/Senkaku to the Japanese, are protesting against the Japanese?

    I can understand the Chinese’ frustration with this, but the actions of these people are just barbaric, foolish, ignorant, and give the entire population a bad name. Rioting and hurting their own people without knowing their own lives are positively affected in some way by Japan and other countries…

    I really hope Koreans and Chinese in the US don’t go overboard like this. This is embarassing.

    • They try anything, they will be gangbanged faster than you can say ‘I am solly’.

      Most of these asian shits retreat like bitches when society tells them off. Those that don’t serve bitch roles in prisons or are killed off. Big mouth and attitude, but deluded all the same.

  • Boo fuckin’ hoo, you chinese are upset because you believe Japan did some irreparable damage to you by buying some land.

    But you know who did some real damage? You, the chinese. You lured all the companies to your country to manufacture everything, utilizing dirt cheap (and equally low skilled) child/slave labor, just to mention one. You stole all the job opportunities from the Western/Japanese people, you made the future of the upcoming generations in these countries uncertain. All the products that were legendary for their reliability now all junk made in china. And so on.

    So, instead of bashing the Japanese, just calm the fuck down and go back to the factory and continue your 24-hour shift, before the slavedriver gets angry.

  • I find it stunning that they would retain this sort of national pride after leaving China. My mother’s side of my family immigrated to Canada from China, and they don’t have the least bit of interest in returning to that particular slice of hell, nor any inclination to support its national interests.

  • Remember Nanjing Massacre? That’s as retarded as the Jews who use holocaust to get away with shit and Black who says “THAT’S RACIST” to everything that is not to their liking.

    This whole drama is as retarded as the India vs Pakistan over Kashmir.

    No one is going to live in either of those regions, GTFO governments.

    coming from a Chinese

    • Well my parents are chinese, and said the same. Who they fuck fights for a frigging rock in the middle of nowhere and that nobody is gonna live there.

      But seems like the Government is inciting this protest and the retarded, poor and uneducated people take this oportunity. My granparents and parents hate the party, they suffered during the cultural revolution and just reading about this, their blood started to boil. Since the protest, looting and attacks on property mirror what they experienced during that era, where being middle class, the poor people supporting the party took advantage kicked them out of their homes, seized their businesses and stole all their possession and the party sent them to farms to “work” for the improvement of the country.

  • Smells like TREASON. Lock these traitorous pieces of shit up in concentration camps, because clearly their allegiance is to china instead of the United States. If they’re willing to get that butthurt over shit that not only doesn’t belong to them, but doesn’t belong to china either, then which side you think they’re going to take if the US and china go to war?

    Fuck these chinks. Lock them up.

  • San Francisco, huh? You’re in my territory…. I don’t appreciate the Chinese spreading their hatred here… I hope these people are dealt with quick… because… this hatred will backlash and backlash hard on those Chinese people.

  • Why dont these asshole SHUT THE FUCK UP already…. I myself wont be allying myself with these stupid uneducated fucking bastards.. CHINA MEN and WOMEN are shits… You can call me a traitor (since I’m a half chinese) but I will STILL ALLIED MYSELF WITH JAPANSES so LONG LIVE JAPAN.. Just fuck those stupid china men and women… teach them lesson..

  • This just goes to show that people will protest and riot over the stupidest shit.

    Oh, and the Chinese bringing up the Nanjing massacre? As if Chinese history isn’t rife with *serious* atrocities against humanity.

    Bunch of hypocrites.

    • So true. Tibet and Uyghr People should be freed TODAY. Unlike other races, chinese can’t even claim historical precedence or acheivements since established kingdoms far better than chinese standards existed there before chinese even knew about them.

    • I was in China not long ago. I’m not the greatest on Chinese history but I do know what “Der Great Leader” Mao did and how many people he’s responsible for killing.

      According to their own national history museum…nothing happened. There is literally no mention of his crimes anywhere. When I asked people about it, I was told that “Those numbers are Western propaganda.” or “If anyone died, it was because his plans weren’t implemented properly by other party officials.”

      Fuck China. They’ve made George Orwell’s 1984 a reality.

      • Hey man, if you walk in going “did you know 1.3 million Tibetans were slaughtered when the Chinese took over” you’re going to look like an idiot to anyone who’s bothered to actually study the subject matter. The truth is that there is tons of misinformation on both sides of the matter since dumb people spread the first thing they hear – what they want to hear, and then leave it at that.

        Dumb people make 1984 a reality. Don’t be one of them.

        • 11:02 Of course. 1.3 million or 130,000, chinese are ok with killing as long as they are negligible in their eyes.

          Seriously, what the fuck makes you think even a single person killed in your obvious land grab where you had little to offer and is your predecessor is justified? At least US can claim overwhelming success and prosperity, not to mention historical precedence and comparatively better system. You have nothing to offer but state-sanctioned Quran, ‘patriotic’ mosques, and exiled leader that do not recognize your so called government. Our indians are comparatively free to talk about teach whatever they like – but results show reality is far from one side could possibly claim to be innocent victims. Your oppressed people can, and all you can do is to try and kill those who speak out.

          You must know you are talking out of your ass to accuse someone else of it so easily. Typical chinese tactic. Results and people’s sentiments tell us your invasion is just that – invasion. Tibetans and Uyghrs were doing fine long before your mouthy government and people invaded their place. Tell your CCP to come up with better game plan to argue.

        • It’s been proven across multiple international fact checkers that the number was sourced from the London-based Free Tibet group and is virtually impossible given the scale of operation and the attention the subject matter received during that era. Census data during that time cited the population to be a little over 1.3 million. We could make the arbitrary claim that the census data is fabricated and reflects only the people living after these supposed massacres, but even a slaughter of every other person in a rather large region would mean that either the CIA and US military forces did not care to mudsling at a populous Communist state (laughable), was not aware that every other person was disappearing off the streets (ridiculous), or hid such occurrences from international dialogue and prevented key neighbors with their own interests from speaking out (…no).

          You’ve been caught speaking out of your ass with a broad assumption generalized onto a topic you have not researched past the point of self-confirmation.

        • Of course. No one ever gets killed without being caught or recorded. Especially not in a country with a government and people that love to cover up facts to save their little faces.

          Dumb fucktard here.

  • Really? You watered down Chinese think you have a right to protest for a country you left? Gee, why did you leave? Is it because China is the Asian Mexico?

    Get the fuck outta here. This is just stupid. I will say though, that it’s lucky they aren’t rioting. American police would put them down like dogs.

    • this is getting even more stupid. its the same shit thats happening in australia with muslims rioting like they still in libiya. fuck if they wana be like that then send them back to the shit hole they came from so they can riot like barbarians all they like.

        • Neither are you a ‘native’. Only few people on earth in the africa and Mediterranean and northern european region can actually claim to have ‘originated’ in ‘their land’. Not only that, whites and pure blacks existed before your kind even reached the current place you occupy. If anything white and blacks can easily claim historical predecessor badge over other races.

          America was lived in by squatters, than ancient predecessors claimed it and made it great in mere 250 years. No one has any right to say White people are not the owners of this land.

        • Even the “natives” weren’t native. They crossed the land bridge from Asia. They just got to America first but later couldn’t hold on to it. Happens all the time in history.
          So your point is BS brother.

      • And who the fuck contributed to *your country*?

        Some asspained shitposter like YOU?

        Or ppl who came all over the world to work and form a better place?

        If anything you should get the fuck out of OUR country to some third world shithole and do some decent work at a sweatcamp to teach you what it actually means to be American.

        • Apparently this asspained shit poster believes in serious delusional bullshit that everyone comes to america to ‘BE ALL YOU CAN BE’ and ‘MAKE A BETTER PLACE’. HAHA what a childish comeback.

          How can fucking immigrant shits like you think you are contributing to this country more than the country that allowed you the opportunity and basic soil upon which your livelihoods could be planted on? That’s like a child saying to their parent just because they are able to provide some money for parents when they get older, the children should dictate how their parents live and what they say.

          Fuck your entitled bitching mentality. Fucks like you need to know when to keep your mouth tucked in and give credit where credit is due.

        • > 04:54
          > 09:28
          > 10:05
          > 12:27

          Nice, another euro vs. yank shitstorm.

          The US is far more advanced because:
          -It remained almost completely intact in both world wars,

          -It’s more than twice the size of the european union, with more natural resources,

          -It’s based on an ideology of total freedom, and, although there are some retarded restrictions going on in there as well, it’s still far more liberal than the EU will ever be,

          -And most importantly, it has almost the population of the european union, speaking the same language. Probably the biggest advantage ever.

          Therefore, it’s obvious that the US did more than any other country. It was an ideal and safe place for all the various developments. And you have to admit this, no matter where you are from.

          Before someone comes in and says china and russia both have many resources, people and land: they may have those, but they also had or have communism, which prevents development.

          So in the end, the most important thing is that communism is evil, and needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. And you have to admit this as well, regardless of where you are from.

        • 09:28

          Can’t keep your mouth shut and have to get a last word in? Laughable idea from people whose present achievements are clearly minuscule compared to how US is plowing forward with its own inventions and ingenuity, not to mention it achieved more in the last 240 years than your ‘own’ history achieved in hundreds of thousands of years.

        • 04:54

          I know my own history, and I know we have been inventing things even before the US has been established.

          But let’s leave this out now, I have nothing against the US. We’re all here to bash those chinese after all.

        • 12:25

          Ah yes, I believe more than half the theories and ‘father of any field’ Americans are recent migrants.

          Do your own history search first and you might not embarrass yourself so much by running your mouth carelessly hoping it might be true. Over good half of the discoveries and inventions were American-bred American born geniuses, and only minority were immediate immigrants.

        • Indeed, many great things have been developed in the US, mainly by foreign scientists/engineers. Americans only supported these developments financially (which was, however, a very important thing in most cases).

          I know you all love to claim that you’ve invented the whole universe, but still, learn your own history first.

        • They are in another country as citizens or supposedly loyal people. This is a clear show of disrespect for the country where they make a living. If they love china so much, we would be glad to deport their robotic anti-social little asses back to china or wherever the fuck they came from.

          Before any desperate chinese cunt starting bitching about native americans, I will tell you straight out native americans fucking hate your kind and your mouth more than europeans.

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          When in ancient times I was in college, there were model-grade filipino girls just in my dorm unit. Within a week, eight of them were in bed with white guys, the other two with a mexican and an asian. Believe me, little flip bitches are SO fucking easy. For every one beautiful filipina women that’s with a white guy, or any other non-filipino guy, there’s six more on the side.

        • “lol you got any idea how many filipino girls get fucked by white guys everyday instead?”

          LMAO 13:15 HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE FILIPINO GIRLS WHITE GUYS FUCK EVERYDAY AT THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT? THEY ARE FUCKING UGLY ! If there’s one thing I’m thankful for is that they’re fucking the UGLY Filipinas … and in return give birth to more beautiful Filipinas. Win-win for my country.

        • @11:42
          HAHA this retard thinks any of those white girls actually thinks he’s any good. You’re more like funny little cunt, a side dish for them. It’s not like they will ever consider you their equal.

        • 13:15

          why the hate? philippines got screwed over by the spaniards, introduced and brainwashed them with christianity, now their governments are fucked up because they don’t allow abortions and the population is getting rediculously huge because of it. all because of religion. hell, spain todai isn’t as religious today because they manage to seperate the church and the state. but in the phils, its not. They are like a real live time capsule.
          Not to mention that they got screwed over by america, and then the japanese.

          why do you sound like you hate the phils? they did nothing wrong!! WTF MAN.

        • 11:42

          lol you got any idea how many filipino girls get fucked by white guys everyday instead? Your women are the whores of asia from korea, japan, china to even vietnam. Hell white girls think of you like little toys from what I hear.

        • @ 08:26 If we’re playing that game then I love the good ‘ol USofA for all of your easy White girls that are so easy to f***. Unlike the US military, I don’t have to spend a cent to get your women. 🙂

        • 13:55 You the same guy? Generally filipinos have an attitude problem like somekind of wanna-be ni99er kid, just like 11:42. Generally white girls, at least the decent ones, look at asiatics like you would look at a monkey in a zoo. Hell even the trashy ones look at asians and have little respect for them since their pride is so fragile like 11:42 ^^

        • @08:51 Lol And where’s your backing for this statement? There are tons of different ethnicities that are criminals. For example you could say mostly Japanese and White Americans are child raping pedophiles if your going by way of Mass Media. Or mostly White Americans, Mexicans and African Americans do the most murder. Yet after all is said in done, it’s the person themselves who choose to make the choice, not the nationality. Claiming a certain group of people are ‘criminals’ just say two things to me, you get picked on by Filipinos a lot or you just can’t get any Filipina p***y and are very bitter about it.

        • 11:39

          Asspained little flip bitch here. Quit bitching all over the comments section and scram back to your hole.

          LOL he thinks he’s ‘conquering’ other people’s women when they laugh at his ass behind his back and he doesn’t have the balls to start shit.

      • Ha, words come from the mouth of americans can’t be trusted, especially the media. The truth is there are four hundred million tonnes of crude oil underneath that island according to UN resrearch, so let’s talk about money.

    • They are trying to take over the world, without starting a war, and without anyone noticing. If you watch how they operate, they send loads of their people to other countries, breed fast and, basically become something like a cancer in that part of the world.

    • This isnt about the islands. China recently had a coup over its senior leadership. The new leaders want to show the people they are in charge and to deflect attention from the outright corruption the top officials have committed. Its perfect, have everyone hate the Japanese long enough to forget their own shitty government.

    • HAHA typical mentality of a rape victim. These Chinese are just desperate to make their limp national dicks stand after getting gangbanged by the world last time around and shown how backwards and full of BS their history is.


      This is purely about MONEY. And any flimsy excuse the Chinese can use to direct the ignorant public away from their own corruption.

      • Through historic records those bunch of islands did belong the China in the first place, thats the reason so many Chinese are up in arms about the Japanese claiming it.

        And Yes anon is correct it is also related to natural resources and has a great abundance of fish even though no one lives there. Its just like other country’s protecting their coast line from foreign ships.

        Also most likely the reason why there are riots in China is not because the pure hate on the Japanese, it is because of the pent up frustration of having a government that is useless and corrupt. Although the Japanese have made the claim on the islands the Chinese government has not really done enough about it.

        Even a lot of Chinese that come from China I know think the guys in China are idiots, and doing stupid shit to their own people and hurting themselves in the long run. Also I guess if the Chinese direct their hate towards the government they’ll probably Explode or go missing where if they direct they hate towards japanese its acceptable. woot derp Chinese logic FTL

        TL;DR basically the riots are Chinese that are pissed of at the government but direct their anger towards the Japanese.

        • Hell even the ultra-nationalistic Koreans say “wooow, that is some serious shit” on the Chinese these days.
          Korean and Japanese Fisherfolk don’t give a fuck on their own Government’s bickering on the naming of the Sea of Japan, whilst the Chinese care so much for a patch of soil of which most of them haven’t even touched let alone seen.

        • Maybe Europeans and Africans, not to mention central asians should claim ‘historical predecessor rights’ and annex china while pushing all of its people into south china sea?

          Those islands never belonged to the chinese. Passing by an island or having your wreck wash up in a place is not grounds for ‘historical ownership’. You ch!nks are deluded if you think other people can’t put historical ownership over your entire country purely by the nature of your historical lateness.

      • For the record, the islands did belong to China in the first place and Japan did not win, buy, or even have a right to them. It’s like owning a cottage, but you don’t really care about it, and suddenly, you find out that there a family in living in it.

        It all started when Japan fisherman were trying to make an honest living and they found that there were an abundance of fish around these islands. So they started to fish there.

        Much later, some fishermen from China also came and started to fish. At first, it didn’t really matter, but then two fishing boats got into a fight over a very specific fishing area and had a quarrel. This dispute went to their local fishing villages, and then spread to neighboring towns, and eventually the government heard of the commotion.

        And now people who don’t fish or know anything better are getting all patriotic about it. China says the islands are theirs (which is true). And Japan says that they were there for all this time and lives were built upon it, to tell them to F off is unacceptable (which is also true).

        So there you have it. That’s the story.
        So get things right before you start blindly bashing China for these islands not belonging to them, cause they do belong to them. If you want to get mad at China, get mad for the right reason, and that they don’t have the right to ruin people’s lives, especially the lives of people who are aren’t even citizens of China.

        • Its not actually very clear or textbook. Historical colonization has made territorial claims extremely confusing escpeically in modern times. Its hard to really say who should own what now. I would give the anon some slack.

        • @16:11

          If you look at for example Aruba, some natives lived there before the Dutch colonized the place. It’s still part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, even though it ‘belonged’ to others before them.

          So yes, it does.

          Fucking moron.

        • To the Chinkis, how about you return the Indian territory held by the Mauryan, Kushan, Gupta and Mughal empires and now occupied by China before making these holier-than-thou claims?

          Just about every property law in existence has a clause saying that if you do not try to claim your property for a long time you’ve essentially given up rights to it.

    • I guess that’s what happens when people stick to such old traditions for way too long. People with similar minds that get so consumed by what they believe that they want to purge everything and everyone that doesn’t conform to it.
      In Japan, there’s Ishihara, who’s so far right that he’s slinging insults at whatever he doesn’t like. In America, we’re dealing with one of the stupidest elections in history that’s little more than a slappy fight between brats, not to mention the lingering racism that should have died off decades ago. And don’t get anyone started on what’s going on in the middle-east, especially with the recent attacks and riots.

    • Sounds good, expect China’s claim the Senkaku/Daiyou/LonelyGoat Islands relies entirely on them being considered part of Taiwan.

      No, don’t think too hard about that. You’ll come up with no good answer.

      • Actually “native” americans can go back to siberia or turkmenistan, since europeans and africans are predecessors of their ancestors. Genetically speaking we were only claiming our rights as predecessors. Respect your elders bitch ^^

        Not to mention we achieved in 240 years what they didn’t in 12,000. Bitch elsewhere.

        • 14:57

          HAHAHAHA DEM ASSPAIN. How pricked do you have to be to try and write a textbook on a porn site and advertise the fact you pick out half-baked, biased, pretentious cherry picked opinions and present them as facts and showing us how hard you are trying to convince yourself these ‘native’ people were not idiotic?

          WE DON”T KNOW HOW. MYSTICAL AND GODLIKE ANCIENT PEOPLE. How pathetic do you have to get?

          Mayan Calendar is in NO WAY accurate or useful as Julian and Egyptian Calendar. This is a proven fact. Also, they did not ‘tame’ the jungle. They lived in them, traveled in them, but never tamed them. Where are the extensive infrastructures? Where are the great systems of governance, advanced level of so-called astronomy that egyptians and greeks acheived far before any meso americans? Not to mention these so-called ‘mathematical’ and ‘scientific’ acheivements are not only not systematic, they are riddled with superstitions, assumptions, and ignorant mysticism that makes alchemy look like modern chemistry in comparison.

          Your ‘point’ is nothing but refuting the common notion that meso americans were ‘savages’, which, like any common notion, including your so-called understanding of the western achievements, is bullshit. Careful examination and archaeological discoveries all lead to one conclusion: While the tribes and kingdoms of the ‘native population’ were not outright savages, material evidence are but illusional trappings of civilization that conceals a great deal of base savagery and mystic idiocy that permeated every level of these so-called ‘natives’ who practiced slavery and invasion to the degree that makes european conquest look almost like a liberation in comparison.

          I also love how you try to spin ancient forms of irrigation, city structure as some kind of proto-modern form of urban planning and infrastructure as if Mayflower arrived to paved streets and bustling towns. You must be really desperate to think that these people Your words are not about facts, which shows that these people were even at best no more advanced than anyone else in the ancient age, but about over glorifying the MYSTERIOUS ANCIENT SECRET WISDOM of AWESOME PEOPLES to comfort yourself which anyone would find amusing.

          Also, don’t ever throw around ‘ONLY IF WE HAD THE TIME’ crap. You are making excuses left and right for things that didn’t turn out as you liked, and every evidence suggests these people lived in a manner which no modern person, especially a posh, first-world problem bitching idiot like you would be capable of knowing. Not to mention that you only try to refute common notion, not facts that say these people were at best only advanced to world back in 100 CE while Rome along achieved so much more almost a hundred and fifty years before at the beginning of Pax Romana.

          Do yourself a favor and lose your fantasies of ‘OH THEY WERE SO GREAT AND SMART’ to comfort yourself while living in the reality built and maintained by European innovations and ideas that even allows you to bitch and think as pathetically as you do.

        • 13:18 LAWL so much asspain. Those ‘scum of the world’ are fucking your women day in day out.

          Do you make yourself feel better everyday claiming to speak for the ‘natives’ when they think of your type of people even worse then whites? They will laugh in your face if any uppity cunt tries to act chummy with them because they aren’t white. See they have more dignity than your kind and don’t run their mouths so easy.

          It has been said over and over again: They are migrants, not natives. They were not defenseless, and for a good time as a whole they outnumbered europeans and had knowledge of the terrain, established warfare tactics, etc in an age when bows and axes were better at killing more than muskets in that particular terrain. They never practiced ‘multiculturalism’ they never accepted others. They paid for their idiocy in being in a land they did not originate in and had practices that make US slavery look tame in comparison. They are the only dirty ones, trying to revise history now and trying to play the victim when their kind was worse in being welcoming of outsiders. At least Whites advance whether world likes it or not.

          Also, serious lol at mexico for being a child of spanish imperialism, losing imperialist territories by a war they started with raiding US, than getting their asses kicked and having mexico city occupied by US forces, and thinking they are ‘natives’ when Aztlan means ‘White nation’ and aztecs were far worse in slavery and invasion than US ever has been.

        • I need to ammend a couple of thing, if people bothered to read the wall of text:

          1) comparing Japanese civilisation in Nagasaki to modern day American civilisation, SHOULD BE comparing Japanese civlisation in Nagasaki afterthe bomb to modern-day Americna civilisation around that time.

          2) Their city market was as big as modern day Madrid. SHOULD BE Their city market was as big as the conquistador’s Madrid.
          (It’s true. Tenochtitlan’s market was 8km2, sam as the Madrid of that time :D)

          I gotta admit that I sued to belive the same old bulshit that Europeans >>>> Natives until I came across some article by chance and then dug up more stuff around hte libraries and otehr wise. I was left with two distinct impressions:

          a) “Wow!!!! Our Natives WERE badass”
          b) “Why the fuck don’t they teach this shit in school?”

        • I like the first part of your argument. However, going by “oldest” claim, you gotta admit that Native Americans have quite a few centuries on European Americans and stuff.

          The last part of your argument was moronic, however.

          Recent archaelogical discoveries have found out that comparing European civilisation to American civilisation when the European conquerors and stuff arrived would be like comparing Japanese civilisation in Nagasaki to modern day American civilisation, that is to say that we were basically visiting a place that was “after the end” post zombie apocalypse. Boom. Busted.

          And actually, Native Americans (under which I’m including all native peoples from kunas to cheyenne) have very notable achivements. Very.

          Southern US populations have an unparalleled understanding of plant breeding and ecology, as well as ancient Peruvians. Take for example, corn. This is a plant that literally cannot reproduce without human help. Corn grains do not fall out, corn ears have to be picked and then plucked of their grains. It was bred that way. Unlike with wheat or rice, there isn’t a single plant in the wild that looks like corn, it is THAT modified.

          After much genetic testing, however, it was found out that corn’s direct genetic ancestor is a plant called tezontle. A whole ear of tezontle is less nutritious than a single grain of corn. If corn were to have an epidemy so severe that all the produce dies off (not that unlikely since most corn in the world is genetically identical) we’ll be having a) a food crisis (do you know how many things come out of corn???) and b) banging our heads on tables because we don’t know HOW THE FUCK a bunch of ancient people managed it.

          When the people on the Mayflower arrived to the Americas, they didn’t pick that place just because. They did it because it was full of produce and there was someting of a village there. Also, European arrivers to modern day Northern USA reported that the trees were evenly spaced and that there were “streets” so wide that two carriages in opposite directions could go through it with no problem, and there were patches of edible plants located around these roads. It wasn’t a concidence, the Natives literally tamed the environment in which they lived!!! Wich is more than us, modern day people, can say (we aren’t very patient, we’ll just blast our way thorugh it).

          Going a bit more down under, Aztecs came up with the notion, even before the Europeans, that all Aztec citizens of the empire who weren’t being sacrificed were equal and deserving of education. Their city market was as big as modern day Madrid. They were creative enough to make swords out of obsidian and wood despite irion being difficult to come by in Mexico. And those swords macauhtli, were reported to be so sharp and so heavy that they could swipe the head of a horse off wth a single stroke or a couple of swishes. It was truly a terrifying thing (Spanish people chronicled everything).

          Of course, we can talk about Mayan calendars, having been more precise for goddamn centuries, or how advaced their astronomical calculations were (more so than any European ones were despite not having the advantage of a telescope, and Asia is just left behind). This is from what we can deduce. Because we can’t read the fucking glyphs we WON’T ever know how much they know!!! Maybe they were already pioneering the notion that we rotated around the sun, seeing as they tracked many celestial bodies. Maybe the had the circumpherence of the Earth determined, just like Eratosthenes. We don’t know. We don’t fucking know.

          And again, the taming of the environment. They were capable of sustaining a population of millions out of the pitiful soil of the Central American jungle. And, again, we don’t know HOW THE FUCK they did it. Have you ever heard of “quema y roza”? It’s a farming method used by people in Central America and the Amazon, in which a patch of jungle is burnt, razed to the ground and farmed until the nutrients in the soil are used up. This is mainly a subsistence farming technique, but many people with lots of land and the best technology can offer also do it because the soil is just THAT poor in general (this is one of the leading causes of deforestation). Mayans could farm their land for centuries, sustainably in the middle of the jungle without so much devastation and we can’t even manage to feed a family out of some puny patch of land? How the fuck they did it? And great patches of “virgin” jungle are fairly young, the mayans had tamed it. How? We don’t know.

          I could go on and on abotu many of the American Natives achievements, or just concentrate in North America and kind of take it from there, but the main hting is that your point doesn’t hold water, especially in the face of new archaelogical discoveries.

          Some people especulate that, had the Natives had tiem to develop, we wouldn’t be talking of European conquistadors, but of the “Great Aztec Empire or something”. (Of course, some people also say that had CHina had stopped being all high and mighty and moronic it would have conquered the whole world by the 7th century or so).

          (Historic speculation is pretty much all up in the air.).

          Can’t compare.

        • Sure, when you massacre defenseless natives, when you invade others territories when they have deep shit going on that they cannot defend themselves, sure, any nation can do it, when you fucking ancestors are the fucking scum of the world and they could not do the shit in their own european countries and decided to pollute new lands, it was so easy to kill countless natives, stole their land, and further steal more than half of the Mexican territory..sure, its easy to see how you can obtain such success with your fucking dirty methods than are so very alive ion every single fucking yank contributing!

        • Yes, all the scum of the world ended up on the fucking US! No wonder their desire of total world domination and impose their fockuning imperialis on the enite planet.

          I probably wont see it but surely the day this fucking yanks fall will happen, it will probably be the first day the entire world will mark as a celebration.

      • I was born in America, so I am a Native American. If I run off to Europe, as you suggest, I will be no different than the Chinese Americans. I would imagine that the European nations wouldn’t want millions of immigrants bombarding them because we took advice like yours. =(

        • The problem is the “ancestors” can take advantage of the situation by going to a place and make a lot of children. When they grow up this “innocent” generation have a “legitimate” claim to the land and displace the native people.
          For a real world example, look what Turkey is doing to Cyprus.

        • 08:49 Who in turn massacred and enslaved OTHER native americans long before europeans came earliest eleventh century. Not to mention they are migrants from the old world also, and never ‘appeared’ in the Americas, but descended from Africans and Europeans.

        • I think you just answered yourself, it’s their ancestors who did the crime, punishing them (the descendants) for that crime will be like humiliating your great-great-great grandson for your stupid comment….

        • So, treat those that did nothing wrong as if they did something wrong just because they’re related to someone that did do something wrong. That doesn’t solve anything, it just makes those punishing the innocent (or the guilty by association) the same as the one they’re punishing because of. =(

        • Or we can all just stfu about this retarted never-ending argument of “go back where you came from” and we can all just go back africa where we all came from.
          OR we can all just try to get along because its not like the planet is getting any bigger and we’re all stuck here anyways.

          p.s. Native Americans came from the mongolia/russia region, so they’re not even ‘from’ america. Argument is invalid.

        • Certainly, no use arguing with retards yanks, their screwed up mentality is set like that since before they are even born.

          Massacre are their specialty, they love blood, they love invasion, they have endless screwed up ideas to justify their fucking terrorism.







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