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WiiU = $340, WiiU GamePad = $175


Nintendo has finally announced the release of the WiiU, said to be “20 times” more powerful than the Wii but suspected to be less powerful than the PS3, with it getting a Japanese release on December 8th and prices starting at some $340 for the normal model, with the controller alone costing $175.

Japanese prices are set at ¥26,250 for the “basic” model (¥25,000 excluding consumption tax), and ¥31,500 for the “premium” model.


The basic model has 8GB of storage and a white pad indicating poverty, whilst the premium model has 32GB, a black pad signifying eliteness, a stand, dock and voucher for Nintendo’s premium network, although in performance terms they are apparently identical with both sporting 1080p HDMI.

The WiiU GamePad costs ¥13,440 when sold separately. Initial games including Super Mario Bros. U are set at the usual massively inflated Japanese prices of ¥5,000-6,000, and so will presumably be priced normally elsewhere.


Nintendo has not yet announced international pricing and release details (a US announcement is due shortly), but given the gaming industry tradition of offering bargain US prices whilst overcharging everyone else, US prices starting at $299 do not seem unlikely.

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