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Chinese Attacks on Japanese Mount


A wave of attacks on Japanese interests in China now extend to assaults on random innocents, prompting much disquiet amongst Japanese, although no protest from their notoriously assertive government.

The most widely reported incident occurred on a Shanghai street, where Chinese identified a man as Japanese and proceed to toss their ramen in his face, injuring his eye in the process.

Other cases saw a Japanese national being repeatedly kicked in the street, and another having bottles tossed at him.

Japan’s Shanghai consulate has received reports of 6 different attacks on Japanese nationals in the area, to say nothing of the recent attack on its ambassador.

They boldly advise their nationals to “keep a low profile” and “avoid taking photographs or drawing pictures outside” lest they be arrested as enemy spies.

The attacks appear to be in response to Japan’s “nationalisation” of the Senkaku islands, where the private land owner of the islands shrewdly manipulated the national government into massively outbidding Tokyo’s troublemaking governor Ishihara’s bid to buy the land so as to annoy China, forcing them to buy them if they wanted to continue forbidding Japanese to go there and so avoid annoying their dear Chinese friends.

China has for its part guaranteed the safety of Japanese interests, but with the Chinese  press endorsing attacks on Japanese property as legitimate responses to “Japan’s erroneous conduct towards Chinese territory” and with the Chinese government having previously arrested Japanese for “spying” in the last spate of spats, not many Japanese appear convinced.

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  • I now have my own “One China” Policy.

    The only China I will ever recognize is Taiwan.. and Hong Kong and Macau should become independent countries like Singapore.

    That other place north of these states is nothing but a mere flawed copy of some historic Chinese Dynasty territory..

  • well just remember one thing we will intentionally make our country (US) broke to destroy who is stupid enough to mess with us by the way we will rather buy japan product *cough*better quality than yours china*cough* generic shit if it werent the stupid tariffs

  • So the Chinese are lashing out at Japan instead of their own government whom they should be lashing out against?

    Granted I know nothing of this situation other than what I’m reading here, but this seems kinda fishy that the otherwise slap happy Chinese government isn’t doing anything to stop a protest in a country that routinely sees protesters disappeared.

    Anything that deflects the populace rage or anger away from them I guess is a good thing and will be left unchecked until it becomes uncomfortable for the government.

  • As one regular Chinese, I do not particular hate Japanese in general(just ones who worship veterans of WWII, and ones who are hating on China).

    I tell you what country’s fault this is.

    It is neither China nor Japan.

    It is America.

    After WWII, America had control over Japanese territory. They(Americans) were hating on China(and rest of countries with Communist government) so they let Japan have everything back(in name only) so Japan can kiss their ass.

    These island(s) that we have conflict over actually did belong to China until Japanese started invading.

    So, all those people blaming China for everything should stop trying. America is to blame.

    I find it funny people keep trying to blame China for everything and still use a bunch of made-in-China products…

    Personally, I do not like my government as much as I should; there is too much politics, not enough action.
    Everyone saying China’s government is this and that bad… they do not realize China’s government has been more at peace than ever(except when provoked by tiny aggressive countries who thought their sugardaddy America has their ass covered).

  • What bothers me is even sites like this involved in posting political issues instead of just anime fun stuffs where people from around the world comments and enjoy without issues, I know it’s important but really have to go that far?

    What goes around comes around. Imagine 10 years from now, don’t feel bad when it comes to China’s turn to mock Japan like there’s no tomorrow and life isn’t fair, it won’t be an eye for an eye but probably much worse than we can imagine.

  • As a Chinese i see most of your opinion is not objective.Our country developed well and our life is becoming better every day,i don’t know what so called “internal issues” is . And as i know this session of the Japanese government didn’t do well in there country,they want to use diaoyu island as there record of achievement.
    If you still think China is awful country,it just means you get swindled by the media. Media are all good lies,just as this event,they just take place the word “protest” as “attacks”,every thing seem different.
    In spite of getting angry about what Japanese government do,we didn’t transfer this anger to Japanese civilian live in china.I never heard the attack to Japanese,it may really exist,but rarely happen.
    Why did your media throw dirty water to China?Cause they want to distract people from the internal issues the country faces,and allow them to put large amount of money from taxpayer to army.

  • I don’t understand why these idiots are wasting so much energy on this protest instead of fixing they’re own government. This is like the perfect red herring for the PRC. They just need to hire 1 or 2 inciters to rile up the crowd and the droves of idiots come falling in.

  • These people are really acting like kids. Yes, as if attacking random Japanese will actually help claim the island. Personally I despise anyone needing to use violence to protest over a matter. It’s just such an idiotic way.

    But I must say, I got a good laugh at the first pic XD Especially since everyone behind the kid looks at him like “What the heck is he doing?”

  • more and more a threat of a war between those 2 countries is coming clear. i dunno if the chinese started or the jap but u thing i know chinese ppl are adding wood to the fire n u know what? they might get burned. this news only shows the courage of those chinese folks. it easy throwing rocks at the neighbour that walks through their own backyard, i dont see them trying to cross the neighbours backyard tho. i know the chinese ppl arent all the same but those ppl as well as other r just making a bad name to their country more and more everyday.

  • Maybe, other than mentioned above is because people mocking about “Everything in china will explode”? Altough it IS a fact.”China menaced by an Exploding Island” like that ever to happen~ i hope that Eatshithara going to BAWWWW because of this~ LoL

  • Hey you! Yeah, you! Your great-great-great-great-great-x-10-times-grandpa has beaten my great-great-great-you-get-it-grandpa with a club when he tried to get that mammoth he killed near the cave in prehistoric era. So fuck you, I’m gonna beat the crap out of you now!

  • When I was in college, I had a Chinese classmate who told me that Japan was once part of China. At first I thought he was fucking around, but the seriousness of his expression hinted otherwise.

    What DO they teach the kids over there anyway.

  • The Senkaku Islands are nothing but worthless rocks in the ocean. China makes a big deal out of it because they want to distract their people from the fact that their country is a dump with a corrupt government by giving them someone else to hate.

    BTW, all you guys standing on that overpass in picture #2, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It was built by your countrymen.

  • Just going off map data (reading maps isn’t all that hard),

    1. The Scarborough Shoal should belong to the Philippines because it’s within 200 miles EZZ of the Philippines mainland but should carry no economic rights. It is an uninhabitable piece of rock, and according to UN doctrines, uninhabited rocks carry no economic rights. (The Philippine government claims this and the Spratly Islands as their own and claim that they are entitled to 200 mile EZZ around these rocks, which is ridiculous.)

    2. The Spratly Islands should be long to Taiwan and should carry economic rights. Out of all the disputed islands, the Spratly is the only one that is inhabitable and has hosted several hundred Taiwanese inhabitants for 56 straight years.

    3. The Paracel and the Senkaku/Diaoyu should belong to nobody and any drilling rights should be shared among all countries in the region. These islands are not inhabitable and are not obviously closer to one nation like the Scarborough Shoal is to the Philippines.

    Everyone involved in these disputes are significantly overreaching the UN limits and are thus in the wrong. And everyone involved (China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, and Japan) all use the same argument for why these islands should be long to them. It amazes me that they either cannot see their own hypocrisy or choose to ignore it.

  • The problem is a lack of true reconciliation.

    Japan never ever truly admitted its own responsibility for atrocities done on Chinese soil and China itself is all too comfortable in its own role of the victim.

    As long as both of them act on their “three wise monkey” play, they won’t ever get over their differences.

    Besides, such attacks are normally nothing more then insular incidents.

  • All of you are thinking too deeply into the topic. China’s not reclaiming territories that ‘used to be theirs’; they want to take those islands anyway due to the latter’s strategic locations, natural resources and so on, whether those islands actually belonged to China or not.
    In short; they wanted world domination. Every country wanted that for the sake of it.
    And I wouldn’t be following this post so anybody can ‘rebut’ this post as much as they want and I would be completely oblivious to any developments.

    By the way, watch out for trolls; they could be disguising themselves as those fellows below and are looking forward to to gloat at any replies to their posts.

    And good thing Mac has spell-check for everything that is being typed!

  • the chinese just need to gtfo of Japan, their fucking lunatics. I swear to god, Japan and America should go into Political/Immigrational Isolation. screw china, screw Iraq, screw the rest of the world. China has America under it’s thumb with all this stupid debt, so they think they can fuck with the rest of the world freely.

  • To be frank, I would feel sorry for any anime shops in China right now.

    not to mention I would find it a complete disgrace that the chinese minority are even doing something as petty as this, I’m Chinese American, and I feel ashamed to the point where I am tempted to buy a ticket to go to China and show them what a real Chinese man is like- a disciplined martial art master that can take up to a 1000 people. Notably, the fat guy in the first pic seems like a classical Otaku, I am wondering if any of these Chinese people are even decent fighters.

    • Lol well fighter or not, what sickens me even more is that when a Chinese people stands up against things like this, they get bashed instead by other chinese people.

      Take the Beijing Olympic for example. One University student (Chinese) stood up saying how china is wrong (I think it was regarding the Tibet matter) and all her family back in china got harassed.

      There are good chinese out there, but too bad these people overpower them and there will be many too scared to stand up in public to say how they think china is wrong. It would take a lot of guts.

    • Your people killed their own Shaolin Monks. Jet Li even admitted that his martial arts is only for show and would have no effect in a real fight. I think China killed of their warriors hoping to replace them with modern guns.

  • If you watch here , there are some chinese downvoting comments and upvoting themselves to give an illusion of mass approval. They don’t know some people go through their votes later and cleans them up XD

  • A few people are beaten up by a few Chinese nationalists over a few rocks is indeed bad and all.

    But the real story is elsewhere in the Middle East where there are mass protests outside US embassies where 4 US diplomats got killed.

    This seems pretty petty compared to the destabilization of the Middle East.

  • Most Chinese don’t give a fuck about the Senkaku Islands but there are always ultra nationalists on either side of the fight. China’s disdain for Japan is pretty much in the past for all but the oldest, most conservative segments left in society.

  • Maybe the West and Africa should start demanding chinese exterminate themselves and hand over the land to Indians. After all, chinese are just genetic left overs who ran from every one else when humans first migrated from the western continents of europe and africa.

    Historical claim is in more favor towards non-chinese. Funny how chinese think they are entitled to anything based on ‘historical’ ownership.

  • Every Chinese owned company I worked for HATED the Japanese… All of the Chinese workers that worked with me expressed their hatred towards the Japanese. They knew I supported Japan. And I was always criticized for it.

    • that happens a lot. happened to me too.
      they like japanese av though…. and the new generation seems to care less as the japanese anime is way better than what china can produce.

      anyway, why the govs around the world spread hate instead of love? i will never understand, perhaps more money is made through war,

      I still prefer getting laid than joining an army though.

  • China is actually pretty clever. By keeping its people angry at other countries like this, they wont make a fuss about ‘freedoms’ and ‘democracy’ and all that other hippy Western shit. While the people are placated by being allowed to rant and rave about foes and hurts from before they were even born, those in power just laugh, and laugh, and laugh…

    • That’s just basic politics. The fact that kind of elementary political tactics actually work on these people shows a great deal about ‘intelligence’ of chinese. Only such childish people could be so gullible – it’s like throwing a bone to a retarded dog to keep it from barking.

    • Don’t worry. Chinese have a history of being bitch fucked by aggressing nations thanks to their shitty attitude. They should thank russia for using them as bulwark, otherwise if russia abandons china and US stops preventing asian nations from arming like china because they no longer have any use of cheap crap factories that can be moved to india, than china’s gonna be gangbanged to death like last time.

  • Who gives a flying fuck about the senkaku islands!
    God, while the chinesse are being butthurt over nothing, the Muslims are being overly butthurt and killing people over a god damn movie… I wish someone would just kill all of those idiots fighting for the most retarded reasons.

    • 10:07; let’s face it, whenever a protest occurs there will likely be instigators to upscale it into riots. heck look at how some victory celebrations or large scale street demonstrations in the western world turned violent when idiots in their ranks decide looting and vandalism is a go.

    • Try a little learning, dumbfuck. It goes a long way.

      NOONE cares about the Senkaku Islands. Not Japan, or even China. These ‘islands’ are barely even rocks with trees. The point is, they are (foolishly) considered to be LAND, and LAND means an ECONOMIC EXCLUSION ZONE.

      What’s UNDER the Senkaku Islands is what everyone cares about; fish obviously and quite likely oil and gas.

      In China encouraging the idiot masses to hate the Japanese for ‘imperialism’ over worthles rocks goes a long way towards distracting them from how incompetent and corrupt your own government is.

    • Try a little learning, dumbfuck. It goes a long way.

      NOONE cares about the Senkaku Islands. Not Japan, or even China. These ‘islands’ are barely even rocks with trees. The point is, they are (foolishly) considered to be LAND, and LAND means an ECONOMIC EXCLUSION ZONE.

      What’s UNDER the Senkaku Islands is what everyone cares about; fish obviously and quite likely oil and gas.

      In China encouraging the idiot masses to hate the Japanese for ‘imperialism’ over worthles rocks goes a long way towards distracting them from how incompetent and corrupt your own government is.

  • Yeah okay. I used to think Chinese are not bad people, just their government is bad people. Good job Chinese nationalists, throw a fit about some islands that don’t belong to you now.

    If I started staging racist protests in my country like they do, I would be promptly receiving death threats.

  • Now they show their damn faces… again.

    They stealth the Hoang Sa, Truong Sa islands. The Vietnamese take to the streets IN PEACE, No violent, no burn down their Flag, no attack the Chinese… and they condemn the Vietnamese. In fact we have the prove that those islands belong to us. What do they have ? Just a bunch of shitty soldiers fighting for there shitty government. SO now who is the uneducated and low humanity huh?

    So what about their country. Most of them are acting like Barbarians. When the conflict happen, They’re the one sent their army their 1st, they sent their “Tourist” there 1st, they attacked other country fishermen, attacked the Japanese…

    Stop being like a bunch of meat like that China, care for your own resident. Good people of China want that too.

  • This is actually becoming somewhat hairy. If you’ve been following the news yesterday China requested that a cross-party group of Japanese lawmakers cancel their planned visit to China. They had planned to come over on Sept. 26 to attend events marking 40 years since China and Japan normalized diplomatic relations, but China told them it would currently be impossible to welcome them in a friendly manner.

    It’s hard to see what all the fuss is about halfway across the world, but these islands are going to need to be dealt with conclusively or bad things will happen.

  • Well, at least the Chinese government gets to distract people from the internal issues the country faces.

    The question – as always – is just how large the bunch of idiots is. I mean, I’m sure a majority is outraged by the whole situation. Being told for all your life that a certain area is a part of your country’s territory and that it is now being bought (stolen) by the former coloniser/imperial aggressor is hardly going to induce celebrations.

    That said, I’m fairly sure that the actual violence is committed by only a small group of Chinese. A few rotten apples spoil the bunch. I know out of personal experience that the Chinese can be quite a warm people. For every person protesting loudly, there’ll be more than a few who are more concerned about other things than a few islands in the middle of the sea.

    The worst bit about this all is the irony though. The behaviour of the Chinese government reminds me of the behaviour of Japan during and before the second World War. It almost makes you wonder when they will decide to invade a neighbouring country. :/

    • As a Chinese i see most of your opinion is not objective.Our country developed well and our life is becoming better every day,i don’t know what so called “internal issues” is . And as i know this session of the Japanese government didn’t do well in there country,they want to use diaoyu island as there record of achievement.
      If you still think China is awful country,it just means you get swindled by the media. Media are all good cheaters,just as this event,they just take place the word “protest” as “attacks”,every thing seem different.
      In spite of getting angry about what Japanese government do,we didn’t transfer this anger to Japanese civilian live in china.I never heard the attack to Japanese,it may really exist,but rarely happen.
      Why did your media throw dirty water to China?Cause they want to distract people from the internal issues the country faces,and allow them to put large amount of money from taxpayer to army.

    • In a country with 1 billion(or so) people none of(including people who have been to China) can claim what faction is the majority/minority. Be it the protestors or the peacekeepers. Then again, looking at the number as a billion doesn’t sit right, because even it’s a million people protesting in different parts of China, is enough to make any place dangerous.

      • Actually, on my point of view, I’d left Tibet since the people living there are actually sucking free money from China (google it for proof)
        But China don’t want to let’em go because of 2 fact: it’s china “territory”, and freeing tibet would motivate other chinese territory to do the same.

    • “It almost makes you wonder when they will decide to invade a neighbouring country. :/”
      Technically they already are, all over east and southeast Asia.

      Also, 1% of a million is still 100000. With a population as big as China, ‘few’ could be the size of the entire population of a small country. The problem here is the government seem to endorse these kinds of reaction, which would only mean nothing will be done, which would mean it will only get worse over time.

      • The Chinese already invade other countries but, more like cockroaches. It’s similar to Mexicans in America, but on a wider scale. They all have the same attitude, and, whenever a Chinese population grows in a certain area, much like the ghetto parts of town, it becomes one of the dirtiest places in that vicinity. The perfect example is Downtown LA and the Lil Tokyo area vs the Chinatown area. Little Tokyo is always clean and well kept, but, Chinatown, just a few blocks down, is a garbage dump. The same goes for San Francisco’s JTown and Chinatown. JTown, small, but clean and beautiful, and Chinatown… again, a garbage dump, dirty and smelly with rats everywhere.

      • They didn’t attacked becuz they fear death.
        But they might attack the japan economy. if the whole chinese population don’t buy Japanese product for one day, a couple of japanese factory would close.
        pretty simple isn’t it?
        that’s the reason why japan didn’t bought the island yet

        • and if they (the factories) close down, thousands of mainland china Chinese will lose their source of income… what goes around comes around. China can grow this big due to other countries giving them chance to grow, if not, there is no difference before and after China open up their market.

      • Never heard of chinese ‘protests’ here in US. They pull a shit like this here and you can be sure someone will get knocked off or have their resturant burned down within a week. People fucking hate china.

    • 从转移国内注意力这点来说,外国政府一直比中国做得“更好”,至于你理解中国人是一群白痴,哼哼,的确,在你们看来,不了解的人都是白痴。

      • you’re so retarded aren’t you…….using native language in a international website forum like this…if you want to be heard and to be respected by other…how about respecting other ppl first and use language that can be heard by other ppl…act like an educated human! dont act like an retarded FAGS!! use english already!!!

      • people tend to put the blame on other people rather than reflect on their own actions. This goes to most of the situation which happens around us. If you refer to most of the accidents happen with china products, they blame the producers for producing such products but not the government agencies whom give the approval on such faulty products.
        This is the same with the island incident that they claim the island belongs to them and protest, even harming Japanese in China but the fact is, it was no longer in control of china by the fact that it was privately owned by a Japanese and now being sold to the Japan Government.
        If you wanted to claim it, you should have claim it at the end of WW2 or bid the price over the island.

    • I think the biggest problem with any group of people in China is that even a minority can consist of more people than the population of the US, Canada, the UK, and France combined. Taken all together those four only reach a third of China’s 1.34 billion people.

      So even if it’s not a majority and instead a vocal minority, a minority in China can still potentially dwarf a nation.

    • You are very right. Most people in China are not like that. Is all those loudest/ignorent/idiots are always that get on the front page. Lets just hope that Japan can use more entertainment to win over more Younger Chinese over. It did be like Macross F, but in real life!

      • China isn’t Beijing. This may be somewhat true for the larger cities, but the majority of the Chinese population is still just as ignorant as a dark ages mob. Try going outside of Beijing sometime.

        • No, he’s right. Most Chinese people are like this. Hell, even American Born Chinese hide the fact that they are Chinese and are embarrassed by their own heritage, that’s why they usually don’t stay with their own race. Chinese people, on the whole, are considered on the same level as Amerikan trash (ie, White Trash, Mexican’ts and Ghetto Blacks). What makes them this way is their personality and attitudes about thinking how they are superior to other races yet lack manners or qualities of everyday normal people. They are always proud of their large number, but, you know what else has a large number? Worker ants. So, instead of crying over an island that isn’t yours, how about you fix your race first. No one respects you or your people. You are at the bottom of the Asian race. Not exotic, just common trash.

    • I like the idea of using old conflicts to justify claiming another. It’s a smart move! Because Canada is ruled by a monarch that once oppressed my people in what is now the United States, I say we force the crown to relinquish Canada… what… they have independence?

      Uh… time for the Taiwan strategy, if they declare independence, we declare war on them. We do not recognize their prior declaration. Yay! World politics is awesome!

        • It seems people have there own issues about what the person stated about murder and Chinese.

          He does bring up an interesting point in some countries they do it differently then others in killing people.For example in this news reported that a Chinese woman 41 years old was murder and her severed body parts were discovered scattered throughout Toronto, CanadaIf you don’t believe me look at this link.

        • lol Godwin’s law already.
          But seriously, we should make an international law forbidding racists to reproduce.

          Anon 17:51 and other racists, I’ll quote someone I know because I can’t say it any better: Please can you refrain from talking to me you miserable excuses for the excrement that fell out of a baboon’s rectum. You’re about as evolved as the lowest single celled lifeform, and you shame the rest of humanity with your existence. It’s a disgrace that you buck-toothed chinless wonders actually have opposable thumbs. You should do the decent thing and isolate yourself in a dark room, or at least wear a bag over your head when you go out so I won’t vomit all over the street at the sight of your bug-eyed, monobrowed countenance staring at every shiny thing like a goldfish on bad acid (it helps to blink you know – if you can get your head around that idea).

        • That doesn’t make sense, chin(ko).
          Hailing Hitler as well as condemning the EU?
          LMAO (no pun ;P)

          @topic: Buncha dickheads who think they will achieve something with rage and assaults…
          I’d put them on one step with this week’s religious fanatics in Africa, protesting against a video made from a few people..

        • die americans, time for war, yes nuclear war, it time for the end. hahahaha…. the 3rd world will now be hunting every and last of you north americans, EU whitties to hell…. I fully support killing all US and EU citizens, Hal Hitler.

    • In regard to amount of people being included in said troublesome groups.
      If we consider that around every 5th person in the world is Chinese, then we can get pretty large numbers.
      Even after assuming that said radicals are small fraction of Chinese mass.

    • “Being told for all your life that a certain area is a part of your country’s territory and that it is now being bought (stolen)”

      The Chinese lost control of the Senkaku islands 117 years ago. They need to get a god damn clue and realize that just because they shout, “MINE!” really loudly doesn’t make it theres.

      • “the Japanese just made up a document claiming those islands without even bothering to inform us”

        I wanna see any piece of evidence that endorses this argument. not valid if it’s in chinese…

      • The point is that we have a history of more than 2000 years, so 117 years isn’t actually that long for us. And moreover we didn’t lose control of the islands, the Japanese just made up a document claiming those islands without even bothering to inform us.So I guess that’s the way how things work in your country?
        Oh, and of course we would like to shout if it could just work, but be god damn sure that we are ready to go far for what belongs to us.
        And “theres” should be “theirs”.

        • 13:25

          Every country’s history is loaded with conquering and being conquered, ancient china was established through constant warring between different warlords and ethnicities, and the Han ethnicity eventually ended up winning the most and results in being the most populate upon the country’s adoption of the name you call china now. Ironically, if we follow your retarded logic the U.S would be the most mongrel nation on earth.

        • So your saying China has “history” woth the Senkaku islands. Fine, then what the heck is China’s excuse for disputing Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh, Cherkip Gompa, Dho, Dungmar, Gesur, Gezon, Itse Gompa, Khochar, Nyanri, Ringung, Sanmar, Tarchen, Zuthulphuk, Demchok, Chumar, Kaurik, Shipki Pass, Jadh, Lapthal, Ieodo Island/Suyan Rock, Jammu, Kashmir, Kula Kangri, Macclesfield Bank, Okinotorishima, Paracel Islands, Scarborough Shoal, Shaksgam Valley, Spratly Islands, Trans-Karakoram Tract, Tumen River, Eastern part of Bhutan, a small area of Gilgit-Baltistan, Heixiazi / Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Heixiazi / Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Kutuzov Island, part of the Rasŏn administrative division. Sixty-Four Villages East of the Heilongjiang River, Taiwan
          Penghu, Jinmen, Matsu Islands, Pratas Islands, Songling District, and finally the Jiagedaqi District.

          Please China stop playing the victim card. Your the wolf trying to get as much land as you can get. If it wasn’t the Japanese, you would probably have mass protests against India.

        • Your ‘2000’ years of history is nothing more than 2000 years of getting fucked over by minority nations and producing mongrel people like those who inhabit china today. Present day chinese are nothing like those who inhabited east asia 2000 years ago. Trying to say china was a one continuous nation with continuous history is not only illogical, it is a baseless argument.

          Besides, Kingdoms of china rose and fell countless times and PRC came into being only recently. By your logic, we should call europe one country that only went through phases of dynasties and kingdoms, and in that logic that means european history is even longer than that of chinese since human civilizations flourished in western continents before people even reached china.

        • And let Italy/Rome reclain the whole freaking Mediterranean area.

          Spunky Chineses. Stop claiming the whole Asian Pacific as yours. The past is the past, it is called ‘history’ for a reason. Get a clue.
          Rise of arms just cause people don’t agree? Just a darn bully.

          FFS might as well give DaoYu to Singapore. Let them build a giant merlion and be done with it.

        • 13:21 Not just Mediterranean, from Britain to Morroco, to Egypt to Iraq (Greatest extent of Roman Rule under Emperor Trajan).

          Chinese are too defiled and muddled by being messed up by invading nations to decide what is right and wrong.

      • I agree with this. I have yet to meet with a single honest good person born and raised from China with Chinese values. Guess what? There aren’t any. They all only think about themselves and the cheapest way to buy something. They all try to make money from nothing and are usually scheming to take money from you.

        • Japanese nationalists attack chinese just as much if not more. Go search up some stats (and hell that’s considering Japan’s criminal stats are frequently skewed). Despite what this site will have you believe chinese very rarely conduct acts of aggression toward japanese (I have never heard or witnessed a single case and I have japanese friends in china), also in the capital crime is NOT rampant, neighborhoods are way safer than most major american cities (stats on that as well).

          Of course I’m likely just talking to a rock here considering you’re outright assuming from the beginning of your statement that japanese just “have waay more dignity”, but do go search things up once a bit.

        • I’m sorry but once again, like in any other blog post in sankaku, what is your point in dragging Japan into this? Are you trying to make china look better?

          The thing is, I agree what you said about “rotten apple”. Every country has those But Japan is NOT filled with hikikomori or lolicon, and china DEFINITELY IS NOT BETTER when you look at the crime rate (even comparing it the the number of %, just NO!)

          Just lookng at this senkaku incident it’s china that is taking the violence. Attacking innocent Japanese on streets etc. even though they may not be minority you don’t hear any Japanese attacking random chinese on their street because they have waay more dignity than that.

          You ask did you ever go to china, I ask you, did you ever go to Japan to even claim Japan is filled with hikikomori and lolicon. *Probably not

        • Actuly Anon being anti-China isnt racism being anti-Chinese is. China is the country you can hate on countrys all day the Chinese are its people so being anti Chinese is being racism since you hating on them based on their ethticity. Personaly im anti-China and anti-theirgovernment. As for the people the few I know form there I like and are good people as far as I can tell.

      • what you’re saying is truly racist.
        did you ever went to China? proly not
        Every country have it’s own “rotten apple”
        It’s not like japan is clean or something like that cuz hearing sankaku’s nerds feel like you all praise japan like it’s ur god.
        truth is japan is filled with filth with their huge bullies/suicide, lolicon, hikikomori & shit, nazism etc…

        it’s obvious that china has a lot of retarded beings but if you compared the actual numbers with the whole population, then compare to japanese % of crime & shit with their population, oh! japan is worse than china o// but noone blame them.
        I won’t blame China nor Japan since human being are at fault.

    • I think all the recent anti other country gossip is the result of a group of people trying to force China to go to war with every one using the ratial hate rally riot methods that a group of crackheads in a New York apartement that get arrested on the same day try to do to get people to attack the police and apart. owners type of a deal. Calculated and orcistrated.

      • I think that a war with China would be a good thing. We can force a population control by wiping out 75% of their country and taking over their land and putting it to better use. We can teach them about “quality over quantity” by doing this.

      • didn’t get the whole thing, but it’s kinda true.
        Occidental countries try to make China gettin better, but it’s actually not happening. Instead, China is growing anger towards them.
        But occidental countries does not have the right to say anything to any countries since most of them can’t handle their very own population (aka Europe (especially France, Greece, Spain, Italy & east countrie, USA)

      • you do realize that taiwan is on the side of china this time…
        It’s currently china + taiwan VS japan.
        If it was china only, then i’d be china bashing as well, but with taiwan I think the countries are actually up to something…

        • China is theoretically on Taiwan’s side because they claim Taiwan is their property. But the Taiwanese government is much closer to Japan in terms of relations than to China.

          It’s very safe, as far as I know, to be in Taiwan as a Japanese right now. As you know, the same can not be said for many part’s of China.

        • I am Taiwanese. Don’t call me Chinese.
          I love “China” as a culture, not as a country.
          that island (actually plus the two little rocks too) are just a political tool to take everyone’s focus off what is happening in everyone’s homeland. China and the corruption (where is that vice prime minister, the one that disappeared for like two weeks now?) Japan and the constantly changing gov that don’t care about the suiciding kids? Taiwan and… oh wtf… we have too many things to worry about.
          working In china now, hope my elevator doesn’t fall off tmr!

        • If i accidentally call the taiwanese people chinese, then I apologize.
          But seriously. The taiwanese people are demanding that senkaku should be returned to them. The way I see it, it’s pretty much china + taiwan VS japan for this part of the process anyways.

    • Taiwan really can’t have much to say in this fight without looking at the threat of PRC repurcussion.

      Since they lost their US presence in 1973 that threat is everpresent.

      Google the 1950’s Quemoy and Matsu crisis in the Straights of Taiwan to see how out of control this kind of situation can get about two small pieces of real estate.

      • Well US did supply KMT during the civil war, but KMT were a bunch of incompetent fools who couldn’t win that war. Taiwan really can’t bitch about how they lost because no one else was helping them.