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Miss China’s Nipples “Must Be 20cm Apart”


The latest controversy to attach to the surreal world of “Miss World” contests is the revelation that contestants are being judged by the distance between their nipples, with 20cm held to be the bare minimum.

The “Miss Locality” beauty pageant, held at a Hubei province university, attracted instant celebrity not for the glamour of its line-up, but instead for its unusual stipulation of the minimal allowable distance between the nipples of contenders.

Sina Weibo users have been mystified by the new criteria, wondering “who thought this up?” and “why 20cm apart, of all things?”

Even celebrities have dared to criticise the contest, with one such lady asking “Since when is the distance between a woman’s breasts a standard of female beauty? Do they perhaps think women are dolls? It’s despicable to judge women like that.”


The strange judging criteria which seem to be applied universally in “Miss” contests no longer seem to surprise many online:

“What is the point of this?”

“We need pictures!”

“I don’t get the point of this, though not do I get why people are so upset.”

“This is just so the judges get to look at and feel up the girls I expect.”

“Right, the judges will be the ones measuring after all…”

“Is this with a bra on? Could they just pull their nipples to either side?”

“Surely an excuse for the judges to measure something interesting.”

“Actually it seems like a good idea.”

“Aren’t really widely spaced boobs actually unsightly though?”

“China is going to develop its own culture of perversion it seems. Japan should be on their guard.”

“Next up they will publicise the fact you have to sleep with the judges to win.”

“I measured mine and they are 22cm apart!”

“21cm… only barely made it.”

“How many people has this story made measure the distance between their nipples?”

“I could understand limits to the size of areola, but not this.”

“They are only interested in European style figures in this contest, this is just a way of filtering out the flat little kiddies.”

“Why 20cm of all things…”

“Just harassment from the judges who wanted to take a look.”

“Or maybe this is a sly marketing trick to get their competition noticed?”

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