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AKB48 Pantsu Giveaway “Shaming Japan”


Which is creepier – the marketing tactics of ABK48 or their notorious fans – is once again the subject of much debate after the group has begun giving away pantsu with its latest calendar.

The 2013 AKB48 calendar includes a pair of “godly” pantsu, and various photos and other minor trinkets:


Once again, AKB48’s marketing is coming under fire:


“This is more like something some shady idol outfit would do.”

“What kind of eroge mag is this?”

“What about AKB48 spit flavoured goodies or NMB48’s teeth alignment charts?”


“This is as bad as one of those creepy shops selling used underwear.”

“These aren’t even their used pantsu, they are paper pantsu or something. Charlatans.” [The pantsu are described with the kanji for “god,” “kami,” which also happens to pronounced the same as “paper,” also “kami”]

“At least include a sample of their pubic hair!”

“Who things up this horrible stuff?”

“Hurry up and crack down on this damn group.”

“This is shaming Japanese culture.”

“And these are our ‘national idols’?”

“Our national idols, AKB48:”


“Come on and ban them!”

“Have they no sense of shame at all?”

“Their transformation into a band of prostitutes continues apace…”

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