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China to US: “How’d You Like It If Japan Claimed Hawaii?”


China’s latest ploy to ensure universal acceptance of its ancient and inalienable claim to the Senkaku isles has been to take out an ad in the New York Times asking Americans how they would react to Japan inexplicably claiming Hawaii – although some have pointed out comparisons of Japan claiming Hawaii to China claiming parts of Okinawa may be rather more appropriate than intended.

In this case, a Chinese businessman and self-proclaimed “ambassador of peace” took out a half-page ad (half of which was in Chinese in case the other message was not clear enough) in the New York Times, none too subtly attempting to push the Pearl Harbor button in the feeble minds of its American readers:


How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if Japan announced that Hawaii was its territory?

A call for peace to prevent Japan’s claim on China’s Diaoyu Islands

Chen Guangbiao, citizen of China and ambassador of peace, solemnly declares to the U.S. government and the American people:

•The Diaoyu Islands have been part of China since antiquity.

•Japan’s right wing is now violating China’s territorial sovereignty and threatening the stability and security of the Asia Pacific region.

•The Diaoyu Islands dispute and Japan’s so-called move to nationalize the islands, were incited by Japan’s right wing and should be steadfastly protested.

•I call on the U.S government and people everywhere to condemn Japan’s provocative behavior.

By contrast, landing a boatload of rabid Chinese nationalists on the islands is of course entirely unprovocative, as – like Taiwan and the South China Sea – the islands are eternally sacred Chinese territory.

The practice of East Asian nationalists attempting to drag US public opinion into their corner by advertising in influential US papers itself has lately become quite common – South Korea in particular being keen on attempting to burnish its eternal victimhood with adverts condemning the evil of the Japanese, not a difficult sell to some Americans by any means.

Amongst Japanese online his efforts have met with the expected derision:

“This is pushing it a bit far.”

“Since when have we ever claimed Hawaii?”

“Nobody is saying Hawaii is Japanese territory…”

“If Japan did claim Hawaii, which has never been under any form of Japanese control, then that would be tantamount to a declaration of war. What is China trying to say here?”

“Saipan would have been a more realistic example.”

“China should return Tibet and maybe then people will take notice of it in these matters.”

“Hawaii is probably a bad example considering American used its military to invade it in the first place.”

“Maybe he just thinks Japanese think that because he knows they like Hawaii? Not that anyone does think like that.”

“Claiming Hawaii sounds more like something China would do.”

“You can tell where they will be looking in future.”

“Dragging Americans who barely know the facts about the dispute in is pretty low.”

“The guy behind the ad is the worst kind of poseur, hanging around disaster zones to make himself look heroic as he does:”


“It seems badly thought out considering it invites Americans to think Japan should be just as angry over the Senkaku islands as they would be if someone claimed Hawaii.”

“So now the Americans know how we feel, well done China.”

“So what if Japan (China) claimed Hawaii (Senkaku)?”

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