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Prom Sex Teacher “Preyed On” Schoolboys 16 Times


A teacher who enjoyed years of sex with her male pupils has been found guilty of granting sexual favours to 3 of them on at least 16 occasions.

The 41-year-old assistant teacher, married for 18 years with two children herself, worked at a Berkshire secondary school.

There she apparently took to sleeping with her male pupils, striking up relationships with at least 3 boys aged 15-17 and engaging in sexual activity with them on a regular basis from 2008 to 2012 (including performing a sex act on one boy a week before she appeared in court) , having admitted to 16 such incidents in total.

She was said to have had sex with one boy 12 times, also having sex with another boy and groping the third. She also sent one of them pictures of herself engaged in intimate activities.

Some of the trysts reportedly relate to a school prom where she engaged in intimate activities with one of her unfortunate victims.

Her relationships came to light after a colleague became suspicious about her close relations to certain pupils, one of whom apparently reported her to his parents and the school.

There is no suggestion the relationships were unconsenting (although the age of consent in the UK is 16, a raft of additional offences apply to those in “positions of trust” taking advantage of their charges).

She pleaded guilty to a variety of offences – two charges of causing or inciting sexual activity with a child, two of causing or inciting sexual activity with a child in a position of trust, three of causing a child to watch a sex act by viewing a sexual image, and nine of sexual activity with a child in a position of trust.

The prosecution accuses her of being a “sexual predator,” and despite her guilty plea the judge has told her she will not escape jail for her antics. She has been denied bail and remains in jail awaiting sentencing. Her much cuckolded husband attended court in her support.

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