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China Quality Exploding Chair Anally Maims Girl


China is again quaking in its seats after being shaken by yet another incident of a randomly exploding chair horribly maiming the poor unfortunate sat upon it.

The incident occurred in a Fujian province apartment one evening after its female resident finished showering and took a seat to dry her hair.

30 seconds after taking a seat, the chair’s gas cylinder exploded with devastating force, severely injuring her backside, anus and vagina.

She was hospitalised and a number of operations were necessary to completely remove all the iron fragments and screws which had been embedded in her body by the explosion.

The force of the explosion was so great the wood and sponge of the chair’s seat was completely shredded, and the PC on the desk it was placed under was sent flying.

The explosion has been blamed on the nitrogen gas pressure cylinder used to adjust the height of the chair – poor quality manufacturing combined with abrupt changes in temperature and pressure can result in the cylinder exploding, which tends to be especially devastating when occurring immediately underneath a person sat on a typically flimsy seat.

Needless to say, the chair in question was made in China – although authorities claim the maker was “unlicensed” and not subject to any inspections, as well as being impossible to contact.

China’s exploding chair incidents have become distressingly frequent in recent years, with some even proving fatal.

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