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Outrage at “No Japs Allowed” Korean Cafe


Korean net cafe signage informing patrons that the establishment enforces a strict “No Japs Allowed” policy – unless the prospective customer shouts “Dokdo is Korean territory!” three times – is currently attracting much attention online.

The sign was introduced by a South Korean net cafe in response to the continued existence of Japan and its nefarious insistence that the sovereignty of the islands in question should be determined by impartial UN adjudicators, and was soon proving popular on major Korean forums (although the absence of Japanese wording did not escape comment).

As with Japan and most of East Asia, Korea has no real laws against racial discrimination, let alone any official willingness to enforce them, and the sort of xenophobia Korea is known for makes even the likes of Japan look like a European-style multi-cultural paradise.

The Japanese Internet is as ever full of kind words for their excitable peninsular brethren and their unique approach to fostering goodwill amongst the Yamato, not least thanks to their mighty president’s recent and highly successful charm offensive:

“These guys are insane…”

“Who would go there anyway?”

“Nobody is going to Korea anyway, so who cares what they get up to.”

“Please do it over here in the pachinko parlours!”

“What a crude people.”

“Nice move – nobody who dislikes Korea would be going there anyway, so the only ones who’ll see this are the ones who didn’t dislike the place, not a state of affairs likely to continue with such a welcome.”

“More anti-Japanese marketing?”

“Could you actually get way with this in Japan?”

“If only they’d put this up at immigration.”

“This sort of crass racism only exposes you to ridicule.”

“Not embarrassed at all by this racist marketing of their cafe?”

“Not the first time they have been putting up ‘no Japanese’ signs…”


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