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US Sailor Beats Down 2 Japanese: “They Insulted My Girl!”


The American-style chivalry of a US sailor stationed in Japan who beat up two strangers who had the temerity to insult his Japanese girlfriend has been earning much admiration online.

The incident occurred at Motomachi-Chūkagai Station in Yokohama’s Chinatown district at 6AM on Sunday morning, where a 24-year-old petty officer serving with the US Navy in Okinawa was on the platform with his girlfriend.

A pair of 27-year-old Japanese part time workers began an altercation with him, at which point he assaulted them, causing them injuries of varying severity, including a broken nose.

The sailor claims the two men were drunk and started to insult his Japanese girlfriend – “they insulted her in unforgivable ways, so I became angry” – causing him to lose his temper and beat them down.

Police arrested him at the scene and have charged him with assault.

What exactly they said to her to enrage him so has not been revealed, although there is some suspicion they were impugning her honour for being with either a foreign barbarian or, worse yet, a US serviceman.

There has been a forgiving reaction from that great bastion of tolerance and international goodwill which is the Japanese Internet:

“Not guilty.”


“Give him a break, I’d do the same in his position.”

“Wait, aren’t you guys always calling girls who open their legs for foreigners bitches and fleshpots?”

“Even 2 on 1 the yank whoops them. As expected of our white pig masters.”

“A US soldier who’s really looking out for his girl! Wonderful!”

“Pretty cool, I bet his girl is pleased, if not moist.”

“Not much point in taking the half-baked insults of drunks seriously. Best just to ignore them.”

“They probably called her a ‘bitch’ or something [lately popular amongst Japanese but with the meaning of ‘slut’]. A yank could understand that so no wonder he flipped.”

“Were this pair really Japanese, to be picking a fight with an American like that?”

“The soldier is in the right. Of course you’d be angry if someone insults your girlfriend.”

“Any girl would fall for someone doing this!”

“They probably learned ‘bitch’ off the Internet and tried it on his girl, not really surprising he lost it.”

“Perhaps ‘how much did you pay for her?’ or ‘whores like you shame the Japanese’?”

“Some scumbag part-time losers who think they can go around insulting strangers, then play the victim card when they get called out on it.”

“When you see some ugly girl dating a white with a smug look on her face you want to call her out on it, although nobody says anything usually.”

“The only Japanese girls who end up with foreigners are the disgusting left-overs nobody else would have.”

“Compare to the Japanese guys who just lose it on 2ch when their favourite anime character is insulted…”

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