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To Love-Ru Darkness Anime “Does Have Nipples!”


To Love-Ru fans awaiting the Darkness OVA and TV anime have been rejoicing at the news (and saucy cap) which confirms the To Love-Ru Darkness OVA does include blatant nipple exposure.

The OVA accompanies the 5th volume of the manga – traditionally such releases have been rather less constrained by the demands of censorship (whether for reasons of public decency or merely to shift more discs) so it is not altogether surprising it escaped gouts of steam.

However, those familiar with the release say that young Mikan’s nipple exposure proved too much and will not be appearing (“except for a glimpse of her areolae”), with scenes of boob fondling also left out – although how accurate this is in light of the above cap is open to question.

Fan disappointment is somewhat offset by the assurance that intimate scenes of clothing pulled taut against other areas are present and that the overall levels of sexiness are “really really hot.”

To what extent the TV version will be gutted is not yet clear, but there is some hope it will escape the dire nipple-less fate which befell the original anime version.

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