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Man Arrested for Touching on First Date


The case of man arrested for indecent assault for trying to get to second base on a first date is proving controversial in Japan.

The incident unfolded in Osaka when a 30-year-old engineer managed to arrange a date with a woman he met at a matching event the same day.

Their first date ended  abruptly in his car, when he allegedly started touching her breasts and nether regions, at which point the woman took exception and fled the car.

Claiming she was “suddenly attacked,” the woman filed a report of indecent assault with police, who proceeded to arrest and charge the man.

The man says he has “nothing to say” about the events of the day.

Online there has been a certain sense that there is something not quite right about the incident:

“Oh come on…”


“So how many dates do you have to have before it’s legal to touch her?”

“This has nothing to do with the number of dates they had, OK!?”

“This happens a lot with virgins.”

“Sounds like a guy who couldn’t read any of the signs.”

“More false charges? If you hang around with enough women something like this is bound to happen to you.”

“Wasn’t she just after a pay out or something? Who knows what happened there.”

“Arresting him for something like this is taking things way too far.”

“The fact they reported his name is just excessive. He’s likely to be ostracised and lose his job over this.”

“There is no way he just ‘suddenly attacked’ her in the middle of a date.”

“Women are scary!”

“Just because you are on a date doesn’t give you a green light to grope the girl as much as you like. What kind of virgin does that?”

“Well how far could he have gone?”

“Irrespective of what happened on this date, it seems whatever a woman accuses a man of he is automatically guilty of.”

“And women keep going on about how they want more ‘carnivorous’ Japanese men.”

“This is a bit different to giving her flowers or inviting her out to admire the night sky.”

“Don’t men know any manners now? You don’t just touch up a girl on a first date.”

“Why would you go on a date with someone and not expect them to try touching you up?”

“She probably thought she had netted an OK guy with a government job, he probably thought the date meant instant sex. Conclusion: they were both idiots.”

“Seems with the matching event and the date he ended up mistakenly thinking he had a girlfriend.”

“On a first date you can about expect to hold her hand. Blame all the eroge and 2ch for making him think otherwise.”

“She was probably only second-hand so at least let him have a go.”

“Just stick to 2D from here on guys.”

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