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USA Football Victory Over Japan “Revenge for Pearl Harbor”


The well deserved reputation of Americans for tolerance and humility has been highlighted by a series of widely circulated Tweets trumpeting the USA’s Olympic victory over Japan as “revenge for Pearl Harbor” (two nukes and 70 years of suzerainty apparently not being enough), in the otherwise obscure and unwatched sport of women’s football – where the USA received a drubbing at the hands of Japan’s team in 2011, which was responded to with the expected good grace.

Social media lit up with anti-Japanese triumphalism the instant the US team had finished whipping Nadeshiko Japan for the Olympic Gold, 2-1:


The remarks have been excoriated both internationally and in the US, although there is some doubt as to whether such sentiments are really held by as small a minority as the majority of Americans prefer to maintain.

The Japanese reaction to these comments is as predictable – although the loss of their overly prized team has been greeted with stoicism.

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  • This is going to hurt me to say this.

    I hate Uneducated Americans. This happen 70+ years ago and we got INSTANT revenge the day the two bombs dropped.

    9/11, is almost the exact same thing to the US as Japan as the almost 3,000 that were in 9/11 as to the 80,000 that were LOST in Nagasaki alone, not counting 166,000 at Hiroshima. Even add the Pearl Harbor’s 2,400 deaths to the count add little to the could be raising the number to around 5,400.

    5,400 US Lives lost in two attacks 246,000 lives lost in Japan’s two attacks.

    This is the very reason I say medical science should allow some abortions, because if two bigot, dumb and self-important FAIL-hards mate, this shit happens.

    I’m black and I reside in the US and have almost no true desire to support or degrade this country but if this is the shit that happens and got reported, Then maybe a few countries were right about America been dumb, uneducated and ignorant.

    I weep for the US. Plus, I can almost say with a strong belief that 80% of these Tweets came for Christians that are ” Tolerate and Understanding”.

  • This is the MOST STUPID THING I see for people of USA, wtf is this.
    1- These people are stupid, what kind of education they receive?, First call themselves “Americans” and USA is not even 50% of America.

    2 – A war is unacceptable, horrible, no matter who wins or loses the life of a human being is respected no matter which country is.

    And they recite the nonsense of Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it’s amazing how stupid can be, it’s amazing they do not think it, is incredible to talk about things that have not even lived!

    I can only say Thank God I’m not from USA because that people, of that comments, have no brain.

    I’m would give me very ashamed to see people of my country have this low level of intelligence in this 2012.

    It’s amazing … U_U

  • My great uncle was one of Doolittle’s Tokyo Raiders, and if he were still alive, he would have been pale in the face to see the kinds of idiots who post on Twitter and Facebook.

    Come to think of it, he died the same year Twitter was founded. Damn you, Jack Dorsey!

  • I feel shame for being a human after reading such stuff. It’s Good the end comes to the weakest and the most pathetic people that exist… Why people can’t be nice?…It’s just sad…

    P.S.: watch “God Bless America” and come to my side… But don’t worry,… I’ll kill myself at the end after all “Cleaning”, so to be no harm for good people left…

  • Oh for fuck sake man. There’s being tactless and then there’s these shining examples of wasted DNA that should have been wiped off their mother’s lips instead of absorbed into the uterus. And people wonder why we of the United States get ragged on the way we do.

  • Americans: “You stupid Japanophiles. You’re clearly obsessed with anime and don’t realize how terrible of a place Japan is. They treat women horribly, are racist, immigration, gaijin not allowed, shame culture, hikikomori, mt. fuji suicide, blahblahblahblahblah.”

    Meanwhile America is…
    – Fat
    – Racist towards the first black president
    – Calls men “pussies” if they are seen as weak
    – Is obsessed with violence
    – Is obsessed with masculinity
    – Has among the worst education of any developed nation
    – Is ruled by Corporations
    – Is ruled by Christian idiots
    – Is hyper-religious
    – Largely doesn’t believe in evolution
    – Largely doesn’t believe in climate change
    – Largely doesn’t know what a theory is
    – Largely believes in the death penalty
    – Largely thinks of Muslims and terrorists
    – Largely thinks of Atheists as immoral sexual deviants and sadists
    – Is obsessed with large breasts even more than Japan
    – Doesn’t vote
    – Has no idea what is going on in politics
    – Thinks that Obama is a Muslim
    – Thinks that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction
    – Watches bad reality TV
    – Thinks that Americans are world heroes
    – Plays Call of Duty and Angry Birds
    – Calls men “fags” if they are gay
    – Thinks that gay men are paedophiles
    – Thinks that Pagans are Satanists
    – Thinks that Israel is an innocent persecuted country while Palestinians are all terrorists

    Japan is a country with plenty of problems. But how many times do you you’re the “you’re a weeaboo” as a way of saying “my country is so superior to Japan in any way”. Spend more time criticizing yourself before others. No country is perfect. And you know what’s just as stupid as “weaboos” who think Japan is a perfect paradise? Stupid prideful Americans who think America is number one in everything.

    Heck, I think it’s worse. At least people who think that other countries are better have the humility to see the positives in other countries. People who think their own country is perfect are nothing more than nationalist shitheads who use their nation of birth as a cheap self esteem boost to feel better than everyone else.

    And no, I don’t think America is a terrible place and Japan is amazing. Japan isn’t even so much as approaching, say, gay marriage yet. But what was that Christian saying about the log in people’s eyes? Hmmmm?

  • Remember, if you see anyone talking about shit like this, remind them that Japan only killed about 3 of America’s 1750 civilian deaths in WWII. America killed the rest (50 from friendly fire at Pearl Harbour and 1700, mostly Japanese, in concentration camps)

    • And nuked two big cities full of civilians! The ones that weren’t vaporized instantly or were burned alive in the fire had cancer and/or slow terrible death. Woman, elderly, children and babies included.

      Not that Japan as a country were poor victims in WW2 but US as a country were far from the “Hero” image they like to brag about.

  • When are you idiots going to get it?!

    The WHOLE WORLD is populated by human beings who take pleasure in killing, humiliating, destroying, minimizing, judging, etc.

    How many times a day do you see Japanese go off on the dumb shit that the Chinese do.

    Do you know why people are so hateful?

    It’s FEAR! People are afraid of other cultures and races because they do not know them, it’s a fucking old story that nobody listens to. Ignorance and hate is born of fear.

    Stop trying to claim idiotic moral victories over stupid shit people say, it means absolutely nothing, STOP GETTING MAD OVER STUPID SHIT.

    Be cool babies!

  • These are the people who make USA’s damaged reputation even worse. The people are a country’s mirror. Good job making your country look shit and retarded. Dont wonder why so many here overseas hate USA.

  • I hope no one here makes a singing joke “I was born to hit an American!” thing…
    Seems like these posts are trolls but you never know…

    If anything, the ones that should harbor “a Grudge” against Japan are the countries that were invaded and abused in WWII like us in the Philippines. But do you hear us saying those things? Maybe some minority, but so far, haven’t heard anything.
    It was freaking 70 or so years ago!

  • I don’t see Japan saying “Take that Americans!! This is for the 2 atomic bombs” every time they win over America.

    Even Benjamin Franklin said “To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.”

    Show humility in victory, and grace in defeat.

  • Really? American bloggers are calling women’s soccer gold win over Japan revenge for pearl harbor? Just how retarded can you be? Isn’t america supposed to be the high and mighty- the all-tolerant country of freedom and equality? Japan just had the worst nuclear disaster in history a year ago and you mock Japan like this? you weep over pearl harbor, 9/11, hurricane Katrina, and the U.S. campaign in Iraq/Afghanistan- all the American deaths in these events combined still do not add up to the total declared dead from the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami- 19,000 including the still-missing victims. Olympic spirit? Yeah right- Think about what you put on Twitter and Facebook before you make a fool of yourself.

  • Meh, Get used to it world. Even the idiots in our country have freedom of speech and a “dumb” phone with a twitter account built in.

    You look for haters, you’ll find them in almost any country.

    Japan has their share of bigot assholes too. Just Youtube “white pig go home” to find some.

    And it’s not exclusive to one country or another. Every country has their share of assholes.

  • It’s really nice to see a lot of Americans apologizing on these idiots behalf (even though its supposed to be them apologizing). I’m glad beautiful Americans like you guys still remain and I’m sure there are a lot of you out there. Too bad when it comes to the internet it’s always the douches that get recognized more than the smart people.

  • WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? Do they really have to talk like that? Seriously, what if Japan won? What then? I saw the soccer game and honestly I was rooting for Japan. This is or almost similar to The Hunger Games situation. Japan, I am sorry for these idiots to talk to you like this. I love you Japan and always will.

  • As a proud half Japanese half Irish dude, I would like to say a couple things.
    Pearl harbour was nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in comparison to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If its revenge we’re talking about, then its us that should be doing it. If you take the damage done to Japan, and increase it by a scale factor of about 10, because the US is like 10 times bigger, then the damage we should do to make it fair and square is like wiping new York off the face of the planet. You want to make it fair, let’s make it fucking fair dickheads!
    Dudes, this shit happened like 70 years ago when pretty much none of you overly inbred redhead lumps of meat weren’t even developed into sperm. It’s history. You guys are just tryin to find an excuse to find a reason to assert your dominance and make sure that you’re the best. But you’re not. The average BMI of Americans (born and raise in th US) must be over 9000 that of Japanese. Also, technology -wise, you’re lagging like a fat American kid in a race against Mo Farah or Usain Bolt. America isn’t THAT great.
    This is women’s football. WOMEN’S FOOTBALL. What the fuck. Who cares. Women should be in the kitchen. (ok forget that comment). What really matters is the men’s football. Did the US even qualify? Japan’s men got to the semi finals. We win.
    And yes, you may say that football is like the least popular sport over there, but that further raises the question: why the fuck are you claiming revenge on a sort you don’t give a rats shit about?
    All the women in the nadeshiko Japan teams are either working or housewives. They begin practice at 5 in the afternoon. Compare that to America’s team, or most other teams. It’s just different

    Okay I’m sorry to any non stereotypical redheads who aren’t racist who I might have offended, but this had to be said. Thnx

  • To be frank, I like Japan’s culture, manga, anime, pop culture, nice people, and ect. It’s the corrupt people I don’t like such as Ishihara and the other corrupt people that caused the national scandal within the schools and the police, almost as if the schools promote bullying.

    Of course, America is getting just as bad with these racist comments. Indeed quite sad how Japan view American life in such a bad manner.

  • Yet again, it’s these ignorant inheritants of hatred that make me ashamed to call myself an American.
    I seriously hope that people in other countries realize that all Americans aren’t like the useless pieces of crap that tweet this shit. The Twitter people really should find a way to filter this garbage. First amendment rights or not. If it was MY company I’d cancel their accounts faster than you say “ugly Americans!”. And I’d let ’em know why too! In no uncertain terms.


  • What the fuck does Pearl Harbor have anything to do with a soccer game? Really, I don’t see the comparison to it. -.-
    Now, if it is supposed to be compared to it then looks like shit got real back in 2011 because Japan won that Pearl Harbor.
    Get over it people, it happened and it’s been done for 67 years now.

    On behalf of all the Other people in this country, I apologize for their stupidity. Looks as though America has been doing that quite a bit lately…

  • “Long live to the greatest country: America” (?!?)

    These people are as stupid as they are ignorants and self-centered: America isn’t a country, the US are. America is a continent.
    Fom this we get where this thoughts come from. Go back to school, buddy, you surely need it.

  • The US knew and let pearl harbor happen, just like they let 9/11 happen.
    And still they gloat over the murder of millions, the destruction of a city and a huge natural disaster?
    Not to mention the concentration camps where they enslaved japanese people during WWII.

    If someone wants revenge, it’s probably Japan.
    But I’m sure they’re trying to create a giant monster, or a girl with godly powers or a giant robot to have revenge someday.

  • If you aren’t into anime or console video games, what else does the average American know about Japan? They used to make cheap cars that are just as expensive as American ones and WW2? That’s pretty much it.

  • It’s all about team mentality, whenever teams are envolved there will always be people bringing up the past or saying ignorant things.

    In this case, lack of education also plays a big part. The United States was already in WWII before the bombing of Pearl Harbor took place. Our pilots were embedded with the British while they were bombing Japan. The Japanese government knew this, and Pearl Harbor was the retaliation. I’m an American, so I won’t say it was justified, but all governments are corrupt. I think it was first started with Commodore Perry, then the pressure just added up, and Pearl Harbor happened, in which the United States played the innocent party and the blame got turned onto Japan.

  • In short, stupidity is everywhere, and is unfortunately infectious. Check the comments around the net after any meeting, media event, accident, or competition.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Ignorance knows no borders, no nationality, no religion, no ethnic background. Every group is guilty of it at least part of the time, it’s just that we all hope to eventually learn from our stupidity and mistakes, become better people, and build a better world.

    The problem is just that simple. The solution, however, may be far more difficult. People seem to cling to ignorance in many cases, and never want to hear or understand the truth. They have many reasons, many excuses why they act that way. Some may hold weight, at least to the individual, many are likely just an extension of an ‘us versus them’ mindset.

    We all think our group or ourselves are the best thing out there, until we face something that makes us question that. We either lose and cry, or win and brag, digging in our heels onto whoever we’ve ‘beaten’. It takes an altogether different kind mindset to overcome that base thinking, and a lot of effort.

    Whether people on the whole are actually willing to put forth that effort is yet to be seen. There are a lot of good people out there. Unfortunately there’s bad apples in there too, and they screw with things for the rest of us.

  • I am Japanese.
    I understand that there is a bad apple every country.
    I do not doubt that many Americans is conscientious.

    May be negative, but it was frustrating, players fought fair and square both were great.
    Than talk about the past, but now she wants to talk about our play.

    Congratulations America gold medal!
    I want to win the next Japan, now I’m to bless America!

  • Pearl Harbor this, Pearl Harbor that….at least the japs attacked a military objective. Americans literally burned two citites to the ground and murdered hundreds of thousands which had nothing to do with the war. So if you think about it, they had their revenge a lot of years ago. Deal with it.

  • Revenge for Pearl Harbor? I thought we already got revenge when we nuked Japan for it. (Not once, but twice) These inbred, boozed up, bigots are an embarrassment to other Americans. Also, from what I can tell, (at least from the profile pictures) I’m gonna guess that many of those comments are from young ignorant people people.

  • It’s not all out in the boonies. I live in new york fucking city, a world-class megalopolis and probably america’s only true one (if H.P. Lovecraft’s statement on the matter is anything to go by). There are no rednecks here unless they are tourists. But let me tell you this secret: there is absolutely NO SHORTAGE of ass-backwards racism, hatred, whatever you want to say, against Japan and its people to be found in such a “diverse” place. A perfect example is my grandmother. I’m sure there’s a generational thing at play here, but she’s not the only lady over 60 I’ve met who would be happy to nuke Japan again, just to get that extra bit of revenge for pearl harbor or whatever the fuck. The baby boomer generation is no better, having inherited these ridiculous stigmas about Japan vis-a-vis WWII. It’s discouraging. The demonization of the Japanese by Americans (quite a project in propaganda!) is clearly still endemic.

  • i hate when fucking ignorant people dealing with japan keep bringing pearl harbor when they don’t even know what was that about and the cause of it, I bet most of them don’t even know where it even is! fucking racist pricks…

    • Frankly rest of the world is far more racist than Americans fundamentally speaking. You will speak about racism when china elects (or puts up) Uyghr chairman, or when your minorities protest and your prime minister personally endorses the messages instead of pissing them off calling them ‘burakumin’ or ‘ainu trash’.

  • パール・ハーバーは事前に予測されて大統領が待ち望んでいた先制攻撃だったんだけどな


    • 英語サイトに日本語で書くのやめよう。

  • Anyone who thinks the way these pictures show, should be shot, So much of your stuff is made my japan, dvd players(sony) Computers(Toshiba) Cars(Toyota, Mitsubishi etc.) Even your old walkmans are a japanese invention.. made by Sony no less, so get off your fuckin’ high horse and stop taking all your electronics for granted and thank the japanese for being polite, because the world would be a completely different place if they weren’t

  • Thing is, we all need to focus not on our differences, but rather on the traits that we share & unite us as human beings.

    Not the least of which is the fact that every nation has it’s share of retards…& apparently they’re all on the internet.

  • ShadowGryphon says:

    “there is some doubt as to whether such sentiments are really held by as small a minority as the majority of Americans prefer to maintain.”

    This is a cowardly and bullshit comment, given the popularity of Japanese products here in the US and the myriad fans of Japanese culture in the US.

    This comment needs to be redacted.

  • ShadowGryphon says:

    Three things:
    1: the idiot called “Jesus wears FUBU”… a black guy, first, calling the Japanese “niggas” (didn’t know the Japanese were black) and then using the pejorative “jap” and this mook would be the first to scream like a little girl about racism if it were against him. what a waste of sperm
    2: these idiots are twitter users, that alone should clue you into how moronic they are
    3:And people here in the US wonder why I want to go back to Japan.

  • So when the Americans loose, they act like fucking babies and cunts and show poor sportsmanship, and when they win, they still act like fucking cunts and show poor sportsmanship. God I fucking hate living here sometimes. And have they not even seen the photos of two teams shaking hands, buddying up, and being nice and friendly to eachother? It’s just a fucking game, but since America seems to think we have to be #1 at everything they act like assholes. No wonder most of the world hates us.

  • ye god bless America. god bless the country that killed countless ppl around the world for profit under the fake belief “we are doing for humanity’s justice and free will”. they had to come with WW2 “thats for pearl harbor” say y did Japan attacked in the first place? did they just woke up 1 day n said “hey screw America lets attack it just for the fun of it”? but nah they all look alike right? lets just throw some bombs n blow up citys filled with innocent ppl.god bless america such a GREAT country…would still b using leafs to cover their body if not for other countries share their knowledge. heres a new word for ur vocabulary oh “great America”, humility. even tho Japan lost the war, lost alot of ppl, lost the game they proly still got more humility. dont get me wrong im no Japan fan or supporter just trying to defend the prevention of what all wars are made off, make point of who got the “biggest dick”. now if u understand what im trying to say grats ur a wise person that knows what the fuck is wrong with this world if not…well then get ur head off ur uncle Sam’s ass and wake up to reality. this world if far from perfect and sure as hell we aren’t making it better.

  • You guys are just as pigheaded as those that wrote those comments. True it was extremely distasteful for them to write those comments but how come anytime someone does shit like that you blame it on rednecks? or as dude claimed slave owners? Really? And he’s bringing that up? Thats just as bad as pearl harbor. Why do you all not just say, they’re dumb. End of story. Like rednecks did that … srsly…

  • We’re in 2012 and still we see that kind of behavior. Kinda sad to say that racism was/still is a big issue in today society and it ain’t gonna stop any soon. I’m not American and that kind of thought shocks me to the core. Being from Quebec, Canada, i know that my province is targeted by hate from other provinces, tho I’m not saying every single Canadians hate my province but sadly the proportion is high and the same goes from Quebec resident toward the rest of Canada, and yes I’m ashamed. Guess living in harmony with one another is a no no…Still its good to see and read that many have a brain inside that big watermelon we have on our shoulder instead of air for some.

  • grats to the athletes but more seriously i think that people that went full retard like this just blew up the sport spirit i mean you have no rights to take a sport victory for yourself when all you did is watch sports on the tv. This most likely smells butthurt all over the place. Also attention whores looking to trash talk when they have the occasion.

  • I for one congratulate the Japanese team for putting up a hard fought game. As an American, I would like to say that the words of a few don’t express the words of the many. The majority are much better people than these, “chosen” posts, chosen by press to show the lack of intelligence and our short sightedness to everything. By all accounts it was a great game and both sides played well. Kudos to you Japan, you won the world cup, and a Silver medal, be proud!

    An American Citizen

  • This is why many hate Americans. They cause so much troubles that they are regarded with hatred. Many are
    hostile towards Americans while others don’t like
    supporting Americans but are forced to. You can beat
    they will cry and bitch if ever mention that they
    are losing the latest troubles they started. They are
    getting hit from all over ever since that tragic
    hit(may dead rest in peace). Americans just locked themselves up, spying on it self, economy broken,
    big millions with no jobs, huge many losing homes, etc.
    Its no wonder 99% of them are fucking stupid.

  • Comments like these make me ashamed and embarrassed to be an American. The amount of idiocy and ignorance is nothing short of astonishing. As I have said before, Pearl Harbor was a legitimate MILITARY target, our retaliation… dropping atom bombs on two CIVILIAN targets is NOTHING to be proud of. And regardless of that, IT WAS 60 FUCKING YEARS AGO. Japan has been our ally ever since and is one of only THREE constitutional democracies left on the fucking planet.

  • i hate these kinds of people. They are always the kinds that end up giving the good folk some shitty tag/label that doesn’t match them.

    not to mention pearl harbor was quite a long time ago. those involved are meeting their end anyways (all sides). on that i dont think you can do anything wrong in war… since its war.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 people from America are retarded and insensitive, it probably balances out the 10 people from Japan that are stupid as well. Only America has 3x Japans population, so we are allowed 3x the amount of retards.

    I love all the Anti-American comments though you Euro fucks must have been licking your chops waiting for your chance to spew your typical Anti American sewage. Take a shower and stop sucking dicks.

  • man is amazing who much of an ASSholes the NORTH Americans can be, 2 Nukes weren’t enough to “Pay back for Pearl Harbour”?

    United-Statians (that’s NOT the only country in America), are responsible for most of the crap that happens in the world and they still act like they’re the heroes.

    • I suggest you see what happens when any other country gets control of 22.5% of world GDP, 1st tech and 3rd ranked manpower, along with half of whole continent. You will be wishing they could be as restrained as US.

      Peace spoiled bitches like you need to check yourself.

  • I’m so glad I don’t live in the mainland USA… All these “I’m ashamed to be American” comments made me recall a what my friend went though when visiting various European countries: got stink eye and cold shoulders in the beginning but when people found out they were from Hawaii, they were greeted quite kindly by the exact same people! Somehow, Hawaii =/= USA in the minds of most people 😛

    • People don’t see Hawaii the same way they see USA
      Hawaii if full of welcoming people, dance and pineapples, unlike USA.

      Well French Guiana=/=France either, even if it is part of France.

    • When a Japanese moron make a ignorant racist comment people are like “Japan is so racist!”

      When a redneck make a ignorant racist comment people are like “Sorry, not all of us are like her.”

  • Using the Olympics to voice your racism? Yeah, real clever you damn rednecks. I cannot consider them fellow Americans if they’re going to embarass their country over some stupid war that happened generations ago. Most of them don’t really care for Pearl Harbor, they’re just using it as an excuse to bash Japan! Hell, I don’t give a shit about that dock. Sure people died, but it’s not like it was the worst thing that ever happened.

  • This News would be ten times bigger if more than 5% of the American would be capable of using a PC/Mac. On a sidenote I wouldn’t expect a “Good Game Japan” or something like that from inbreeds.

    • Everybody calm down. It’s just petty trash talk that went a little too far and came out sounding a little too personal for anyone’s good. If you think this is bad, you should listen in when we Americans trash talk each other over our favorite teams and players from American football, basketball, baseball, & hockey.
      As bad as American sports fans can be, what about you Europeans, South Americans, & Africans with all your fights & rioting during those futball matches that every so often make news headlines even in America? I’ve heard instances of refs getting killed, people being trampled to death, and gun shots being fired all over bad calls or favorite teams losing.

  • Is there really nothing to write about anymore? Half of the stuff on here is nothing worthy to talk about. If it’s not stuff like this, it’s an article about what people said on 2chan. Like the opinion of handful of random ordinary (assholes) people actually mean anything.

  • Yet more proof the mental age of most Americans is that of a third graders. I feel like most Americans are the embodiment of distant relatives that you never see but know about and the one time you see them they act so immature and completely asinine that when someone asks you: “Do you know these people?” You look at them and say: “Nope. Never seen them before in my life.” And then walk away. If winning a soccer match is considered revenge for the deaths of, an estimated, 2,403 people at Pearl Harbor than I guess we should challenge al-qaeda to a game of badminton for revenge on 9-11. Oh and this was all written by an American.

  • Redneck AmeriKKKans, the Blacks, Mexican’ts and White kinds, are are dumb asses. They probably never even been to Hawaii, and, for one, Hawaii shouldn’t even be a part of AmeriKKKa. Plus, most of those fools don’t even watch soccer normally, they’re mostly bandwagoners… which is the AmeriKKKan way. I’m an American, but,a BIG F U to all that hate on any of the Japanese. And here’s hoping that the terrorists, that you guys are so afraid of, aka, your own government, attack again to bring you back on your knees like the little bitches you are.

  • Please don’t take a small sampling of facebook’s idiocy as indiactive of America at whole. We’re really not a country of insensitive fuck-hats, regardless of how many times a minority of internet fools try to prove us wrong.

  • When I took sociology, there was an interesting study on how since 9/11, hate groups in the United States have exploded overnight, from virtually zero to 800 different groups since then. That thanks to the urging of certain political groups, who have been spreading the message “it’s okay to hate what isnt “right”” There has been a massive increase of white supremacy and bigotry in our country.

    Yes, I will blame the republicans. Hell, remember the backlash about Obama becoming president? Everything from “He must be from africa since he’s a nigger!” (I’m paraphrasing here) and “He’s a muslim! he wasn’t born here this is a fact since Donald Trump tells me so.”

    Then let’s not remember Glenn Beck’s not-so-subtle “Restoring Honor” Rally that was held on MLK day, to oppose Obama purely because he was black. They kept pulling the “It’s not really about the black issue, but we lost our honor today because we don’t have a white, christian president!)

    I’m not a fan of Obama myself, but at the same time, the other side of the fence is run by frothing racist morons whose dream is to wreck the country mercilessly and bring us back to “traditional values” You know, the ones where we all bow before the upper elite, do their bidding, women and minorities having zero rights, and the truly unfavorable minorities being shackled in chains, or even being outright killed as they aren’t considered human.

    This is why this sick mentality is growing more and more. Hell, We nuked two of Japan’s cities, we essentially, with the power of two atomic bombs, paid them back twice over. At this point, it’s just retards, who weren’t even alive, being hateful fucks.

    Yet when the same criticism is pointed at us (and even acted towards us) it’s because everyone “hates our freedom”


  • Every day I am given more and more shame as an American. While this is as far as I know a “minority” opinion, by people who actually are entertained by sports, which are usually the kind of people too stupid to get up off their asses and actually play the sport, rather than staring at a screen and idolizing the one playing it. Bringing a horrid event that happened before most of these idiots were even born up, to gloat about winning at… women’s soccer, is exactly the kind of thing I’ve come to expect from my country + the internet.
    All I can say is, the people posting this stuff, are the kind of people who have no opinions worth valuing, stupid trash.

  • I’m American, 17-years-old, lover of history. Pearl Harbor was so long ago.. Why do people still cry over it today?

    In all honesty, it was an ambush. A tactic in war so many other countries have done. Get over it.

    It really was a great strategy all in all. Nobody really expected it to happen, and nobody believed the one person who saw it coming. My fellow Americans who still cry over it need to grow up and move on. It wasn’t even in their lifetime, it wasn’t in mine. They just want something to bitch about..

    You know how we like to bitch and get fat.

    To Japan, I’m an American with the common courtesy to respect your tactics in WW2 and look past it. I would not hold a grudge for the Pearl Harbor attack as it was out of my lifetime. I sincerely apologize for the sick inhumane people of my country.

  • what a bunch of retarded redneck, Pearlharbor ??? really??? so bombing a million innocent life at Hiroshima and Nagasaki doesn’t count, bombing million civilian on Middle Eastern doesn’t count too ?

  • These really are a minority in the United States, despite what everybody in comments wants to believe. As for the rest of you appalled by the atomic bombs, quit the politically correct nonsense.

    That was a war and era where if you had a new weapon, you used it. Whether you hurt some person’s feelings or not didn’t matter since the price of that war was a lot more than some police act in Kosovo or similar. Germany and Japan were working on the very same atomic weapons, so knock it off already.

  • We get racist articles from Japan, and most people overreact by posting racist comments towards Japanese.

    We get articles about racism from America, and most people overreact by posting racist comments towards Americans.

    Assuming this site attracts a colorful assortment of nationalities, I’m just going to assume everyone is an fucking idiot in this world.

  • with
    8 battleships,
    8 cruisers,
    30 destroyers,
    4 submarines,
    1 USCG Cutter[nb 1],
    49 other ships[1],
    ~390 aircraft,
    how did japan manage a suprise attack? where was the patrol boats and patrol ships? ever wonder if pearl harbor was just asking to be attacked.

  • If I was a USA citizen I would feel very ashamed after seeing that.
    But that is what the USA government tries to make its citizens like: racist and unreasonable towards other countries so that they do not complain enough when their government starts another war against another third world country.
    They also try to make them feel it was fine that they had committed horrible things in the past as like the nukes

  • Pretty fucked up, but let’s be realistic. How much anti-Chinese sentiment is on this site? Or anti-anything that doesn’t support the great rising sun 100%?

    Basically what I’m saying is the blog owner has his nose so far up Japan’s butt that he’s a hypocrite.

  • I think it might be the type of people on facebook and twitter more than normal Americans. Because there are people from other parts of the world that told one of the US Gold Medal skeet shooters that because she’d hunted that she and her family should be murdered.

  • If their goal was to get a rise out of Japanese people they seem to have succeeded. Either way, these are individuals acting individually. You can’t honestly tell me that Japan is devoid of jerks. This isn’t news.

  • These ignorants really think that a few thousand american soldiers = millions of Japanese from Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Most of the bomb victims were women and children. those bloggers can really be proud of themselves. I bet non of them were soldiers, or anything like that. Maybe after a few months at the front would change their minds, and stop them from writing shit.

  • and this is one reason I’m no patriot. dumbass american hicks can’t get over their butt hurt. it was a war… it happened, we’re still here, end of fucking story. at this rate we’ll never reach the stars before we nuke our selves back to the stone age.

  • i’m colombian and i just say, they’re so screwed up, japan isn’t saying anything about the two nukes, here in colombia most ppl hate north american ppl cause they think they’re the only country in the fcking continent, not just that, they’re the most xenophobic and racist country in the world, and that kind of comments are the proof of that. i just pity those poor excuse for human beings.

  • >taking anything people say on Twitter seriously

    Really guys? Most people with Twitter accounts are morons in the first place, who think the world needs to know what they’re doing every moment.

  • This is what happens when the US only cares to educates on Physical Educatiion in school and forgets about real subjects, and teaching manors and tact.

    Perhaps if we focused on our current economic and social issues with the drive we have towards sports, we would be in a much better standing. Sigh……………

  • I can’t but wonder what the world would be like today had not the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

    The Americans weren’t even in the War yet because it wasn’t on the soil. But I guess this isn’t the place for that kind of debate.

  • Racism is not the sole or even majority province of White Americans. To believe otherwise is to be as ignorant as those who are being racist. Sadly, it is a global issue and it’s always those idiots with the smallest brains that seem to have the biggest mouths. They do NOT speak for the majority of us. At least I’d like to think that is the case.

  • thats it! i am an American and i am disgusted at these anti-Japanese remarks. to the Japanese people: i apologise for all the terrible things these people are saying. i am truly sorry. the Japanese are fine people who do not deserve such hate filled comments.

    and all you jerks who posted all those hateful comments- SHAME on you, you give America a bad reputation.

  • we should all just assume the Americans paid of a lot of officials at the games,the amount of bad calls and blatant stupidity by the refs was criminal.

    Plus the Canadians did burn down the white house in the war of 1812, which no other country has ever been able to do.

  • wow. really?

    The Olympics is pretty much the only activity where the world unites together. Why turn something that signifies world peace (in some kind of way) into a nasty argument about what happened in the past.
    Never forget what happened. but people have to learn to forgive, otherwise everyone will just keep on hating eachother for something that I BET didn’t even happen in their life time.

  • lol.. so if afghanistan, vietnam, iraq or others win against usa it will be the same then.
    USA is not in a better position to talk big there…
    crime is crime even if they are the winning party

  • It’s bastards like these people that is making us Americans look bad. Sure USA won but there’s no reason to be firing back at Japan. Good sportsmanship? HA! Damn people shouldn’t even be talking about what happened in the past or “DURR WE GOT BACK AT YOU FOR REVENGE LOL #PEARLHARBOR”. It’s over a soccer game IN THE OLYMPICS. Big fucking deal. It has absolutely nothing to do with past conflicts/actions whatsoever. Fuck this generation.

    Things like this makes me ashamed to be in this country.

  • this is one of the reasons why the rest of the world view the people of the united states as a bunch of redneck idiots ~_~

    the world has moved on from world war II don’t be like china who’s stuck on the past where every other country is their territory according to “ancient scrolls”

  • Well Americans have very little culture compared to pretty much every other civilization in the world so I suppose they have to cling on fast to whatever memorable events happen to them.

      • Your ass would be the one getting gangraped in US prison if you make a threat with the knowledge of person’s name. Don’t be a bitch and edit your shit, it’s evidence and we can drag your mouth over here so you know what it really means to be fucked to pieces ^^

        Bad idea to make threats to RL profiles and leave your evidence online bitch.

  • Japan attacked a military location and knew none of the pilots whould return alive, sacrificing themselves in the process. It was unprovoked and unnecessary, but avoided civilians.

    America blew up a city with a nuclear weapon. Eh yeap. I think Japan acted more like human beings tbh.

  • I’m always amazed at these “revenge for Pearl Harbor” comments people make after sports games involving Japan. Does this same thing happen with Germany? Is it the same people? How can anyone be that dumb? Oh, wait, the reason that people must be this dumb is because as kids we all go to government indoctrination cente… I mean, “schools”.

  • Yes, yes, make a few morons that post comments about WWII out to be an entire nation of over 300 million people. So yes, we do have morons, but I’ve seen comments on here that are equatable. I garuntee you, the vast majority of Americans are glad we won the gold, but without the WWII comments. But what posts where talked about in this story? Oh yeah, the ones that would get a “good” reaction from the Japanese on here, some of which have posted some fairly racist stuff themselves, so we have the pot calling the kttle black.

      • They were probably looking up information on the 2001 Michael Bay movie, and discovered to their surprise that Pearl Harbor was a real event. Same thing happened with Pearl Harbor’s (the movie’s) spiritual predecessor, Titanic.

    • This post made me mad..The sheer stupidity in these people are baffling…I just hope they don;t procreate…gives me goosebumps just thinking about what monsters their ugly kids will become!!
      I hope Arefact removes it..VERY Discriminatory and downright IGNORANT OF YOU ALL!!!


    • americans are far famous for being racist and also Japanese are racist as well gaijin is a despective word for racist against anyone that is not Japanese in the end, this kind of comments from morons stating this is a revenge for something that happened to different people more than 50 to 60 years ago its total ignorance and also intolerance, yes its lame yes its not the whole 300millions americans that share the same idea.

      but I believe some people you be blocked from every internet connection if they’re gonna act like that. or keep these comments to themselves, because no one cares to hear or read about how ignorant they are over a sport event result.

      • God what a retarded weaboo
        Gaijin is short for Gaikokujin which just means person from another country
        Retards want to put more meaning into the words, think what you want but don’t spread false info

    • Welcome to the real world.

      Since you’re too ignorant to learn anything, let me teach you this: people in the world hate us for being intolerant, ignorant and arrogant. Sure, not all of us are morons. But there are way too many morons here proudly calling themselves “Americans”, enough to convince people out there that most -if not all- Americans are morons.

      Also, your comment won’t help anything. People will notice ignorance and arrogance in your words.

      Talking about a pot calling the kettle black.

    • I understand, however it’s amusing to me how every time I meet an American in a chat room, or in person (at least where I live) there seems to be about an 80% chance that he/she is a brain-dead, illiterate fucknut I wouldn’t piss on to save from burning to death. That said, I’m sure most of you are fine people 😉

      Probability is a funny thing…

  • I always see it funny everytimes these idiots who only learnt about Pearl Harbor in their history class keep talking about revenging.

    Someone pls ask them what have they done to pay for 3 million dead in the Vietnam War, lol. And most Vietnamese these days dont even have any grudges left against America.

  • Um…are we forgetting the anti-yank posts Japanese do on 2ch ALL THE TIME? Why are so many of you butt kissing. All the people in the world find reasons to hate each other face it. Japanese think they are more superior to everyone else in the world anyway who cares what either group thinks. Lol@omghowcanamericanssaythatoutrage!.

    Fuck the Americans.
    Fuck the Japanese.
    and everyone else in between.

  • If these people aren’t old enough to have lived during the war or even their parents, they have no right to make any comment. These people are examples of those who just need to stop breathing our air.

    • No ‘candaians’ were ever involved in the entire baltimore campaign, much less burning of white house. Americans however, were definitely involved in burning down York (canada’s capital and present day toronto) LOL

      Interesting how canadians have to grab onto slimmest of tangents to define their non-existent sense of nationhood. Quit bitching, and let’s merge. Ditch your naive multi-culturalism and unite for fuck’s sake. It’s like you want to be world’s bitch.

  • I suppose japs need to feel that others can be just as petty and idiotic (JUDO vs Judo. LOL) as they are when it comes to competition, by using extreme cherry picking tweets to represent 310+ million people most of who don’t give a shit.

    Most comments by Americans I have seen were congratulatory about both teams, albeit minor gripes about why other team’s players weren’t kicked off after stomping players with soccer cleats, and other people saying mis-reffing evens out the lack of proper red cards for those occasions.

    Shitty Artefact bitching that really focuses only on some 13-year old comments – he should focus more on nations where shit like ‘mossad is trying to ruin sinai tourism revenue by training sharks to eat tourists (no joke)’ is considered acceptable by mainstream crowd.

  • I saw on a TV program how children died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, children who were innocent and who ended up paying for the crimes those in power inflicted on their own people and on those countries they occupied, and who ended up targeted amongst other innocent civilians for a nuclear bombing instead of having it dropped on the headquarters of those military bastards in command, bastards with no honor commanding a few honorable man as it has happened throughout history, it is unforgivable to show such level of ignorance in such negative comments over a game in this day and age.

    Keeping up with such nonsense over events of the past between America and Japan would be the as stupid as having Turkey an Hungary going at each others throat just because the Ottoman Turks were enemies with the kingdom of Hungary back in the days of Vlad the Impaler AKA “Dracula”.

    If your team is to compete in a game where the odds of winning are the same as the odds of loosing, either you take it as a man or find yourself something else that will keep you from throwing tantrums like a spoiled brat. Don’t get pissed at and hate the team that beat yours just because your team wasn’t as prepared as it should have been in the first place.

    • Noodlestein says:

      if it was a few years ago it would be sudden, not now though, while the south eastern states might not care so much, the westcoast, and even more so the north west like their football. (IE: Check out the Seattle Sounders and what their stadiums have looked like over the past few years)

    • Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer spends half the season putting down his “loser” home baseball team, then when he finds out they’re in the pennant suddenly he acts like he’d been a big Isotopes fan all along.

      It’s a pretty accurate representation of your average sports “fan”.

  • I know it’s a curse to wish these people dead but c’mon how much of an Americunt can these people be?

    10 bucks says majority of these guys didn’t get their ass beaten when they were spoiled kids. A bliss and a curse it is to be protected by this so called law for child protection.

  • pot calling kettle black.
    uneducated hicks rambling nonsense towards a xenophobic nation
    both nations aren’t what they used to be.
    both have lost a lot of respect worldwide
    nothing new

  • those peaple doesnt experience it and still opening there mouth. even we in europe still can shouting on germans, but we dont. It is history now. And so the people with minimum brain cells: shut the fuck up.

  • Those idiots with the tweets weren’t even alive/involved during the WWII era. Dumb fucking nationalists. I’m US born but won’t take pride in this country or any country if I was born their because nationalism breeds ignorance.

      • “While they weren’t alive, they may have lost relatives in WW2”

        This doesn’t give anyone the right to hate – especially that soldiers and anyone working for/supporting the army MUST be aware that they may get killed by the enemy, especially during war.

        Pearl Harbor was a miliaty base, Japan had full right to attack it. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was completely uncalled for (over 300 civilians died, compare that to Pearl Harbor civilian casualties) and it’s Japan who should be holding a grudge against the US, not the other way around… not that holding a grudge for 70 years is the right thing to do, but America certainly went overboard with their silly display of power.

        Like misbehaved preschoolers when you destroy their sandcastle, they immediately toss sand and all their toys at you.

        • Go to a map of Nagasaki. Beside the baseball field in the centre of the town there’s a memorial on the bomb site. The port wasn’t touched by the bomb.

          The reason they didn’t target Osaka or Tokyo was because they already obliterated all the civilian neighbourhoods in those cities.

        • Ummmm Japan knew since 1942 (yes, that early) that they could not win. Their refusal to surrender in the face of constant defeat to a superior enemy caused their destruction. Japan made it plain to America that it would take the destruction of their entire armed forces to defeat them and so America granted their wishes. WW2 was a naval war as far as the Pacific goes and Nagasaki a port where they made military ships (like Musashi) and so a perfectly legitimate target. Hiroshima was a bit of a reach but what alternative would you have taken? Tokyo or Osaka? The death tolls would have been horrendous. Japan should have surrendered after Midway when it lost the bulk of it’s fleet and their refusal to do so led to the invasion of Okinawa and the bombing of mainland Japan.

  • I hate how America thinks they were the “good guys” in world war 2, they know nothing of history they havn’t done any different from nazi germany. the only thing that makes “good guys” and “bad guys” in war is who wins and who loses. The loser gets made into a monster and the winners heroes.

    • That’s right because America had a police of genocide of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, Communists, Kulaks, intelligentsia, anti-Communists, anti-Stalinists, anyone who did not support Stalin wholeheartedly, anyone who didn’t support Mao and the Red Chinese wholeheartedly – as the Chinese, Soviets and Germans had.

      • Not to invalidate your point but one thing people seem to forget is that when a military government is in place such as it has been the case with the countries you just mentioned, support by the people is the only option, dictatorships in reality don’t give care about the opinions or views of their people, going against such regimes most of the time is the same as having a death wish, heck, even in democratic societies nowadays it seems the norm for people in government to do what they please while turning a deaf ear to the will of their peoples.

    • To an extent, but conflicts indeed get started by one of the sides, and the conduct, as absurd as it may seem when we’re talking about war, may vary as well. There are degrees of atrocity, so to speak. But the key to how nations would take sides in it was generally political and not moral.

  • These comments of some idiots about Soccer and comparing it with war is making me feel that the humanity is doomed to a life of idiocracy!

    All I know US won against Japan in the Olympics

    These kinds of people makes you feel less proud of your county…

  • Stupid ignorant Americas. I seriously hate it when people link sports to disasters that affected a country.

    I’m also guessing these idiots are so thick headed they never heard about the Hiroshima bombing?