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School Seeks To Expel Bullied Torture Victim


Yet another Japanese school has caused a bullying scandal, this time by insisting a bullying victim who was tortured with dozens of cigarette burns leave the school as the ghastly state of his arm might bother classmates.

A 16-year-old student at a Sendai city high school was the victim of sustained bullying from 4 classmates starting in November of 2011, culminating in “a test of courage” involving repeatedly burning him with cigarettes.


He suffered over 20 cigarette burns in one attack, and as graphic photographs of his forearm show, this left him with significant scars. He was also repeatedly beaten and attacked, eventually becoming unable to attend school further.

According to the boy’s mother, in August the school finally tackled the incident, with the bullies apologising for some of their actions, but the school also told her they wanted the boy to “voluntarily” drop out of the school, “as the scars on his arm will disturb other students.”

In response, his family has raised the stakes – by reporting the incident to police as a case of assault. For once, police have accepted the complaint and are apparently investigating.

The school has refused to comment on their handling of the incident.

It should be noted that the school’s response occurred in August and July – well after the bullying suicide incident in Shiga played out into a national scandal and a major criminal investigation.

Amongst Japanese there appears to be increasing exasperation at just how rotten the nation’s teachers and schools have become, although if this can occur even after the issue was repeatedly addressed by the PM and cabinet and police and media descended upon a sacrificial school there does not appear to be much prospect of progress:

“So now they expel the victim…”

“Are there really schools which are this horrible?”

“This is grotesque.”

“These will never heal completely. Too harsh.”

“I simply cannot believe a school could be this nasty…”

“The school’s message is that weaklings who get bullied should just stay home!”

“Can’t they fix this with surgery? He won’t be able to get a job unless he can keep his arm covered all the time.”

“It’s as bad as the one in Shiga…”

“It’s even worse than Shiga!”

“I suppose this time the bullies have powerful parents as well. Expelling the victim is just…”

“The bullies should be expelled for smoking if nothing else.”

“I just feel sick when I hear about how these schools handle this stuff…”

“What does this school even mean by it ‘disturbing other students’?”

“This is well within the bounds of criminal assault. Those bullies ought to have been promptly arrested and that would have been the end of the matter!”

“What kind of school expels bullying victims?”


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  • THe scars will disturb the other students!? Fucking lightweights! People had their arms blown and their faces melted off…but they still go to fucking work and even school! Dumbass schools don’t give a shit about the students. They go about saying how they promote good education when they can barely say “Stop bullying him/her.”

  • This isn’t a Japan-Only fail, I come from Australia and was bullied incessantly because I was Italian; and in response the vice principal of the school told me that they couldn’t do anything about the bullying, BUT, if I hit the bullies in self-defense they’d expel me for fighting. It didn’t get any better when the police got involved, as they said they could only do something if they caught the bullies in the act…


  • I notice a lot of anti-yank comments…
    That’s funny because around here, we deal with bullies. Connections to the school board or PTA? Fuck that. We’ll go out fighting & if we get expelled, we go out with a reputation as a victim that didn’t take the easy way out.

  • first the ones that should b expeled are the bullies they said sry but that was from the mouth out, im sure at the others backs they are laughing n shunning the victim.second the teachers/director that even put the suggestion of the victim abandon the school cuz of the scars should also b expeled or at least target of a investigation cuz hes either dirty(bribed) or doesnt have any competence to do his job if this is the best solution he came up with.third i saw students with worst scars n didnt bother me 1 bit besides if its the arm n if some are realy disturbed with that the boy can cover the arm(what year are we? oh thats right 2012 i think there are thounsands of fashionable stuff that can cover that without even arouse attention). god if start looking like some apocalipse fanatic or something but sometimes im amazed in how they might b true, the world can end n it will be by cold, ruthless, hand of HUMANKIND

  • As usual, society punishes the victim, because everyone’s priority isn’t caring for each person but to perpetuate the illusion that everything’s all good.

    That boy is lucky he has parents who care about him enough to report the incident.

    • Personally, I don’t understand why this doesn’t happen in every case where this happens.

      The parents should take their son/daughter to the cops and report the incident in question.

  • wow the kids these days are not held accountable for their actions, and will only repeat their action if they aren’t punished. i was raised the christian way “eye for an eye”. lets see how fun it is when we force it upon them.

  • That school is stupid, they can just advise the boy to cover up the injury with a sleeve or glove instead of asking him to voluntarily dropout/transfer. And the bullies should be expelled or suspended instead of just being forgiven by accepting their apologies. I think the bullies might be the relatives or connected to the school board somehow.

  • I know what it feels like to be burned in the arm. (When I was 6 my arm made contact with a hot iron. It left a very large scar on my arm for about 13 years.) My scars from being burned have healed, thankfully. I doubt his will ever heal, at least completely. I feel really bad for this kid.

  • So…did they burn him with a bunch of Lucky Strikes? Or was it Newports for pleasure?

    Sometimes, things are so sad that the only way to deal with it without pressing the “Launch Nukes” button is to just try to laugh about it.

  • GBH with intent, in the UK they could get a life sentence for that:

    “Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously by any means whatsoever wound or cause any grievous bodily harm to any person with intent to do some grievous bodily harm to any person, or with intent to resist or prevent the lawful apprehension or detainer of any person, shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof shall be liable to be kept in penal servitude for life”

    The prosecution would have to do some pretty fast talking to pull it off (they’ll usually go for a lower offence to make sure they get a conviction when it’s risky) but still.

    In Japan you just have to say sorry – and you don’t even have to mean it!

    Then again this is also because this is a school situation. People pull off shit in schools that would get them locked up if they did it anywhere else because in school it’s “only” bullying and outside it’s a crime.

  • “as the scars on his arm will disturb other students.”

    What? Is the school have no remorse at all? Its not like the student have some infectious disease, he got some scars which happen to be partially the school’s fault. They not monitoring the students enough.

  • What the Hell is wrong with Japanese schools? Rampant bullying and child-molesting teachers and nothing is ever done. It seems like protecting the school’s reputation, by pretending that nothing is happening, is more important than stopping the crimes and seeking justice for the victims. It sickens me that an advanced nation like Japan lets this go on.

  • >unless he can keep his arm covered all the time
    Fortunately, the standard worker’s uniform is a three-piece suit, which usually covers the arms to the wrists in two layers of clothing.

  • Man, there comes a point when you just need to let loose and go bat shit crazy on people. There are no rules in this kind of thing so start kicking, biting, elbowing kneeing grabbing whatever you can use as a weapon. They say fighting back can make it worse but at the same time, you can’t just take it and take it. I’d attack dirty and often until they stopped.

  • For everything the Japanese dislike about us hairy foreign barbarians, at least when this stuff happens in OUR schools something is done about it besides sweeping it under the rug and not punishing the aggressors.

  • Why are you all so surprised?

    The Japanese have a historical tradition of “Blame the Victim” after all.

    They invaded China, Korea and the rest of asia, killed millions of innocent civilians for their leisure and as sport, and used bacterial and chemical weapons of them, and now are essentially blaming all those victim for the crimes the japanese themselves did to them, by calling them all subhuman scum while visiting the Yasukuni-shrine, never really apologizing or even admitting their crimes at all.

    What this bullying victim feels isnt any different from what China and Korea, among others, feel. And the school who is expelling the victim, is no different from Japan’s official policy, revisionist historical perspective and open racism and xenophobia directed against their very victims…

  • Why are you all so surprised?

    The Japanese have a historical tradition of “Blame the Victim” after all.

    They invaded China, Korea and the rest of asia, killed millions of innocent civilians for their leisure and as sport, and used bacterial and chemical weapons of them, and now are essentially blaming all those victim for the crimes the japanese themselves did to them, by calling them all subhuman scum while visiting the Yasukuni-shrine, never really apologizing or even admitting their crimes at all.

    What this bullying victim feels isnt any different from what China and Korea, among others, feel. And the school who is expelling the victim, is no different from Japan’s official policy, revisionist historical perspective and open racism and xenophobia directed against their very victims..

  • demonhaseo says:

    My middle school, well actually my entire school disctrict was just as bad. I was bullied from Middle school to the start of highschool, brought to the brink of suicide multiple times, and when I finally stated fighting back I was getting suspensions rather than the bullies. The school even tried labeling me troubled and having ADHD when it was diagnosed I didn’t have it and instead had Anxiety disorder. When I graduated high school we checked my permanent records, it actually said I had ADHD… the fucking school actually put it on my records even though we went to two physicians who proved I didn’t have it.

  • Goddamnit.

    Why didn’t the school just tell the victim to kill himself so that his distress wouldn’t inconvenience the other students anymore?!?

    What a bunch of dumb shit in work suits.

  • What do everyone spect from a nation of hipocrats?, seriouslly, this issue makes me puke, if this is the way things gonna be at school (not only in japan)……………they, the bulleyers, deserve no less than death, by their own terms.

  • Aha. Ahahahahahahaha….

    Just another case of hiding the facts and hoping it’d go away. The Japanese way of life.

    I guess I’m feeling really bitter after seeing that image of his burnt arm. As a mere citizen of the interwebs though, laughing is all I can do. I mean, I’m so mindfucked right now that I’d destroy the entire area of Ootsu if I have the ‘football’ with me right now.

    • The heck? I’ve been here for 3 years and I never experienced such thing. Most people are kind to people outside Japan.

      I think looking at the way you speak about Japanese people, you need to reflect on your own attitude first.

      • You forget that other than x360 all the handheld and console systems all come from japan, most of the electronics you use today were designed in japan. If they went bye bye we’d be stuck with us made overpriced as hell electronics that aren’;t even half as good as the imported ones.

        • If US currency could be held in favorable conditions against world currencies, we would have no problems exporting. Your comments ignore the power of globalization and how much it cripples 1st world countries due to greatly higher costs it takes to manufacture and compete against other nations even if producing items of same quality.

          Level of economic ignorance and knowledge amongst the ‘japan products #1’, ‘developing nations are better at making things’ crowd is astonishing. Korea is slowly beating japan, and apple is all the rage in these places, so it is right to say japan’s ‘innovations’ are not due to any special abilities on their part, but favorable global economic system that favors exporting nations with almost limitless global market and lower currency rates rather than domestic markets.

    • Japan always welcome you when you come there as tourist. But you have to be stronger to permanently living there, because I heard lot of news foreigner living in Japan, and most of them is not too good.

        • @ 11:29 – Racism =/=Xenophobia. Yes there are a large number of racists in western countries, but that doesn’t mean we are all racist. I believe anywhere you go there will either be racism or in some cases Xenophobia. Call it an unfortunate part of the human condition. People fear/hate anything or anyone that can be considered different from them. Why? Well I believe that deep down people fear anything/anyone that is different then them. It’s a pretty sad and pathetic, but again, it’s another part of the human condition.

        • @11:56

          My real experience involves my parents(OAPs) and a few other Asian families being forced out their UK homes by NEDs throwing stones, breaking windows everyday and the police doing nothing. Considering they are OAPs, that makes it much worse when compared to this article.

          Seems like you’re the one that needs a clue little boy. Try coming out of that bubble of yours at some point, it’ll broaden your horizon. 😉

        • Honestly, America is one of the easiest places on earth to get citizenship in, PROVIDED YOU DO IT LEGALLY. And nowadays, a very very small percentage of the population is racist toward people of color (mostly in small pockets in the south).

          And as far as Japan goes, I would imagine places like Tokyo and the cities are much more tolerant.

          That being said, any sort of xenophobia or racism is stupid, especially in a globalized age such as this. Those who don’t join with the rest of the world will simply fall behind.

        • 11:29 – Nigga’ please, you think you got things tough in the States? I KNOW you’re talking about the States. You think you’re unequal? You think you’re not free? Even many /illegal aliens/ can assimilate virtually unnoticed into society (I know some personally – most people do), much less “colored people.”

          Then go to Sicily where your ancestrally-related brethren are flocking illegally to live in tents on riverbanks. Surely you’ll receive illegal treatment there.

        • As a foreigner living in Japan now, I’ve personally never experienced what you’re talking about.

          What I do see though is that foreigners who do think this way should check their own attitudes 1st.

    • now, now, you shouldn’t blame the entire country on a few isolated incidents. After all, pretty much every country has been responsible for some utterly retarded shit at some point, and may unfortunately continue to be responsible for utterly retarded shit well into the future.

      • Yeah. One might think that in a sane country people would oppress the police and the government until every single one bully caught like this is severely punished and the bullied ones are reasonably protected from losing their rights because they were bullied.

        One might think that but… Most judiciary systems dont work that way and there is a reason why. While people who do their own justice might condemn without proof, a judiciary system doesn’t. How exactly do you prove the bullies were being bullies? Not easy. People shouldn’t make an uproar demanding heads to fall until they are reasonably knowledgeable of the case, which means, part of the school.
        Schools are fucked up. If they weren’t this kind of bullying would not be possible. But this case doesn’t show anything about the rest of the country.

      • @03:17 Wow so your gonna be a grossly overgeneralizing moron and blame the entire fucking country for the indiscretions of a small minority? A small minority that is composed of fucking deprave and psychotic individuals? FUCK YOU.

        It’s not our fault some asshat woke up one morning and asked himself “Hmm….I wonder how many people I can kill in the shortest amount of time, while simultaneously creating the most amount of carnage and bloodshed?”

        Contrary to popular belief, not all Americans are stupid, psychotic, etc. So quit acting like a fucking moron.

      • How is that different from that guy in Japan that ran around with a knife stabbing random people? Or that government in North Korea running around disapearing random people? Or those Germans pretending to have black people in thier country by hiring one to run for them in the Olympics? Or those French guys having gay sex with random people? Oh wait…I got off track.

        • >How is that different from that guy in Japan that ran around with a knife stabbing random people?
          Im pretty sure America’s have proportionally more murder than Japan. I won’t stay that making weapons illegal prevent crimes, but at least people are less likely to go one a killing spree, and said killing spree won’t be horrible.

          >Or that government in North Korea running around disapearing random people?

          Anything is better than a dictature.

          >Or those Germans pretending to have black people in thier country by hiring one to run for them in the Olympics?

          Do you actually believe that Germany is 100% WHITE MASTER RACE country ? Have you ever been in Germany ?

          >Or those French guys having gay sex with random people?

          What ? Frankly, I prefer people engaging in disturbing sexual activities than trained people carriying weapons with them and who could shoot you if they ever go crazy.
          You kow, make love, not war.

        • @13:27 – Just goes to show you have no fucking clue what your even on about. 1) America hasn’t been a predominately white country for a long ass time. To be quite honest Caucasians are the minority in this country now. I see more African Americans, Latinos, Asians, etc then I do Caucasians. 2) This country is far from a shithole. We’ve got a long ways to go before that happens. But if our government keeps going the way it’s going, we will become a shit hole eventually. 3) There are far worse countries in the world that fit the description of a shit hole.

          So you need to educate yourself before you decid to be a bigoted fucking moron. If your gonna insult an entire country, at least base your insults on facts first. It would make your insults a little more credible. But I guess that’s too damn hard for you to do considering your IQ level. Or rather your perceived IQ level.

        • So are lots of places in the world. I don’t see what bigoted point is. Also, I don’t know what the hell “Whitey America” is. I don’t know what hole you’ve been living in, but every time I walk down the street I see a whole lot more than “white”.

  • “As the scars on his arm will disturb other students.”

    Its the schools fault how they handle the situation .If students don’t like to see his scars they might as well see his scars just to learn a valuable lesson about being human.

    • ” but the school also told her they wanted the boy to “voluntarily” drop out of the school, “as the scars on his arm will disturb other students. ”

      They treat the victim as if he just had a tattoo.

    • My child…

      Some day, some place, there will be a few bad people who will try to do anything in their power to make your life miserable. They may isolate you in class, hide your shoes, put rat shit in your meal, drag you into the toilet and beat you… Horrible things you do not normally expect to happen to another human being by another human being.

      Do not be sad, my son. These children have their own issues. Maybe they lack love from their parents. Maybe they were spoilt shitless that they cannot learn the meaning of consequence.

      Help them. Let them know. Teach them the only way you can.

      Poison their food. Put thumbtacks in their shoes. Snap any of their fingers with all your might if they touch you will ill intentions. Pick up a steel pipe and smack their skull from behind when they least expect.

      Do not be guilty about them. You are helping them learn, helping them realize something their parents did not teach them. Be even. Have no prejudice. After all, you are only playing in their own game. The strongest in nature.

      And if you get caught by the big men in blue and thrown in prison, I will visit you every week. And if you get killed, rest assured that you died a free man.

      • Yeah, I determined a long time ago that if I ever got majorly bullied I would plan out a way to kill everyone that bullied me.

        Granted it never got that far. As a kid I just got into fights and didn’t take shit from people. I wasn’t a good fighter, but I was strong an durable, so I didn’t win or lose. By 8th grade people stopped fucking with me (though they may have matured by then anyway).

        Russians don’t take shit from people.

        • Fuck yea russians.

          You know, I am still waiting for russians to mellow out a bit and stop hating the west, and instead focus on exterminating 1.3bn yellow vermin that shares a very porous border with your eastern territories. You guys really need to get your priorities in order.

          No hitler’s going to come back from the dead and try to invade moscow. Know your enemies and friends.

  • i’m guessing the only way for their system to take notice is maybe like here in the US, have a kid go crazy and go on a killing spree on their school ground then they might start taking all this shit more seriously…

  • In manga I always roll my eyes at the over-the-top violence and disrespect school bullies get away with, as they always seemed a little too absurd for me to take seriously given my own history with schools.

    Suddenly I wonder if I’m the one being naive in assuming Japanese schools have standards even approaching those I’m familiar with…

  • Thats sick.
    Human trash like them doesnt deserve to live.

    Im really surprised that there hasnt been a school shooting or something similar (if guns arent avaible). Thinking about being in this situation, youd rather wanted the bullies to die too, before comitting suicide.

  • I was treated like shit by my whole class, too back when I was at school. Even tough I never did anything to anyone – they just didn’t like me for no reason. I never even defendet myself physicly or verbaly.
    If this was a fair world, everyone in my class should’ve been expelled from school. Everyone but me for I never did anything. Sadly, this is not how it works.
    One day, we took a one weeek class trip and I was not allowed to come. The teacher said, she would not be able to have everyone under control if the only thing everyone would think about was bullying me!
    Again, if this world was fair, I should’ve been the only one allowed to the class trip and everyone else should’ve had to stay home -_-

    • And either becomes a mecha pilot, magical girl, is secretly the opposite sex, obtains a harem, fight demons, is a secret detective, is a ninja or gets thrown/transported to another world, universe and dimension to become a hero.

      Real life is kind of an ass and boring isn’t it?

  • Does Japan even try to make an effort to make schools a place of learning? I feel like they’re turning these places into jails and the kids are going crazy. Why is it that the teachers just.. Turn the other cheek? Are they afraid of the bullies too?

  • If you ever notice its usually silly white people protesting. They don’t have anything better to do but bitch and complain.
    Living in Vegas there was a Unmanned vehicle convention last week. Of course Unmanned vehicles means military contractors as well (drones, ied bots, etc) So a group of 20+ people went to freemont street (10 miles away from the convention) to protest the use of military drones. Even going so far as ‘staging’ fake deaths and dousing themselves in fake blood.

    Bored white people with nothing better to do usually do the damndest things.

    • You just described the japs in all their impotence. White people actually do something and change it at least, like after all mistakes. Japs just sit and bitch about nukes, then whine when the electricity prices go through the roof and recovery from fukushima falters.

    • *bored dumbfuck college idiots.

      Fixed it for you, since any normal idiot(like me) knows that unmanned drones would save lives. Which should we prefer. Fleet of unmanned tanks, or a fleet of tanks where soldiers could get killed?

        • It hurt, but in my case it was an accidental burn. As far as pain goes, it wasn’t that bad in comparison to other things that have had happen to me. That burn of yours must’ve really been horrible though. An injury to the thigh hurts more than some other places on the body. Definitely one place I would never want to be burned…

    • That is just stupid. Then, if five people torture and burn one victim, you know, for fun. Until the victim need to go ICU and undergo reconstructive plastic surgery on his face, because he look like Two-Face in Batman. By your logic, the victim is the one should be thrown into jail, because it easier on the government tax.
      Bullies is the one that have to deal with punishment, not the victim.. And what make you thing that by expelling victim, the bullies going to stop their wrongdoing? They will just move on, finding another weak lamb to be bullied.

    • It is the same in my country (and probably in yours too). There are a bunch of students bulling another student, instead of dealing with all the bullies they just preffer to punish the bullied one. It is easier.

      If the bullied reacts they say “It takes two to begin a fight.” if the bullies ask for help they say that it is his fault if people bully him, they wouldn’t pick on him if he were innocent.

      And that’s how I got expelled from most schools in my city.

    • you are so right. sacrifice one for the benefit of the many. on that thought we should kill all the elderly too because they only deplete our economy’s resources without doing anything. amrite?