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Aya Hirano: “My Boobs Get Bigger Yearly”


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano may yet return to form, having recently been exciting the attention of fans by rather cryptically remarking that her breasts “suddenly get bigger once a year,” exposing them on her site to illustrate the fact.

She made the comments on her blog, accompanying them with some suitably buxom snaps:

“Once a year, my breasts suddenly get bigger!”


This is not the first time she has commented about their apparent size changes; since she is believed to be past puberty there is a certain inevitability to the explanations such antics attract.

However she is the first to concede she is a long way from becoming the next Taketatsu, or even a mere Takahashi:

“Unusually it looks as if I have breasts… this is rare!”

Amongst Aya-watchers online her comments have stirred the usual controversy – with opinions divided between those decrying the loss of yet another flat-chested belle, those complimentary of her swollen bosom, and of course those who simply accuse her of getting annual boob jobs (this perhaps being the leading theory)…

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