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Japan Schoolgirl Sex Plunges: “Girls Are Herbivores Too!”


For the first time since records began, fewer Japanese schoolgirls are having sex, with statistics showing a precipitous drop in the rates of sexual activity amongst the nation’s young people of both genders – delighting creepy middle-aged virgin hunters but surely inducing despair amongst the nation’s sex-starved schoolboys.

According to the results of the survey, taken every 6 years or so and covering some 7,700 students at school and university, rates of sexual activity amongst Japan’s youngsters have taken a dramatic fall since 2005.

The graph, showing male and female students, high schoolers, and middle schoolers:


Only a flaccid 54% of male university students had some sexual experience, down 7% from 2005, whilst amongst female students the declined was twice as dramatic – down 14% to 47%.

High school students, far from going at it as their hormones intended, were less prone to sexual activity still, with only 15% of boys having had any luck, down from 27%, and with a mere 24% of girls having put out, down from 30%.

Sociologists are as usual totally useless when it comes to explaining such trends – the best one of the professors involved with the study can manage is a very media-friendly but almost entirely scientifically unsupported “we can see that the trend toward ‘herbivorousness’ affects not only young men, but young women as well.”

Whilst the findings have been greeted enthusiastically by creepy virgin hunters and puritan maniacs, they certainly do not bode well for the nation’s birthrate and increasing numbers of lifelong singles.

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