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Shiga Suicide Bullies “Will Be Arrested”


Police have finally announced plans to arrest the bullies who tormented their classmate into killing himself, whilst it has emerged that the ringleader’s mother was head of the school’s PTA and along with the teachers apparently did everything she could to pin the blame on the victim’s family.

3 of his schoolmates are expected to be charged with 6 charges of assault and extortion, although as they will be charged as juveniles they will not face any time in prison.

As the scandal unfolded it was widely rumoured that the parents of the boys responsible were well connected, and this was one of the reasons the school refused to accept any connection with the victim’s suicide and the bullying it did nothing about.

It appears this was correct – the father of “boy A” was the director of a company in Kyoto, and his mother chaired the school’s PTA.

Rather than investigating the circumstances of the bullying, she was busily spreading word that “the boy who killed himself had family issues, and our boy was only listening to his problems” and that “they were just sparring to let off steam.”

She had her son transferred to another school after the boy’s suicide, fearing a scandal might disrupt his education, and he is said to have proved popular at his new school (although other reports say he has been “ignored”).

Whilst police still have still yet to arrest the boys accused of bullying their classmate to death, they have been busy making other arrests – including a 69-year-old man who sent a letter to the prefectural governor in which he threatened to kill one of the bullies, and a 16-year-old high schooler who managed to get the school closed with a fake bomb threat.

Whilst public and political pressure is now such that it is hard to imagine police not arresting the boy’s tormentors, there is much doubt as to whether they will face any meaningful sanction or any action will be taken against the school authorities who ignored his plight and then attempted to cover up the scandal.

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