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LVL45 Imouto: Sword Art Online “Degrading Into Moe Anime”


The appearance of a moe imouto has prompted both squeals of delight and moans of despair from Sword Art Online’s many fans, with plot developments so engaging that discussions have turned to the merits of using a one-handed sword without also equipping a sword – although fans of the original hint that big things are in store for the next episode…


Some might wonder about Silica’s combat priorities given she apparently has the presence of mind to control her skirt whilst about to be eaten by a mob.


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  • Anonymous says:

    i’ve read the novel up to volume 9 and it seems the viewers always have something to bitch about. just drop it and stick to the novel, no one’s forcing anyone to watch anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man Im glad I don’t read the novels or mangas. It seems like you people are never able to just enjoy it b/c you have expectations of what it should be.

    Most people say in general that the anime adaption is never better than source material, but w/e i hate what i hate and like what I like and I think SAO is pretty damn good.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have helmets on their head called “NervGear”. Witch converts their nerve signal so they can move there characters. For side function it can fray your brain when you die.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Notice that the little sister character is named “Silica”

    I swear, this is the fourth time I have seen a female anime character named for Silicon Dioxide. Why do anime studios keep doing this? Surley someone must have looked up the word in a Japanese-English dictionary and realized “oh wait, this isn’t even a name. It’s a fancy word for sand.”

    Oh well, I guess this is just payback for all the embarrassingly bad, pseudo Japanese names we’ve had in our popular culture over the years.

    I’m looking at you Princess Katana.

    • Anonymous says:

      The name in katakana is “Shiirika”, and in the translated novel, they decided to use “Scilica”, while the anime-subber decided to use “Silica”.. well, it’s just a trivial thing.. Dont forget, this is MMO, where you can use literally any composition of letters as a name.

    • I heard in real life there are girls called Amber! If only they knew that their name isn’t actually a name! … You realize MOST names are actually derived from things, concepts or jobs? Sometimes it’s from a different language you don’t know and sometimes the word the name came from is so old that no one knows it anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    if you watch closely yui appears on the op so i guess first 12 episodes will be for vol 1 and 2 the same way as accel word did while the remaining 12 will be for the whole fairy dancing arc (vol. 3 and 4)

  • Wheres that anon who told me in the first post about this anime I was wrong for assuming this series would have useless women. Its been really nothing but that so far. XD Both good and evil ones.

    But at least the main character has learned to use them and then move on. But as I said in the first post I’m sure all the uselessness will pay off in the end when they all join together to save him or something. XD

    But 4 episodes and already 4 hot/cute girls in this game?? Not to mention the special item moe loli?? This is so unrealistic to the life of gamers! It’ll be 4 years before even one girl like this is met in the gamer world lol.

    Well at least kirito has leveled up to awesome goku/naruto invincibility. I’m ready for him to beat this game already and have his harem from all the cute and beautiful women he’s met online gaming.

    Just like in real life eh boys?

    • yuriphoria says:

      Don’t listen to this troll Taylor he’s obviously trying to get you mad.

      And I’m go to reinstate my opinion on the first episode. The first episode made a huge deal about how many girls in this game are actually male gamers and how this was going to be more realistic. Where is this realism now? There should be even less females around, half of them should be fat and the other half plain.

      I have nothing against the norm of there being a multitude of cute, sexy girls, but that’s because there isn’t an expectation of realism.

      The first episode, coupled with the rest of it reads like “look we are not going to be like the rest and feature a bunch of fake cute girls, our cute girls are REAL”

      Give me a fucking break. I’m insulted. I lost interest halfway the second episode.

    • Anonymous says:

      Backpedal much?

      ” Taylor 19:42 10/07/2012″
      “The series looks like it may be good though let’s see. I hope the main character stays single minded to hurry and beat the game. But I know there going to throw a useless woman damsel in distress type in there eventually whos going to slow down most of the process. Then probably in the end do one thing really useful. We’ll see.”

      Now you’ll probably try to spin it by claiming that this girl is such a damsel, however, in the same sentence above you speak about that she’d be slowing things down for him and be a bother.

      Such actions do not fit with a side character, but they do with one of the major characters.

      Silica is a side character, Asuna is one of the major characters. So your argument is invalid.

      I’ve also pointed out that he would end up building up a harem of ladies around himself, who he could adventure with.

      And yes, I saw your comment about wanting to see a link to two female gamers that I know bla bla bla.

      Sorry, not gonna happen. Being responsible for them getting harassed? I don’t think so.

      You’ve got an attitude problem, hence why female gamers wouldn’t admit that they are female or stick around you, once they catch a glimpse of your personality.

      • backpedal? I pretty much said the exact same thing. “There will be useless women” and so far there have been useless women, even more than I predicted and in only 4 episodes lol. So..

        and yeah I’m sure you get all the lady gamers anon XD

        • Anonymous says:


          I fail at logic?

          You claim that you don’t play video games.
          Yet you also claim that no girls play MMOs, and if they do that they have to be unattractive.

          If your first claim is true, then your second claim is without merit, because you’re arguing about something that you’ve got no experience with or about.

          Now if your first claim is false, then your second claim might be true. But then that would also mean, that my suspicion that you’re the type to harass female players might also be correct.

          So which is it? Are you jabbering about things you know nothing about? Or are you just trying to create a smokescreen to hide what type of person you are.

          Now as for the female main character.

          “But I know there going to throw a useless woman damsel in distress type in there eventually whos going to slow down most of the process”

          Slowing down most of the process is not something that a side character is capable of, you just see them for one, maybe two episodes. And with a 24 episode series, that’s pretty much peanuts.

          The only way for a character to slow down most of the process is if they’re in multiple to most of the episodes. Thus only a female main character is capable of that.

          Let’s use Dusk Maiden of Amnesia as an example: Yuko Kirishima would be an example of a side character. Her role is fairly unimportant. Meanwhile Yuko Kanoe would be an example of a female main character, as she’s pretty much in every episode.

          Now to bring it back to SAO.
          Silica and Sachi’s roles are not that important, thus they’re side characters.

          Asuna meanwhile, will be featuring in a lot more episodes, thus becoming a main character.

          If you still don’t understand why your claims just aren’t valid. Well, then you’re beyond help.

          As for me arguing in essays. *shrugs*
          Education and verbosity combined with the downright flawed arguments used by my “opponent” often leave me little choice, but to do so.

        • I didn’t bother to read your argument again about the damn cartoon. Enough already.

          First of all genius anon you are not sherlock holmes so you can stop trying to deduce me. I don’t even play video games much less patrol them for women you freggan loser.

          2nd what am I twisting? and did you even read what you ‘quoted verbatim’? When I said main character I obviously was referencing the male because..he’s the Main Character. At WHAT POINT DID I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A FEMALE MAIN CHARACTER which is the retarded basis of your entire point?

          Exactly. You can’t read. You fail at logic and detective work, you’ve already embarrassed yourself, you’re a lonely fanboy (who gets all the girls) with nothing better to do that argue in essays about imaginary worlds. I don’t think anything more needs to be said. Thank you.

        • Anonymous says:

          As expected, trying to twist it.

          a) Your initial words, which I quoted verbatim, were about a female main character and how she’d just be another damsel and slow down his leveling. (As a side character would not be able to do so for a prolonged period of time, if they did, then they wouldn’t be a side character but a main character.)

          Asuna is a main character.
          Silica and Sacchi were/are side characters.

          So again, your argument is pretty much non-applicable.

          b) Silica didn’t really slow down his leveling, seeing how it was he who decided to go after the Titan Guild, and using her as bait to pull that off.

          He accomplished his mission, then went back to the front lines.

          He got what he wanted, she got her pet back, got some better gear and gained a few levels because of his help. Pretty even trade.

          c) Asuna wasn’t exactly useless in the episode she appeared in, and she’s only gotten stronger since then. She’s as much on the front lines as Kirito is.

          d) Sacchi.. Just an example of that no matter how great you are, sometimes you can’t save everyone beyond yourself. It’s like James Bond losing Vesper Lynd or Tracy (Teresa “Tracy” Draco aka Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo) Bond.

          And even then, he was the one who chose to stay with the Black Cats and tried to help power level them, and it didn’t effect his ability to level up himself either, considering he was already in his 70s when they perished.

          e) And I never claimed to get together with female gamers. Just that I know a bunch of them, and yes, that some of them are even cute.

          See, that’s part of the reason why female gamers wouldn’t reveal themselves to you. “Oh a female, I must hit on her.”

          Dude, just play the frigging game, treat them like you’d treat any other male player. If it happens that the two of you end up in a romance together, good for you.

          But most female gamers aren’t looking for that, they’re there to game, have fun, and not be harassed or stalked by some guy, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word no.

          Or can’t handle that there are female gamers out there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eh, I wouldn’t go with ‘one-handed + no shield’ unless there was a significant boost to damage or balance without the second blade or shield, which most or all games fail to provide. And ideally you would have to be able to do something with your free hand like cast lightning or force choke.

  • Anonymous says:

    The original volume 1 novel does the prologue (which was ep1), and then skips to floor 70 and runs until the end of the Aincrad. This is basically the point Asuna becomes a relevent character, because lord knows she’s the only reason this series is salvageable.

    Afterwards he wrote volume 2, which is a collection of absolutely terrible sidestories written from various female points of view that do nothing more than convert Kirito into an even bigger male-wish-fulfillment character. With the exception of the last one (which was ep3, incidentally), volume 2 is a series of shallow interludes where random girls fall in love with the MC for vapid reasons for the sake of doing so. Loli girl is just such a one, though to the anime’s credit it comes across MUCH BETTER in the anime when you’re not privy to her soul-crushing thoughts.

    To the benefit of loli-haters and dismay of her supporters, you will not really be seeing any more of her unless a season going beyond Aincrad airs. She’s a side character, and no longer relevent.