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  • Anonymous says:

    They HAD to rush it because they decided to include Aria in the starless night in the 2nd episode. Fortunately its not my favourite part of the light novel. More time for the “living” heroine now.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t see the reason why people are so fucking mad about this, a seiyuu is an actor, AN ACTOR.
    in my mind its good that the actor is trying out a supporting cast character, gives the actor a different perspective of acting, and makes them a more flexible actor, able to do different roles more effectively.

  • Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t really even take a person who’s read the original light novel to realize that they’re rushing this series. Srsly, near floor 50 3 episodes in…

    Also, i’m not sure if the author meant this, but kirito’s as moody as shu from guilty crown, and that’s not good. I was able to dismiss Shu’s angsty emotions by paying attention to the supercell music/art, but I can’t help but to notice Kirito’s oh-so-similar angst…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well… here’s how the timeline works in the series:

      –Intro (which happened in episode 1) introduced as a flashback chapter.
      –It is two years after they get stuck in the game and THAT’S where the main story starts.
      –Volume 2 includes a few side stories that took place within the two-year skip.

      –Adapted the intro from the first volumes…
      –And then moved onto the short stories from volume 2.
      –After the short stories are done, it will get into the actual main story from volume 1.

      It’s not that the story is getting rushed. It’s just that what we’re seeing right now is a bunch of side stories only vaguely important to the main story because the anime producers decided to stick to chronological order. Next episode, to my knowledge, is the last side story. After that, it’ll likely stick to the two-year-later timeline, which is when the actual story takes place.

      • Anonymous says:

        two episodes. Silica and Lisbeth, before the main plot. Silica’s introduces the PKers, and Lisbeth’s introduces the supporting players. The episodes will also show that Kirito has only slightly less swag than Touma.

      • Anonymous says:

        If they wanted to do chronological order, they should have gone full blast and added the later side stories as well. They timeskipped between episode one and two as well.

        We didn’t see how Kirito got his leather armor, new sword that he used in the first floor boss fight, and don’t know from the anime that he already saw someone die in front of his eyes right in the beginning.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that Rogue-likes are shitty in graphic and concept mostly, they are like a worse edition of The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind, which itself was more like a rogue-like after people made tons of plug-ins and/or customized the game themselves like I did xD

      Well, this is about an MMORPG,though, so normal rules for rogue-likes or RPGs (i.e. perma-death) don’t apply there and for the sake of the society of gamers (who consist mostly of 08/15-gamers who risk way too much) who let their char die recklessly even at higher levels with higher penalty.

      The main problem is that without the aspect of magic you have only the ressurection items left which are generally rarely dropped (or sold for real cash) by monsters. So without healer and buffer/ressurecter and massive AoE-damagedealer(magic classes), the probability of death is way higher (unless you’re high enough in lvl to evade/block/survive many attacks) and the potion wasting is exorbitantly high in the higher lvls (like a Ragnarok-Royal Guard/Rune Knight who has to spam white pots like hell to stay alive in highlvl-mobs).

      What I also miss somehow are the Bowclasses, every MMORPG nowadays has at least 1 class that uses Bows/rifles/bommerangs/etc. but I bet that would decrease the probability for someone to die,so they dissed that,too …

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve read the LNs and I’m still really enjoying this show. Sure, you notice things that could have been done better, or that feel rushed/awkward, but it’s still really well done.

  • Anonymous says:

    I felt rediculously sad… I have no doubt the novels have alot more of the missing information.

    This episode, by far, should have been 1 “filler” full of guild love love… and 1 episode of “nooo”.

    and if this is 24 episodes long, or will be, why are they rushing all the important stuff?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, this IS important to Kirito’s character, but… this is only a side-story they also briefly mentioned in the main story (volume 1). People who were reading the novel were only given a summary of the events by Kirito himself during the main story. The anime seems to be using the side-stories from the second volume instead of going right into the two-year skip like the first novel.

      I mean, yes… this makes it chronological. But these give little insight on the nature of the actual story. That’s why a lot of novel fans are upset.

      I’m still enjoying it, though. I only read the first volume, so this is like bonus material for me. =P

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m very glad that I haven’t read the original novel. I can just enjoy it for what it is or decide for myself rather than constantly measuring it up to something else that’s going to obviously be better due to the circumstances of switching mediums between a book and an animation.

    That being said, it really didn’t seem like it built up enough of how he actually fit in with this guild before they all died just like that….Almost like how it just kinda glossed over how 2000 people had died in the events before the last episode. Even though we didn’t see those 2000 people and we actually did see these five and that guy from the last episode, their deaths all felt the same as in it didn’t really seem like it mattered. Granted, it would be a different story if it cut to the real person and showed the unit killing them or something….

    • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

      And ten minutes pass..(More like 20+) for reading and I now understand the third episode and why it was so effective. The writing was powerful, but how it was set would of expanded a 23 minute episode to 30 minutes. Not enough for even two eps.
      Yes; this chapter is good for a Single eps because the inner dialogue wasn’t needed for anime. Cutting out the written text that bounces forward and backward, you already knew that kirito wanted to resurrect someone at the very Start! In the anime it rolls thru from start to finish without the needless jumping.
      Whiners be whiners and I very much doubt people coming in fresh without history will agree with them being me and most everyone else. Anyways: Thanks for the link too~

      • Not Only did I read this chapter, but I went back and read the entire AIncrad story, all the side stories, and have now reached the ALF first couple of chapters.

        In my opinion of reading all of those in the span of two days, I can say that one episode was perfect for this side story, which in my guess; all side stories from the second novel will be about one episode, maybe two for the slightly larger stories. The Black Swordsman will be about one episode as well, it can possibly work as two. Morning Dew girl, once the show get’s that far (avoiding spoilers here, dont wanna be an asshole and do that like other people have done so already) sounds about right as a two episode story arc.

        The one with the blacksmith (warmth of the heart) to me sounds like a one episode deal for the first half, and parts of the second half in another episode folowed by the main story in the second half of same episode. Or heck if thats too confusing for them to write, just make it two episopdes from the get go. Then the very last part of the story at the end of the AIncrad story (for those that have read that Short Story, you’ll know what I mean, it just fits)

        I like the way they’re intergrating the second novel’s side stories chronologically into the main story since, duh people, that’s the proper order. For a Novel series it sorta worked writing it that way. But for an anime, the way the episodes are coming out now, is better for the viewer, whether or not they’re read the LN’s.

        One thing I do hate however is people continuously clamoring that “The main story will start real soon” these side stories are part of the main story because of chronological order, they aren’t filler, remember that O_o

      • Anonymous says:

        And if they’d padded things to make it two episodes.

        Then: a) folks would’ve been complaining about it being a filler (even more than already) or even that material not from the LN series was added, b) about there not being any action and that it was boring.

        So damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re thrown into a game you can’t get out of, your body is wasting away in the real world, with the only food you get is through a tube in your arm at the hospital, the longer you’re in the game, the weaker your body becomes, and the higher your chance of dying. You know this, so you become attached quickly to those you’ve become friends with, then they all get slaughtered and you can’t do anything about it. I dunno about you, but I’d be pretty Emo. He was already Emo though, he’s anti-social basically, so when he gets friends, he becomes attached to them even faster, or tries to avoid them, acting all shy, and his emotions are higher.

  • Anonymous says:

    This episode was way too short to explain & express the relationship & friendship( or maybe love) between the clan and protagonist that i did not feel anything after they died.

    Did anyone have the same feeling with me?

  • Anonymous says:

    Most LN to Anime adaptations usually are 3-4 volumes long adaptations per season, but I’m guessing SAO will only be the first 2 volumes, so if anything i bet they add more filler and slow things down more before the end.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      It’s not the fault of the animation studio/company, it’s more to do with anime as a medic simply isn’t “big enough” for deliver LN stories completely intact, when they only get given a go ahead by the publisher to do an anime adaption of a LN title within xx episodes. It’s not really up to them to have and say on how many episodes they can do, but more like all they can do is condense the title to fit within xx number of episodes.

      If you think about it…none of the anime adaptations that are based on LN can really deliver the same depth or details as the original.

    • You’re part of the problem with this show..

      It’s fucking awful, but people just keep saying “it’s not bad!!!”

      Even the LN fans of it that admit it’s a horrible adaptation and will detail that every episode is crap, keep up the mantra…

    • Anonymous says:

      It was more like a brother-sister trust relationship, they didn’t have romantic feelings, she just wanted to feel safe and he was satisfied with the feeling of protecting someone.

      But the episode had some of the worst pacings I’ve ever seen. This part was important in defining his personality a little later.