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Woman Teacher Gets Off on Pool Peeping: “I Like Breasts”


A female elementary school teacher has been caught operating a hidden camera at a pool changing room, saying she “had an interest in the breasts of pretty girls,” although either because she is a woman or a teacher police and her school seem to have decided to let her get off with impunity.

The 24-year-old woman, a teacher at an elementary school in Tokyo’s Kunitachi city, had availed herself of the pool facilities at the Toshimaen amusement park in Nerima city in order to secretly install a camera in the female changing rooms there.

She was soon rumbled by a security guard who noted something suspicious and alerted police, who began an investigation.

They soon caught her, although for some mysterious reason reports omit to mention her being arrested.

She even admitted her crimes to police and school, pleading simple lust:

“I was interested in the breasts of pretty women, so I recorded them so I could watch them when I felt like it. It was inexcusable.”

Her school has apologised for employing a criminal pervert, but seems to omitted any mention of whether it will punish her:

“We think it is inexcusable that one of our staff has betrayed the trust of children and parents in this way.”

It has not escaped the attention of teacher-watchers that no mention made of her being arrested or charged, her name was not released, and the school did not specify what, if any, disciplinary action it took against her – a stark contrast to the arrest, public humiliation and sacking which would likely follow from a male or non-teacher undertaking the same course of action.

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