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Genius: Japan Reduces Radiation with Lead Lined Detectors


Disgust with the morally degenerate and extraordinarily dangerous antics of Japan’s nuclear power industry has reached an even greater pitch with the revelations that their novel approach to reducing the radiation exposure of clean-up workers was to line their radiation detectors with lead.

According to taped conversations provided by whistleblowers, one of the subcontractors Tokyo’s reviled nuclear power monopoly Tepco hired to clean up the fallout from its exploding reactors reduced the radiation exposure of its clean-up workers by making them wear lead-lined dosimeters.

The directive apparently came straight from their board, and was considered essential as otherwise the workers would have reached the legal limits for radiation exposure too quickly.

One director ordered a team of 10 workers to commence work with the lead shielded dosimeters, but 3 objected. The director later called a “meeting” with the holdouts, which one of them cunningly taped and much later provided to the press.

The director denies giving the orders, but several other employees affirm it was given.

Tepco’s approach to managing the disaster was apparently to subcontract out all the dirty work to a web of smaller companies, many of whom seem to have got round radiation exposure limits by simply hiring people off the street and dumping them as soon as their limit was reached, if they were lucky.

The government has said it will investigate reports of the radiation shielded radiation detectors, although somehow it seems online calls for the company’s executives to be charged with murder will not be heeded.

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